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EP 207: “Talk to People!” The Secret to Crushing Your Cold Calling w/ Brent Daniels

“Talk to People!” The Secret to Crushing Your Cold Calling w/ Brent Daniels TTP

You cant be quiet and wait for business all day, you need to be loud, You need to be proactive, you need to talk to as many people as you can.

Brent Daniels

“Talk to People!” The Secret to Crushing Your TTP Cold Calling w/ Brent Daniels

People are conducting business a little bit differently these days, but that doesn’t mean things have to stop or slow down. 

With over a quarter BILLION in deals, Brent Daniels knows all about the importance of the hustle and avoiding the doom and gloom attitude. While some investors are pulling back, people like Brent are full steam ahead, even doubling down on their marketing efforts while so many fly by night investors have taken a hiatus. 

Today, Brent and I will talk about his journey, how he has been able to build a business that is generating 90 leads a week, and why his phone battery dies at least twice per day from talking to buyers, sellers, and agents all day! 

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No matter what industry you are in, the coronavirus is changing how business gets done. While many people are pulling back, others are adapting and getting leads like never before. Brent Daniels, TTP cold calling coach, entrepreneur, and a go-getter who is sharing with us his insanely valuable expertise to help our listeners capture more leads and close more deals even during this crazy time. 

The simple secret to his success? Talk to everyone! If you are having consistent conversations with distressed sellers, cash buyers, agents, local title companies, and anyone else who can help you, you are guaranteed not to fail. 

Building A Cash Buyer Database

So many of our clients have spent time focusing on the seller side of things, which is obviously super important, but you need to have a database of buyers too. 

Once you have your database, reach out to them and ask them questions about what they are looking for and how they operate. Do they buy sight unseen? What do you need to do to make them confident in buying without seeing the property first? Let them know that you want to be their buyer. You will bring them deals. 

To find these buyers you can… 

  • Join and participate in fix and flip groups on Facebook
  • Go to meet-ups to connect with the buyers in your area
  • Set a meeting with all of the title companies in your area – let them know who you are and how many deals you can bring to the table. Ask them who is buying
  • Do the same thing with private lenders in your area
  • Once you have a list going, reach out to other investors in your area and swap leads – grow together, there is enough for everyone

You will need to be very intentional to find out who is buying in your area. 

Reaching The Sellers

Brent has a good marketing mix to reach motivated sellers in his area. In his business, he does a lot of cold calling to increase his lead volume and utilizes PPC to find those people who are actively looking for a solution right now. 

An important thing with any lead is to either answer them live when they call or reach out to them immediately after they fill out a form. Many of our members have the text feature activated to let them know exactly when a lead comes in. If you aren’t able to always answer the phone, hire someone to answer for you. 

Agent Referrals 

As a wholesaler, agent relationships are huge. You need to be the guy who gets things done in your town. The guy who people want to bring their deals to. Be loud. Tell them you’ll buy the ugly properties, the damaged properties, and can get a cash offer to their seller almost immediately. Agents don’t want a lot of offers. They want to turn to someone they know can get the job done. The revenue you can collect from agent referrals is insane. 

To reach agents in your area you can check the MLS or Zillow and get in front of as many of them as you can. Look for the agents representing damaged homes, owned by motivated sellers. Your offer may be exactly what they are looking for. 

While times are a little crazy right now and you can’t just walk up to people, deals are still getting done. By being proactive, getting in front of people (even virtually) you will go a long way in whether you succeed or fail. Don’t pull back and use this time as a vacation. The money you will be making in three months is based on what you do today. 

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