A Year End Review – Wow, You Made 2015 An Amazing Year!

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Wow, 2015 flew by.

It’s amazing how fast the years go by… yet how much you can accomplish in those 12 months when you get clear, get focused on your “big pumpkins” and have a mission that means something to you and your customers a core level.

I thought it would be pretty cool to do a quick review of some of the cool things that both YOU… our Carrot community… and us… Carrot the company were able to accomplish together this year.

All in all, 2015 was a banner year for our Carrot members and an amazing year of growth for our team and company because we focused so much on the one thing that matters… helping YOU get what you want out of life more easily and more effectively with our tools, software, training, and support.

So what happened in 2015?

Let’s dive into some cool stuff in this quick post!

Carrot Members Are Crushing It With Leads!

You guys were a force to be reckoned with in 2015. With over 20,000 leads per month coming in (when you count phone call leads… which we can’t track in Google Analytics currently) you’re pulling in more PPC, SEO, and social media online leads as a collective group than any other real estate investor lead generation platform… by far. Keep crushing it! We’ll help you get there. 


375 “Doses Of Awesomeness” Sent In!

At Carrot, hearing back from our clients is like fuel for us. So much so that we created an internal tool for our team members called the “Thread of Awesomeness” where our team members add the great things that Carrot clients send in to us on a daily basis. Here is a very small snapshot of some of the messages Carrot clients have sent us recently. 


Over 6,600 Live Chats + 17,215 Help Tickets Solved!

You guys were busy! And so were we! Our team helped our Carrot members through the tough spots in 2015 in a big way. We process hundreds of tickets and live chats per week and we’re humbled by the ratings you gave our team during your interactions with us.

We work our butts off so you can spend less time working with our software and more time closing deals. Soon you’ll be introduced to our newest addition to the Carrot Customer Success team in January… keep an eye out! 

We LOVE Chatting With Our Customers. Keep It Coming In 2016!


Or, Send Us An Email And Our Customer Success Team Will Dominate That Too! :-)


Never Stop Improving

Another Core Value of ours is “constant never-ending improvement“… and both our customers and us as a company sure did live that one. In addition to the dozens of features we released in 2016 to help our clients spend less time hassling with tech and marketing issues and to pull in more leads… and dozens of split tests we ran on sites to increase the conversion rates of your websites (to much higher than the industry average)… our members relentlessly showed up to our weekly LIVE Coaching Calls, asked us questions, and helped us find the best ways to help you improve. Keep it up in 2016! We have some amazing new features and additions coming your way! 

We Helped Your Conversion Rates Improve Even More In 2015!

There are some really cool innovations coming out in Q1 of 2016 based on our continual conversion rate optimization team. It’s this dedication to performance and ROI that has helped you pull in so many leads in 2016 (especially on mobile devices!)



46 LIVE Coaching Calls In The Books

(Content Pro Members)

coaching calls

We LOVE Making Business Fun

(So much so, it’s one of our Core Values)

In 2015 we mailed out over 721 Carrot Bud dolls to Carrot members. That’s a LOT of Carrot love. And we just ordered another thousand for 2016 (with 2 new designs that you’ll love!). If you’re a Carrot member keep an eye out for special surprises from us. You never know… you may be the next to get your very own Carrot Bud in the mail in 2016.

721 Carrot Clients Received A Carrot Bud In The Mail In 2015


1 Carrot Customer Sent In A Carrot Bud Unboxing Video (haha, gotta love that!)


You guys are awesome! Our family loved the gift! Merry Christmas!

Posted by Justin Morgan on Monday, December 14, 2015

Plus Tons Of Amazing Smiling Faces With Their Carrot Buds!


Our Team Has Grown In More Ways Than One

InvestorCarrot started out as a one-man show 3 years ago… then we quickly added our CTO, built out the Customer Success team, and the rest is history. Now the team is continually growing to stay ahead of the curve so our members can also stay ahead of the curve from their competition. We’re proud to be adding several more full-time team members to the Carrot team in early 2016 as well! Keep an eye out! 


8 Scotch Eggs Consumed (give or take a few)

Thanks, O’Tooles for making the best damn Scotch Egg in the land.


Countless Pints Of Beer Down The Hatch

InvestorCarrot Company Team

… and much more fun, challenging, and rewarding ways our team grew in size, skill, and in our relationships together.

All In All, An Amazing Year You’ve Made It Carroteers!

With 2016 a blink away, make sure to use this time to look back on your own 2015. Reflect on the great strides you’ve taken toward your dreams and goals… and reflect on the things you still need to improve on and tackle with focus and intentionality in 2016.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out these 2 posts we published the past 2 weeks (both were our most actively shared and commented on content pieces in 2015 too!)… dive into them. They’ll help you make some important mindset shifts for 2016 and we walk you through how to make 2016 an epic year.

Even better than 2015. 

First, read this blog post:

How A Pumpkin Farmer Changed My Perspective On Life And Business

(the most commented on post of the year!)

Next, carve out an afternoon and plan out your 2016 with this training:

Planning Out An Epic 2016: Our 7 Figure Process

(the most amazing and life-changing Coaching Calls of the year)

Here’s to a great year, lots of successes, lots of lessons and stumbling blocks, but in the end

… we’re all alive, having fun, building our own lives and making a difference… together… as the Carrot Community.

Thank you for all you do and for inspiring us every day to do great things.

Chat with you in 2016!

Trevor Mauch

Trevor is the CEO of Carrot and knows a thing or two about inbound marketing and generating leads online in the real estate industry. As an investor himself, he's generated tens of thousands of real estate leads and is a leading expert in inbound marketing for investors and agents. In addition, his true passion is helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that truly help you live a life of purpose.

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    1. Clint! Happy New Year man! Celebrate 2015 and lets head into next year w/ momentum man! Congrats to everything you did this year and we’re glad we could be a part of it :-)

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