EP 171: $300k in Commissions By 24 Years Old | What This Agent/Investor is Doing Differently Than Anyone In His Market w/ Anthony Beckham

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$300k in Commissions By 24 Years Old? Here's What This Agent/Investor is Doing Differently...

“The first year I hit $100k. I never would’ve thought it was even possible.” Anthony Beckham

Anthony Beckham became an agent just 3 years ago, but has kept a keen eye on the industry disruptions taking place.

Even with his fair share of success, he was still anxiously treading on commissions and hustling to find the next deal. But we noticed his hustle. And we noticed how he was doing business differently than other agents.

So… we invited him into Carrot HQ pick apart his entire strategy and mindset.

Listen to our conversation to learn what he’s doing, so you can stand apart and build a business that brings true financial freedom!

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EP 171: $300k in Commissions By 24 Years Old w/ Anthony Beckham

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4 Responses to “EP 171: $300k in Commissions By 24 Years Old | What This Agent/Investor is Doing Differently Than Anyone In His Market w/ Anthony Beckham”

  1. Trevor Mauch Trevor Mauch

    Hey Anthony! Nope, they’re completely separate websites strategically and serve different purposes.

    But, we have tons of customers who are both agents and investors and they have a site or two for the investor side (focusing on motivated house sellers usually) and then they have a site for the retail / agent side focused on the retail buyers / sellers.

    If you’re an agent often times there’s disclosure guidelines you have to meet for your state to disclose that you’re an agent on all of your investing stuff.

    But we’ve got you handled either way man!


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