EP 14: From 0 to 3,347 Multi-Family Units: “How I Did It” w/ Carlos Vaz

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“We have 1, 3, and 10-year plans… I can tell you specifics on how the company is going to look 10 years from now. I can tell you the size of the portfolio, the number of employees, what we’re going to be doing, charities that we’ll be working with. I can tell you details.” Carlos Vaz

The power of big ideas: When you really want to change something try thinking about the big things you want to change.

More often than not you’ll find it easier, faster and most importantly, that it can be done. Do this often enough and you’ll accomplish your dreams.

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Carlos Vaz had a goal to purchase 2000 multi-family units in 2 years.

The catch; he had no history making such deals and he was in a foreign market. Literally. He landed in Dallas Texas via Brazil.

And, he nailed it.

This is big-time thinking and big-time investing. Carlos dives into what type of mindset it takes to build a long term real estate investing plan and how to stay focused while driving towards that goal.

Learn more about Carlos and Conti Real Estate Investments.

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Diving in with Carlos Vaz…

  • Building your personal and business fountain and finding out what is important to you.
  • Learn how to discover and ID your market.
  • How to build relationships with brokers and banks.
  • How to look at and analyze properties. So you don’t lose.

Along with some amazing mindset shifts!

Enjoy :-)

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From 0 to 3,347 Multi-Family Units: “How I Did It” w/ Carlos Vaz

Start – Creating a long term real estate investing plan.
5:45 – How to think BIG.
8:30 – Carlos’ journey from Brazil to Boston and eventually landing in Dallas, Texas.
13:50 – What type of key factors did he look at when moving to the Dallas market.
21:30 – Economies of scale. Scaling the number of units per multi-family from 150 units to 500 units.
22:55 – How to fund really big deals.
25:30 – How to work with brokers.
26:20 – Should you use a management company or should you partner? How to find a good management company and what to look at when partnering.
28:25 – What does a management company typically charge?
33:30 – Stabilizing your first deal and how to get your first loan.
35:25 – Non-recourse loans vs. recourse loans.
37:30 – Who is the decision maker when working with a bank? And the drawback to financing with a bank.
39:15 – Financing tips and what’s involved in due diligence.
43:30 – Strategy behind what types of properties to look for. Hint: It’s all about the location. Also, looking at A, B, and C properties.
48:55 – Create a portfolio mixture.
50:00 – What resources are great to find properties.
54:45 – Listen to what the market is telling you about properties.
56:15 – How to build an awesome team.
56:50 – Expanding past multi-family units.
58:15 – The importance of having good core values within a company.
1:01:20 – Why giving back to your community and the journey of giving back is so important.

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