2 InvestorCarrot Members Netted 140K In Profits With This Strategy In Just 6 Months

Plus A Special Guest Shares His Best Advice To Turn Clicks Into Profits

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It’s a long call, but epic content. Enjoy!

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After months of struggling and missing the mark, one investor – Chris – suddenly saw a surge in his real estate investing business. And in the last quarter of 2014, he netted a whopping $50,000 in profit in just one quarter.How did Chris do it? How did he create such a massive turnaround in his business… a turnaround that would have most investors falling all over themselves to achieve?The answer might surprise you…

He DIDN’T drop a fortune on high-priced direct mail.

He DIDN’T tear apart his business and rebuild it from the ground up (which is an expensive mistake that many investors make when they aren’t seeing the results they want to see).

He DIDN’T go out and hire a bunch of costly staff members to make cold calls.

He fundamentally made ONE small change in his business but it was the turning point in his year, bringing in more in one quarter than he had ever seen in a single quarter in his business!

Chris used one of the “short-term traffic” methods we teach and have our InvestorCarrot websites optimized for that started driving leads into his business…

… A consistent number of qualified leads in his market of Cincinnati…

… A handful of those GOOD leads turned into deals that netted into $50,000 in profits.

Oh, and he got these leads from just 1 lead source + his InvestorCarrot website.

Pretty cool stuff. I like the simplicity of it the most.

In the video above we showed what Chris did to shift his online lead gen strategy and how you can put the same thing to work in your own business.

On the live training call we cover…

– The details of Chris’ background and his business shift – it’s insightful and motivational (and a couple of investors who heard about it BEGGED me to share it)

– Learn what Chris was doing before (warning: this is what many investors are doing… you might be too) and what specific change he made to deploy this traffic generation strategy

– Find out the single lead source that turned out to the be Chris’ go-to lead gen source… (can you use the same lead source in your business to double or triple your profit or, like Chris, make a complete turnaround?)

– We show you how to get access you the step-by-step instructions to deploy the EXACT traffic generation strategy in your business

– BONUS: On the webinar above we’ll share another investor’ case studies as well, proving how PPC marketing is working in other markets as well.

Even if you’ve heard of PPC or are doing it, we’ll show you some data and some things that you likely haven’t seen before.

Chris’ story is a REAL CASE STUDY (we haven’t even changed his name). If you want to hear about the strategy Chris used to make $50,000 then give the webinar above a watch.

On top of all of the awesome stories of success and hard work paying off there is even more good stuff jammed into the 2 hour webinar.

We invited our go-to PPC guy, Matt, onto the call to share his best advice for real estate investors looking to start, maintain, or get the most out of their PPC campaigns.

Matt has been managing real estate investors PPC campaigns for years and knows the ins and outs of Google adwords, keywords, cost per click, and how to drive traffic to client’s sites.

If you want to send Matt an email we would be happy to connect you. Shoot us an email at support@oncarrot.com.

One thing that Matt mentioned on the call was how much he loves working with clients who have Carrot websites.


Because he said he knows he can send traffic to the site and it will convert to a lead.

It is incredibly easy to set up landing pages and run ads to those pages and track how effective the page is.

If you don’t have an InvestorCarrot website and are looking for a easy to launch, easy to maintain, and website that will grow with your business…

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