51% Mobile Leads Breakdown

How we generated 8,241 seller, buyer & tenant leads on cell phones & tablets in one month and the exact steps you can take to do the same.

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51% of our leads are mobile… see why your website might be a leaky bucket

Allow us to share a quick anecdotal story with you. Then we will follow up with some hard hitting data. Data that will surprise you and you will have a tough time finding anywhere else on the internet.

Like many real estate investors, Tom put up a website using one of those “do it yourself” services. He added some text, a nice picture and did a little research about SEO and conversions optimizations.

Tom was proud of his site and generated a few leads. Tom started optimizing his website by adding more testimonials, free reports, and YouTube videos. He spent hours and hours working on his site.

3 months later…the number of leads did not improved. He averaged a meager 2 leads per month.

What Tom didn’t realize was a lot of sellers, buyers, and tenants are opting in on mobile devices.

Unfortunately for Tom his site was somewhat mobile friendly, meaning a visitor could see it but it wasn’t optimized.

A user couldn’t turn into a lead because they would have to fill out 9 fields to turn into a lead.

But what if Tom would have made it easy for visitors to opt in?

Okay you get the point.

Tom doesn’t have his site optimized on mobile and let’s be honest, not a lot of real estate investor do.

If you do a quick Google search and look at the top ranked sites in your market, I bet you will be surprised how many are not mobile friendly.

Time for that data we talked about earlier.

51% of leads coming through InvestorCarrot websites are from MOBILE traffic.

This is a huge development in the real estate investing industry. Inbound marketing has been heading this way for a while and it is a trend that is not slowing down anytime soon.

So we are curious what you are doing to optimize your mobile traffic?

If the answer is nothing then you NEED to get on this live webinar with InvestorCarrot where you’ll:

  • See our actual stats from the past 30 days on our leads and where they came from (you’ll be surprised)
  • Learn why over 50% of our seller, buyer, and tenant leads now come from mobile
  • Why 9 out of 10 investors “mobile websites” are behind the times by at least 1 year
  • See what a high converting mobile site looks like and how you can tweak your own website to mobile visitors to attract more leads

Carrot Sites have most of this optimization included out of the box!

Our built in SEO Tools, Carrot conversion methodology, and commitment to providing great training and support all combine to provide high achieving investors the right mix of technology and strategy to get the results you need to grow your business.

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