InvestorCarrot's Most Successful Conversion Tests

View the data behind our biggest test wins

Carrot’s Stacked Hero Test

We tested if we could improve the conversion rate of our highest performing page (our home page). The control page has been working for most of our clients in competitive markets. We decided to give the hero section a modern update with a few tweaks to see if we could get the page to convert more visitors. Here is what we changed:

  • Made the content stack on top of the form
  • Made the form fields bigger
  • Pushed the secondary content down the page
  • Created a darker background image that contrasts the while form fields well
  • Made the user look around less for information and made the form the biggest element on the page

Our hypothesis is that by making the form more central to the design of the hero that it will subconsciously force users to opt in because there is less information to distract them. Plus this page feels more modern and what they are accustomed to seeing when they opt into services online.


The Data

The home page is a landing page as it has a clear call to action at the top of the page and every section below it has a call to action. Of course it is a little different because it has a navigation menu.

Control 5 opt ins with 243 visitors
Variation 10 opt ins with 253 visitors

The Variation converted at 4.19% while the control only converted at 1.9%

Our conversion software says that the Variation has a 93% chance to beat the control.

View the control page here
View the variation page here

InvestorCarrot’s Demo Page

Our demo page converts really well. We send a lot of traffic here from our Ads on Facebook and PPC. Plus a lot of our email funnels will end up here. Our demo page needed a refresh design wise and to make it better for mobile users. We recently changed our plans page so we brought over a similar design to test on our demo page. Here is what we changed:

  • We made the headline take up much more real estate
  • We highlighted the key selling point with a different color
  • We swapped the form and content so when the page breaks down on mobile the form is the first thing a user sees
  • We improved the testimonials and made them mobile responsive
  • We simplified the footer to remove distracting links to other pages
  • The page is shorter and more to the point

Our hypothesis was that having the headline nice and big will quickly show people the value of Carrot and pull them down the page to get them to opt in. Having the mobile improvements will help our conversion rate on mobile devices.


The Data

The control has 107 conversions with 422 visitors

The variation has 111 conversions with 412 visitors

The control converts on average at 25.5% and the variation converts at 27.1%

This test is still on going as it hasn’t reach a specific level of statistical relevance. But early tests are encouraging. Although this isn’t a huge difference it does something that not a lot of conversion tests talk about. It shows that if you test a page and they come out close or equal then you can make the style change and not worry about it affecting your conversion rate in a negative way.

All in all we like the design of the variation and if it’s close to the control we will make the switch.


View the control page here

View the variation page here

Our SEO Bible Page

One of our best lead generation resources is our SEO Bible which gives Investors keywords they should be using on their websites. It has generated thousands of leads for us. We ran a test a long time ago, with a lot of traffic. Basically we tested a short page with a form front and center, vs a longer page. The winner was the short page.


The Data

The control (short page) converted 1,054 leads with 2,297 visitors @ a 45.89% conversion rate.

The variation (long page) converted 749 leads with 1,756 visitors @ a 42.65% conversion rate.


View the control page here

View the variation page here