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Real Estate Marketing Tools for Automation

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Looking for real estate marketing tools to help your business grow?

Here’s some easy and fast ways to automate your real estate investment marketing systems!


Want to automate your business so that you're making money around the clock while your business runs itself? Then keep reading... this post is for you!

Want to automate your business so that you’re making money around the clock while your business runs itself?

Then keep reading… this post is for you!

In today’s post, I’m gonna tell you about a major new upgrade we’ve released to our system, plus some super cool (and mostly free) tools you can connect to your InvestorCarrot websites to automate your business.

First: why automate your business?

I’ll give you 3 good reasons:

  1. Save time
  2. Make money
  3. Eliminate stress

Pretty good reasons, right? And yet most investors never get their businesses automated.

Automation is like the holy grail of marketing… often sought, rarely found.

What stops so many real estate investors (and other business owners) from fully automating their businesses?

Time and preparation.

It takes a ton of time to set up a completely automatic business… and lots of preparation.

You have to really have a solid process in place for every single lead that comes in… and quite frankly, most investors don’t have that kind of process design in place.

If you’ve ever been stuck chasing deals and haven’t had the time to do the planning that you know you should be doing to set up your business… don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We’re working hard to make it WAY easier for you to automate your marketing.

Introducing the Carrot Content System…

carrot content pro blog posts for investors and agentsWe add 48 new articles each month, organized around different audiences we know real estate investors and real estate agents want to attract.

Within those audiences, we’ve got segmented into different categories, like Avoiding Foreclosure or Buying Investment Properties, Rental Inspections, and Understanding Your Agent.

Each post is automatically personalized with your Market City, and we’ve used a lot of the most frequently searched keywords… to help your site organically rank higher, to build traffic, and to convert leads.

That last step – lead conversion – is crucial, and that’s something that most SEO companies can’t do in real estate. After all, we’re talking about enormous investments in property for buyers… and a huge emotional attachment for most sellers who need to sell fast.

Lots of SEO companies can write keywords into a sentence… but they don’t know how to write for the actual people who read the articles once they find the page.

Sounds obvious, right?

In order to do great content marketing, you have to write for the search engine AND the customer. Up til now, writing quality blog posts has been something we’ve told investors to do, but let’s be honest… most weren’t doing it.

Like you, those real estate investors or agents wanted something automatic that they didn’t have to worry about…. and they couldn’t get it, until now.

Here’s how simple the Carrot Content System is to use:

As easy as 1, 2, 3… just pick the site where you want to add content, schedule the frequency… and add the content pack!

Super simple to use, right?

Once you’ve added your content pack, that’s all you have to do! As we add additional content to the system, you’ll be able to schedule additional posts even further in advance.

But that’s not all that you can do with our system.

Carrot integrates with other powerful tools to help you do more with your business… automatically.

Here are just a few of the advanced marketing tricks that you can perform with InvestorCarrot by integrating our system with other platforms.

Automate Your Lead Nurture with a RSS Feed

MailChimp (or aWeber, or most other CRMs) can automatically send out an email to your lists every time you post a blog post… this is a truly killer integration when combined with our automatic blog posts.

Once you have your RSS campaign set up, you’ll just have to make sure your posts are scheduled… and you’ll have an instant lead nurture system, all set up. This post will tell you how.

Create Automatic Sequences for Your Email Lists

It’s a really good idea to connect email sequences with your lists, so that when someone fills out a form, you’ve got 90+ days of follow-up built into a sequence.

You don’t have to bombard someone with messages… and in fact, short, simple messages like “still looking to sell?” will often get significantly higher open/read rates than long, salesy emails.

You can connect pretty much any CMS (content management system) to InvestorCarrot – services like aWeber, MailChimp, and InfusionSoft have ways to build automatic follow-up sequences from the leads that come in through your InvestorCarrot website.

Automate Your Social Media with Buffer

If you haven’t used it, check out Buffer – it’s the easiest way to set and schedule your social media postings across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and more. You can track and get great data… all free.

Buffer can add a RSS campaign to automatically tweet/post any new articles that come from your site, too – it’s a paid feature, but you can use the next tool to connect your RSS feed to Buffer for free too.

Use Zapier to Connect Podio, Gmail, Evernote, Asana, Buffer, and 300+ other systems

Zapier is a great tool… it seems to connect everything. You can use it to connect your RSS feed to Buffer.

You can use it to automatically add an appointment to your Google calendar to follow up with leads on a certain schedule. You can automatically add in new tasks into Asana, or other task management systems like Evernote.

You can even use it to send a SMS text message when you get a new email… great for instant lead notification.

What’s the next step?

Get the Content Pro Plan to get access to the Carrot Content System today. If you’re already a member and you’re looking to upgrade, send an email to and we’ll get you set up.

Make sure to register for this week’s Live Coaching Call – we’ve got some other cool tricks to show you that you won’t want to miss!

Still not convinced?

Take a demo now to check out all the great features included with Carrot!

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