Content Marketing for Real Estate Agents | How to Pick Your Niche Locations [Agent Whiteboard Series]

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Content Marketing for Real Estate Agents | Picking Niche Locations

Video Transcription

Hey, Trevor here with Carrot again, coming at you with video number three in this series, to walk you through how to go through our content marketing pyramid so you can finally crack through that clutter and really gain a competitive advantage in your market.

We’re going to be talking about locations now. So by this time you’ve already discovered what your core values are. Why are you in business? You’ve written those down. You’ve done a simple video about why you’re in business and why you love to work with buyers and sellers. That’s going to help people resonate.


You’ve also picked between one and three niches. Things that you can really drill down on where you can tailor your message and your videos and your content, the way that you speak to people.

First, you can tailor your audience to that message, because now you’re going to resonate with those people that are in those niches. It’s going to help you target your marketing down the same way we’ve grown here at Carrot.

That’s because we have a solution that’s universal. We could sell our solution to plumbers, and to real estate agents, and real estate investors and financial planners. The solution solves all of it. But when we can niche our product and niche marketing down, we can better serve you and better make sure our content resonates with you so you notice it.

Real Estate Niche Location

The next step is locations. A lot of people think locations are just cities, towns, things like that. But what I would like to challenge you on is that locations are any particular spot or type of property that you can really focus a certain message on.

Here are some examples. It could be towns. It could be a here in Roseburg, Oregon. Roseburg could be a location. You create a page for that, that has the Roseburg properties for sale on there from your IDX listings from Carrot.

Then Sutherland, and then Winston and Reedsport and all those are different towns around Roseburg. We would definitely want all of those towns that have a page on the website with a title that’s something like a Homes for Sale In (insert city). Then probably a video.

I’m really going out there with something that my competition can’t, they can’t put a video of me on their website. So put a video of yourself on your website explaining that location. Then put your IDX property listings after maybe a few paragraphs of content.

Now other types of locations can be neighborhoods. So if you’re in a bigger city or even small town like Roseburg, there are certain neighborhoods that people really, really want to buy and sell houses in. Hucrest is one, even in the town of 30,000 people. If you go to Google and start to type up homes for sale in Roseburg, you’re also going to see other suggested searches after that for neighborhoods in there, which is kinda cool.

Hucrest is a neighborhood, Melrose is a neighborhood that is pretty sought after in here. If people are searching for them, I want to create a locations page that ranks well in Google for those. I also want to create that video and get it up into YouTube and get on Facebook too. So I could turn those into ads if I want it to.

There are other types of things that are property types. So if you’re a specialist, if one of your niches is river homes in a particular river or a country club or whatever it is, and that’s one of your niches, then you should create a locations page for that niche.

Here’s an example, G Team, they’re a Century 21 brokerage here in Roseburg. They’ve done amazingly well, and they focus in on a few niches. On North Umpqua River homes, on lifestyle properties with great views, and income properties. They all happen to be about the same type of Avatar. The same type of person who probably has some income, looking to get an amazing house and also looking to grow their income with rental properties. So you can also create a page for property types like river homes.

So here on Carrot we launched a page. It’s homes for sale on the North Umpqua, Roseburg, Oregon.

location niche real estate agent website page

Image Source: G Team Real Estate

Then we create a video talking about homes for sale in North Umpqua River, and how they can help you. How they actually own a home in the river, and her parents own a home on the river, and they’ve sold tons of homes on the river. All in a short little video. You can do the same thing.

Then below the video, we’ve actually put up a custom search through the IDX that only shows river homes for sale in that area. We’ve drawn a little boundary around there and it’s river homes for sale, so now they can drive people to a page that’s specifically for North Umpqua River homes for sale in the Roseburg area. They can drive traffic from Facebook, or from YouTube or when they’re talking with someone locally, they can say, “Hey, go to, forward slash river, and you can see all the updated properties.”

Attracting New Prospects Via Niched Down Content

When you’re going through and doing this, leverage our tutorials here at Carrot to walk you through how to do those page, or we do have services that can do it for you. If you’re not a Carrot customer, no big deal. It’s just going to be a little bit harder for you to set them up yourself to get them ranked well and Google on a different platform. But you can still launch locations pages for all these locations you do business in and don’t forget creating neighborhood ones or niche down property types if those are within your niche.

Those are going to help you get better rankings in Google, attract new prospects, get people on your retargeting list for Facebook and it’s going to give you more content you can continually drive people back to in your content. Here’s one idea for you.

Let’s say you’ve got your niches down and you’ve got your locations down and you’re taking out your cell phone and doing a piece of content on a river home today. Take it out and give your three to five-minute talk about a tip or something like that about river homes and then you can give a call to action to drive to this page for them or landing page.

You could say, “Hey, just go to forward slash river to get an updated list of all of the North Umpqua River property homes for sale in this area, and you’re gonna be the first one to get notified of them. Go check it out. Xyz Dot com, forward slash river.”

You can say that inside of your videos. It’s going to continually drive leads, build you up as the expert for that type of property, and you’re going to cut through that clutter and really, really grow your business. You’re not going to be stuck with whatever Zillow is going to be giving you. You’re not even going to care if there are a million other agents in the market because you’re the only one claiming the space for that niche.

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