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Personalizing Real Estate Marketing on Social Media: The Five Personality Types You’ll Meet

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Let’s be real. The idea of personalizing real-estate marketing to build a following, engage your audience, and generate more leads is exciting.

But it also sounds like a tall order.

Unfortunately, one-size-fits-all approaches no longer work. Despite the real-estate industry posting the most content on social media, it’s also the industry with the lowest engagement levels.

Real estate only gets an average engagement rate of 0.45% on social media.

Given that real-estate overlaps perfectly with the primary reason people go on social media — to connect with friends and family about real life — this shouldn’t be the case.

And it doesn’t have to be.

To engage people, your activity on social media has to ooze with authenticity. And the answer is personalizing your real-estate marketing.

Before you check out … I don’t mean advanced algorithms or costly marketing products. Instead, I’m talking about building your social media approach around personality types.

In an experiment with 324 people, Psychological Science found that when a print ad for a phone company changed its copy to appeal directly to the “five major trait domains of human personality” — (1) extraversion, (2) agreeableness, (3) conscientiousness, (4) emotional stability, and (5) openness to experience — the engagement of those ads skyrocketed:

The advertisements featured a picture of the phone next to a paragraph of text that was changed in order to highlight the motivational concerns associated with each of the five personality dimensions. For example, the advertisement tailored to extraverts included the line “With XPhone, you’ll always be where the excitement is”, whereas for neurotics the same line read, “Stay safe and secure with the XPhone.”

The same is 100% true for real-estate marketing on social media.


Because on social media, you need to form a connection, and to do this you need to provide content that’s meaningful and evokes emotional responses tailor made for the people you’re trying to reach.

To do that, your social-media marketing should aim at the five real-estate specific personality types on social media:

  1. The Dreamers
  2. The Braggers
  3. The Nesters
  4. The Explorers
  5. The Movers

Let’s dig in.

Type 1. Personalizing Real-Estate Marketing for “The Dreamers”

Dreamers are idealistic, imaginative, creative, and sensitive. They’re passionate about the causes they believe in and the people they love. Their personal values define them and — above all — their search for meaning.

In a sense, they’re passive visionaries who are intensely private and can be both introverted or extroverted.

Dreamers let their hearts and imaginations decide for them. They’re spontaneous and hate feeling boxed in by rules, routine, and conformity.

How to Personalize for the Dreamers

As a real estate investor, sell to Dreamers by painting a vision of what’s possible. Your goal should be to help them imagine the outcome of buying, instead of majoring on nitty-gritty realities or mundane things like how safe investing in real-estate can be.

However, Dreamers do have to trust you. To build rapport through your posts and ads, ask yourself three questions:

  1. Will this make them smile?
  2. Will this make them stop?
  3. Will this make their mouths (and minds) water?

Start by mixing in a healthy dose of non-property-explicit posts to your social media diet. This is vital to whatever personality type you’re targeting, so I’ll provide examples for each one.

Simply sharing quotes, or even better, designing your own with an app like Word Swag, gets Dreamers to pay attention (I bet you can’t guess which I made myself):



real estate marketing quotes

Aim to post at least one of these aspirational images every other day. And once you’ve filled up a month’s worth, social media has such a short life span that you can restart the same sequence, adding in new quotes and images as you discover them.

When you turn the corner to advertising specific properties, the photos you select must pass those same test question.

So be creative by taking pictures during different times of the day (especially in the morning and at dusk) and in different weather conditions. Think of the picture you choose as “romancing” your prospect … rather than “selling” to them.




The copy you use for your ads should be equally inspirational and romantic.

Forget about majoring on the usual suspects — location, price, and timeline — and instead borrow language from some of your favorite Dreamer quotes … or even song lyrics and poetry. These shouldn’t be verbatim; instead, create a list of Dreamer words and phrases to seed into your ads.


Type 2. Personalizing Real-Estate Marketing for “The Braggers”

We’ve all seen them. And we’ve all been them. Of course, some of us a little more chronic than others:

“It was SO hot in Mauritius!”
“Today I was told I have the body of Demi Moore.”
“My daughter scored the winning hockey goal.”

The Bragger often cloaks themselves in humility, but it’s still a brag.

Bragging is sometimes natural. We’re all proud of our kids, our spouse, and our accomplishments. And that’s ok. We brag to get validation and to feel valued and special.

I bet you’d be surprised to learn that the chronic Facebook Braggers are the ones who generally lack self confidence and have a need to find their worth in bragging on social media and getting as many likes and comments from others as they possibly can.

How to Personalize for the Braggers

Real estate bragging is either about the home the person desires, the new upgrades they’re planning, or how much they’ll make off selling their property. The trigger for real estate on social media is to entice Braggers in one of these directions, each of which fires up the desire to impress friends and family.

There are two ways real estate can target the Bragger:

1. Give the Bragger something to brag about.

In other words, make them feel important. Plant a “brag seed.” Position your real estate business as unique. Be trendy. Be exclusive and make your ads and posts reflect this exclusivity. Make them feel lucky to do business with you.

2. Appeal to the root cause of the bragging: their self-esteem.

Behind the scenes, think in terms of, “If I invest in this property, own this property, or upgrade this property … imagine what my friends will think.” Yes, it might feel a little dirty appealing to these baser instincts, but these are powerful motivators.

When using non-property posts to engage Braggers, try quotes that appeal to their self-esteem or images that are trendy and unique.




Turning the corner to more direct advertising, here are examples of photos that work well to entice the Bragger because each one zeros in on the small (and not so small) touches that make a property stand out:




Combining these into ads themselves, major on clever, envy-evoking words, trendy images, and exclusivity:


Type 3. Personalizing Real-Estate Marketing for “The Nesters”

The Nesters would have zero interest in Facebook were it not a medium for keeping in touch with friends and family … and perhaps as a way to spread the news of a charitable event.

Relationships are their number one priority. They’re the ones barbecuing every weekend and constantly posting updates about their travels to visit people they love. They are a nurturing and caring bunch who are very tidy.

Nesters tend to be traditional and conservative with plenty of integrity. They take great pride in the work they do and are fact-seekers and enjoy structure.

How to Personalize for the Nesters

Nesters seek stability and security. It’s important to them that they and their family are held in great esteem by others. Everyday posts that pull these emotions and value to the front pull them in.




Use images of property that are neat, organized, and show off its family readiness. Instead of just adding a picture of a home … overlay it with a picture of a family or something that’s important to a Nester:


Avoid stock photos, but make sure the people used in the photo are neat and clean to represent what’s important to this personality type:




For investors looking to buy properties, go beyond your target’s immediate family and connect directly with their extended loved ones:

When targeting a Nester, focus on the right words: “stability,” “security,” “immaculate,” “family,” “entertainment,” “organized,” and “safe.” These words push their buttons. Also, focus on facts and practicalities like “close to amenities, schools, parks.”


Type 4. Personalizing Real-Estate Marketing for “The Explorers”

People that like to explore and conquer aren’t bound by the worries that hold the rest of us back. They move to their own beat. They’re unconventional and not easily influenced by societal constraints, although they tend to be influential themselves.

In a sense, they’re the polar opposite of Nesters and prefer to move around, going where the adventure is … never laying down roots for too long.

Explorers are tough, assertive, courageous, live in the moment, and fun-loving. If you need to advertise a home that would not appeal to most people, the Explorer is the one to target.

How to Personalize for the Explorers

With your everyday posts, focus on unconventional designs, memes, or quotes:




As an investor, don’t be afraid to have a little fun:

In your imagery, highlight non-traditional properties and fixer-uppers.




Moreover, take photos of property from angles other real-estate businesses wouldn’t.


Focus on the same elements in your videos:

In your ads themselves, combine those non-traditional images with non-traditional words like “adventure,” “imagine,” “challenge,” “rehab,” and “DIY.” Questions are particularly evoking:


Type 5. Personalizing Real-Estate Marketing for “The Movers”

Movers are ready to … well, move. They’ve made a decision and want to get serious about the next steps.

Most likely they’ve started the process of checking out homes already and have a good idea of what they’re after.

The keywords that describe Movers are fast and detailed. Because Movers are often under a time crunch — like a new job — or some sort of outside constraint, they’re attracted to investors and agents that can get results quickly … and provide all the relevant information they need right up front.

How to Personalize for the Movers

To appeal to the Mover in your posts intended for engagement, try words and images about taking action:




Mover’s don’t want fancy photos. In fact, they’re suspicious of them. Instead, use pictures — lots of pictures — that show the home “as is,” not necessarily perfect, but real and “ready to move in”:




Above all, movers want details. Give it to them in ads or promoted posts with lots of images, carousels, or — best of all — video ads that feel like digital open houses:


Be insanely responsive by pushing Movers to call to actions that involve connecting directly with you.

And above all … just be clear:


Making Real Estate Marketing Personal

It’s true: despite real estate being the most-posted-from industry on social media, it’s also the industry with the lowest engagement rates.

To get better results from real estate on social media, posts need to be relevant and evoke emotion.

To do that, your social-media marketing should aim at the five real-estate specific personality types on social media:

  1. The Dreamers
  2. The Braggers
  3. The Nesters
  4. The Explorers
  5. The Movers

Knowing who your target is — and how their personality type ticks — is the only way to connect on social media … and close in the real world.

Trevor Mauch

Trevor is the CEO of Carrot and knows a thing or two about inbound marketing and generating leads online in the real estate industry. As an investor himself, he's generated tens of thousands of real estate leads and is a leading expert in inbound marketing for investors and agents. In addition, his true passion is helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that truly help you live a life of purpose.

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