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Private Lenders: One Dead Simple (but genius) Tweak Found 17% of Cash Buyers Willing to Loan Funds

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Want to find private lenders? Our sites are set up to help you grow a list of folks willing to loan funds secured by real estate.

Private lenders can sometimes be tough to find…  Since you’re not legally allowed to advertise for investment.

Fortunately, we’ve made it a little easier for ya. :)

A while ago we made one simple change that helped us to easily build a list of private lenders from our Cash Buyer site while staying in compliance with SEC regulations.

This post will tell you all about it… and how to put it to work for your business right away.

Welcome to another edition of the Carrot Test Kitchen… where we break down our recipes and show you how to create insanely great lead generation sites for your real estate business.

In this post, we’ll explain the Dead Simple (yet staggeringly genius) Tweak that helped us to identify folks who were willing to lend money secured by real estate.

First, as you probably know… there are a ton of laws about investment that varies from state to state, and definitely some very serious ones from the SEC (aka the Feds). We’re not lawyers, financial advisors or accountants, so don’t take this as anything other than some good ol’ fashioned marketing info.

But even without being folks with fancy degrees, we do know a few things about finding private money.

It’s really important to remember:

1) you can’t publicly solicit investment, and

2) you should never raise capital for your business without a great attorney guiding the process.

This can be really frustrating, especially if you’re just getting started.

However, you can offer investment properties up for sale, and you can privately ask folks if they’re interested in lending you money secured by real estate.

There is a huge difference between selling securities (shares of a company) and a loan secured by real estate.

The strategy that we’ve baked into our InvestorCarrot sites will help you find investors who are willing to loan money secured by real estate. In fact, it’s part of the 2-Step Opt-In Process we discussed a few weeks ago (the one that helps improve conversions by 46%).

In case you don’t remember, a Cash Buyer will sign up for an offer, usually to get access to Discounted Properties for Sale.

On the first step of the opt-in process, the buyer just enter his/her name and email address (click here to see the Anatomy of a Cash Buyer Site Converting at 39.27%), then gets taken to Step 2.

The second step of the opt-in process is where the magic happens.

Check it out:

Adding that simple question to the 2nd step of the opt-in process helps us to identify the folks who are willing to loan money secured by real estate when they’re signing up on this private form.

Once we added the question “Are you willing to LEND your cash to other investors to get great returns?” to the 2nd step of the process and started testing it, we found that 17% of the Cash Buyers who filled out the form were willing to loan money.

Pretty neat, huh?

If you’re an InvestorCarrot member, you’ve already got this form baked right into your Cash Buyer site… and if you’ve used up all the sites in your plan, just shoot a quick note to us: — we can add another site to your plan for a very low monthly cost.

If you’re not already an InvestorCarrot member, sign up here now!

Aaron McManus

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10 responses to “Private Lenders: One Dead Simple (but genius) Tweak Found 17% of Cash Buyers Willing to Loan Funds

  1. Thanks for the great idea! I’m going to place the form on one of our “Properties For Sale” page with pictures of “Sold”properties…I’ll keep you posted & thanks again for the great idea!

  2. Thanks for the great tips Aaron! Here is KILLER tip/testimonial for our carrot cash buyer site: incomepropertyoregon. Shortly after I launched the site I got a call from a fellow investor who flips high end homes in the $600,000.00 plus range! This dude has some dough so I met with him for lunch and causally slipped him my KILLER Private Money credibility kit and told him about private money program. It may not work for him, but he hangs out with other people who have dough, plus we had a GREAT time at lunch! Racer Rob out

  3. Great Feature you guys added. I’ve already got a few private lenders while marketing for buyers. Great Resource!

  4. I am a young man aged who is enthuastic about starting a real estate business,I have done my business plan and looking forward for an investor.

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