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[Carrot FEATURE] — The Carrot SEO Ranking Tracker

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As part of our Content Pro and Advanced Marketer memberships, you can track where your site ranks for a particular keyword.

This provides the opportunity to learn how your site is doing and the particular changes in rankings based on each time your site is crawled by search engines.

It’s common for websites to fluctuate keyword rankings so don’t lose sleep if your site is a lower ranking than you want. The great thing about SEO is it can always improve!

Once you know where your website ranks, you can then add or edit content to continue to drive the best ranking keywords and/or improve keywords you want to rank higher for.

Need some SEO help? Check out our Real Estate SEO Guide.

As you know, we love rolling out new innovations and features to help make your life easier and more profitable.


– Location based pages
– Expanded shortcodes (can now add properties to any page)… very handy for rental property websites, agents, cash buyer sites, etc.
… and more!

So we get excited when members take advantage of the tools we offer. Such as our keyword ranking tracker.

Carrot’s Keyword Ranking Tracker

Right now, as long as you’re a Content Pro Member, go into your Carrot account and you’ll see a new tab titled “Rankings.”

Click on it.

Once you do, you’ll have the ability to enter a keyword phrase that you want to rank for in Google. To do so, click on “Add Keyword” in the upper right corner.

Type in the phrase you have in mind and then voilá, we will do the rest!

Our software will automatically start tracking the keyword phrases that you enter, updating weekly (rankings don’t change much from day-to-day)

You can even click on a keyword to find out how you’ve ranked over the last year or month.

Why Is It So Important To Know How You Rank In Google?

Where you rank in Google determines if motivated house sellers find you when they search.

For example, if your real estate business is based in Roseburg, Oregon, and someone searches, “Sell my house fast in Roseburg, Oregon,” your only chance of being seen is if you show up on the first page of results.

Here’s the proof: ThriveHive reports that

“The first page of Google captures at least 71% of web traffic (some sources say up to 92%), and the second page is far from a close second: It drops to 6% of website clicks.”

That stat illustrates exactly why we’re releasing this feature. It’s like the old adage goes,

“if you don’t where you are, you won’t know how to get where you’re going.”

We want to help you to know where you are.

In other words, we’re so confident of our service and your genius, that we’re giving you a measuring stick for your website.

Do I Have Access To The Keyword Ranking Tracker?

As long as you’re a Content Pro Member, you can start tracking up to 3 keywords per site.

And here’s the best part…

We are giving this to you for free.

To become the SEO masters that you and all of us here at Carrot want you to become, you need to know how you’re ranking. And that’s exactly what this new tool provides you.

For those of you who need to track more keywords than the provided amount, there is a good chance that — in my completely uninformed, uneducated, and ignorant opinion — that problem will work itself out in a couple of weeks. But what do I know? ;-)

How Do I Use The New Keyword Tracking Feature?

It’s simple, insert a keyword like “we buy houses in Cincinnati Ohio” and we will tell you where you rank for that keyword.

But… a word of caution.

Don’t go too broad. You might be disappointed with the data that is returned. Getting on the first page for broad terms like “sell my house fast” takes a lot of time and SEO expertise. To shrink your competition, add in your location like the Roseburg example above.

Above all though, play with it. Try some different keywords, see how your site is performing, and then ask yourself how you can improve your rankings.

Oh… and let us know what you think of this new feature in the comments! We’ve been playing with it like crazy.

Okay okay, now… you may stand.

Sound Off Below About The Keyword Tracking Tool!

Hit us w/ comments and questions below… or if you’re not a Carrot member yet but are considering it, throw your questions my way!

We’re here for you and would love for you to be a part of the success that our members are having (70k+ leads per month and growing!).

If You LOVE New Features, Just Wait Until You See What’s Next…

Our team is always working behind the scenes to roll out amazing features that save you time and help you generate more leads. Here are just a few that have recently been added to our member sites.

  • We made tweaks to help make finding, enabling and managing our CRM and Marketing Integrations easier.
  • We upgraded our IDX service.
  • All Carrot sites now have SSL Certificates.
  • We launched the Visual Editor.

Keep an eye out in your Carrot accounts for these updates and on this blog for the official release.

Start Using These New Carrot Features Now…

Or, be the next new member to crush it with Carrot’s real estate investor inboard marketing system. The next step to the world’s strongest and simplest real estate platform.

Not a Carrot member but love what you’re seeing?

Head over and check out our pricing and plans and grab the plan that fits you the best. You won’t be sorry :-)


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