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EP 42: How Matt Built An “Integrated” Suite Of Services To Boost His Real Estate Profits In A Cluttered Market w/ Matt Aitchison

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Top Investor Matt Aitchison Shares How He’s Increased His Revenue by 50% In a Cluttered Market

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My money story is that the more money I can create — the more I have left over beyond my 100% lifestyle — the more I can choose to allocate it toward causes, experiences, and individuals that I believe will have a ripple effect.
Matt Aitchison

What lessons can we learn from Apple when it comes to building a business?

Tons, but one lesson, in particular, is how important it is to build an “integrated product suite;” a set of products that work together to seamlessly guide clients from one purchase to the next.

How can real estate investors and agents create an “integrated product suite?”

Our guest, Matt Aitchison, has done just that and is here to show you how. Matt has been able to cut through the clutter by turning clients into multiple revenue streams and — one by one — creating partnerships that offer exactly what his clients need… when they need it.

After listening, you may never look at the “house flipping” or “wholesaling” business the same again.

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In This CarrotCast Episode, We Cover…

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1:05 – Quick “Who is Matt Aitchison?” synopsis.
6:50 – What does Matt’s real estate business currently look like and why?
10:20 – Mastering what you need to right now to achieve your goals.
11:50 – How big of a market does Matt target and why he sets such boundaries in a competitive market?
12:30 – How many deals Matt is currently closing per month and the path to his increase in real estate revenue.
13:10 – Matt has his hat in a variety of real estate industry ventures. Why is that and how he gains a passive income with such a business model?
17:30 – When the why is clear… Building financial freedom via passive income and creating a positive impact on the people around you.
24:10 – How to stay ahead of the curve in a competitive market in order to keep deal flow consistent.
26:50 – How to obtain a direct mail list and what type of marketing materials Matt uses.
29:35 – One of the largest failures investors have is their follow-up process. Learn some of the best follow-up techniques Matt uses to build his reputation and brand.
33:20 – Rising above the clutter: Why having processes for follow-up and intake are so important.
37:45 – Decluttering from your market via content marketing.
44:00 – Matt’s advantages of presenting many “cross-pollenation” options for sellers to work with him and his companies.
49:30 – The psychology behind a near perfect sales offer.
51:25 – Summing it up: What will make Matt’s year a success.

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