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How To Create The Ideal Content Marketing Schedule For Real Estate Investors + Agents

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Why do you need a content marketing schedule for a real estate business? It is your link between brand awareness and lead generation and it’s getting more competitive every day. This is why a report from the Content Marketing Institute showed 80% of marketers have a strategy for it.

You don’t need to be a professional content marketer, but you should create a solid strategy for 2017.

We’re going to walk you through some useful tips to help you get started with a successful content marketing plan this year:

How To Create The Ideal Content Marketing Schedule For Real Estate

You know we’re all about content here at Carrot. We publish content two or three times a week, and we have Coaching Calls, webinars and articles, and these videos…all kinds of stuff.

But… what can you, as real estate investors, agents, or any other entrepreneur watching this video, no matter what industry, do as far as your content scheduling goes?

It’s the kind of a question we get a lot from people. They ask, “I understand I need to do content, but how often do I do it? When do I post it?” Things like that.

This whiteboard strategy sketch will give you, from our data, what we have found is the best times and frequency to post your content, at the very least. Now, you can ramp it up and do more. And, once you get your system set, watch some of our other videos that really help you nail your content marketing plan.

This video is just going to cover the frequency and time of your scheduling.

Experiment To Find The Best Days To Post Content

The first thing we’d like to look at is, what days during the week are the days that we find are the best times for people to absorb your content?

We dove into our data, across the thousands of Carrot websites, and we found that mid-week tends to be the time where most people are diving in online to look at content.

It could be your house sellers, it could be your buyers, it could be tenants, it could be private lenders. It doesn’t really matter. Even you guys, as our clients, you tend to look at content online Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, more often than any other days out there.

Not sure what a content marketing schedule for real estate looks like? Check out this simple example.

There’s little blips in some other days. Saturday has a little blip at a certain time. Sunday afternoon’s a pretty good time to dive into content because people are starting to switch their mindset from the weekend recharge, to now the week. They start to think about business stuff for solving their problems.

In general, we like to look at Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday as the times that most people are really online looking at content and doing searches. Now, you might ask, “Why?”. I could just tell you the what, but I think understanding the why is a big deal with really growing your business and becoming a great marketer. You have to know the why behind stuff, and why it works.

Like the old saying goes, “You could give a man a fish, or you can teach him to fish.” We want to teach you guys how to fish, but we want to also streamline the process and how to do that.

The reason more people are looking at your content on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays is that if you look at the way your week works… Once again, you have the weekend, and the weekend, it’s your recharge time. You’re not going out there wanting to solve your big problems. You’re going out there connecting with your family, your friends, having fun, enjoying the weekend because you have your time off.

As soon as Friday rolls around, we start to kind of shut our minds off as far as solving those big problems or looking for those solutions to things. Then, we lead into the weekend where we have a little lull.

Oftentimes, weekends are great times for people to listen to podcasts and things like that. We’ll see a little bump up on a Saturday or Sunday or something like that, especially Saturday morning, on podcast listens.

Then, as people get into Sunday, at about mid-day, after you go to church, or whatever it is you do in the morning, your mind starts to switch into the week, now. Then, Monday is all about getting going and catching up. We dive into our inboxes early, we try to get things caught up, we try to get in the flow of our week.

There are a lot of people searching during these prime times. I’m not saying don’t put content up Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I’m saying these times are the times when the most searchers and the most people are doing those searches in our industry.

You get Monday past you. Then, it dives into mid-week. That’s when people kind of go, “Okay, now I can think about that big problem with selling my house, or listing my house, or getting a house to rent,” as an example.

Post your content Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursdays, if you want the optimal audience and you’re just going to do once a week. If you’re going to do twice a week, we do Tuesday, Thursday. You can also mix it in on a Saturday or something like that.

How To Discover The Key Times To Post Content

Now that you know what days to post your content, what times of those days should you post your content?

Once again, we go back to data. We don’t just take guesses. We don’t say, “Hey, we think Charles opens his e-mails at 11:00.” We look at the aggregate data.

When are people looking at your websites? When are motivated sellers doing the searches and landing on your sites? Buyers, tenants?

You look at the patterns that we live in. We get up in the morning, we open our iPhones or whatever it is. Hopefully, we’re not, but oftentimes that’s the pattern we’re in. We check out our e-mail, look at Facebook, whatever it is that you’re doing in the early morning. You might be eating breakfast, reading something, getting the family ready, and then around this time is when we start to actually engage the web.

I’ve said this in a whiteboard video before, but this is completely true, that oftentimes people look at their phones when they just wake up, or when they’re on the toilet… 6am, 7, 8, 9:00, 6, 7, 8:00 especially, is when we see a big bump in people making searches.

Searches start to take a lull during the morning commute. Lunchtime comes around and they start to hop online again, whether it’s Craigslist or Google or Facebook. Then, you see a lull again followed by a climb back up at 5, 6, 7:00pm. That’s right after dinner happens, during the commute possibly. Kids are to bed, and you start to see a big search bump again. content marketing schedule for real estate - active search times

If we’re going to be posting content on Facebook, if we’re going to be posting on our blogs, what I like to do is I’m going to post a piece of content on Tuesday, and I’m going to roll it out at like 6 in the morning. That way, it’s there all day for people to absorb, and it’s fresh. Don’t put out your piece of content at 2 or 3 in the afternoon all the time.

Test it and see what works best.

You might be saying, “Okay, how often do I need to be posting my content on my blog?” as an example. We suggest weekly, at a minimum. I know for a lot of people that sounds like a lot. It did for me when we started, but what we found is weekly is so easy to do when you find the best way that you like to do content.

I like to do video because it’s easy. I can sit in front of a video camera. I can talk, and then my team can then take it and turn it into a written piece of content if we want to. I can be in and out of here in five minutes, versus taking 30 or 40 minutes or several hours to write an article. Find how you like to do your content, and start doing it weekly.

Winning Tactics For A Perfect Content Marketing Schedule For Real Estate

Let’s work it back and put it all in a nice package. Do weekly content to start.

Pick a day, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. I would suggest Tuesday or Thursday. Post your content in the early morning, and then on Facebook and Craigslist, promote that content in the morning, lunchtime, and evening, so you can capture people when they’re looking.

When you want to ramp it up, and you want to add a second piece of content, find the best way that fits your schedule and the way you like to create content, and do a second piece, and post it on the other day, and do the exact same thing.

If you guys follow that model and get consistent with your content, I can guarantee you over the next half a year, you’re going to catch a lot of momentum and cut through the clutter in your market big time, and you’re going to become the expert while everyone else is wondering why you now are the leader in your market.

Go out there, get your content going, and leverage our data and our research. Go out there and cut through the clutter in your market.

If you like these whiteboard strategy sketches, check out our YouTube channel. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can get updates each and every week when we put these out.

Also, check out our other content. We have our CarrotCast that will go out every single Tuesday morning, our new podcast. We have great articles that go on our website. Check them out on our Carrot blog.

Thanks, guys and gals. Go out there and crush it with your business, and live a life of purpose.

Trevor Mauch

Trevor is the CEO of Carrot and knows a thing or two about inbound marketing and generating leads online in the real estate industry. As an investor himself, he's generated tens of thousands of real estate leads and is a leading expert in inbound marketing for investors and agents. In addition, his true passion is helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that truly help you live a life of purpose.

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