How Long On Average Does It Take To Set Up A Real Estate Investor Website On InvestorCarrot?

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Looking to get real estate investor websites setup for your business?  Whether you’re a wholesaler, flipper, in multi-family, note buying… we’ve got you covered. See how fast you can setup a website for your real estate investing company with InvestorCarrot… (ya, it’s that fast).

How fast does it take to setup an InvestorCarrot website? Fast. Very fast.

Total Time To Create A Website With InvestorCarrot

As you see in the video above… it takes just seconds to get a website launched with InvestorCarrot.

From there… the choice is yours to decide how much time you want to spend on personalizing the website. We honestly urge our members to not spend too much time trying to personalize for perfection… DON’T reinvent the wheel. We’re constantly improving the system and everything is built into our websites for a reason… whether a specific element is to help your SEO efforts… or to help increase the conversions on the website… our websites are designed based on our years of experience and testing.

Our most successful members don’t spend too much time personalizing their websites.  They… 

  1. Launch a website in their Account Dashboard (takes less than 10 seconds)
  2. Attach a domain name to their websites (takes less than 10 seconds inside of Carrot…. then another 5-10 mins to update the settings from the company you purchased your domain from. We have tutorials on how to do this)
  3. Tweak / personalize the content to fit your needs (1 hour – 5 days):  Really this is the biggest variable.  Take a bit of time to tweak the content to fit your business perfectly… and maybe adjust the colors of the website or upload a logo (takes less than 30 seconds)… but just focus on getting that puppy launched.
  4. Start marketing.

In total… you should be fully up and running with your custom domain name, some basic content tweaks and personalization… in less than a few hours.

From there, if you want to go hog wild and personalize it more… that’s up to you :-)

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