Content Marketing Strategy for Real Estate: Carrot’s Number 1 Method

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Content Marketing Strategy for Real Estate: Carrot's # 1 Method


Video Transcription

When we tell you to look at our data and where our clients come from and where most of your clients come from, Carrot members, it’s from organic search, it’s from people going to Google, typing in phrases and landing on your website, or … That’s how we grow our business, too.

The best way to do that is you got to have content. We’ve got to have content to get in front of people, and ideally, it’s content that you created. It’s unique to you that shows your personality, that shows your expertise, and also that’s localized for your particular market.

Now, the biggest problem that we have that people come to us with that, is they say, “I don’t know what to do content on. It takes too much time, and I don’t want to sit down and write.”

What we started doing about a year and a half ago here at Carrot is these videos right here. We started doing these and other types of videos, and we would go, “Can we do content better, build more credibility and trust, do it faster, and in less time, and create better quality content that attracts our clients by just using video instead of sitting down and writing blog posts?”

We still do both, but what I’m going to show you is exactly behind the scenes of what we’re doing right here in the Carrot Whiteboard videos and how you can do it as a real estate investor, and agent, as well, and how tons of our clients are already doing that and seeing a lot of success where they’re cutting their content marketing time down from an hour per post to literally 10 minutes, and it’s better quality content.

It ranks really well when you do it the way that I’m going show you, and actually builds you as a better expert, too. So, all around you’re a winner there.

Content Marketing Strategy for Real Estate

So, I’m going to walk you through my number one content strategy. It’s creating video and turning it into text and making it really simple for you. Okay, here’s a couple things. So, the first thing people ask about is, “What do I do videos on?” So, you’ve got to come up with some sort of topics, right.

This video right here actually came from a topic that our client sent through. He said, “How do you do a lot of content with very little amount of time? How do you put out content that actually separates us?” Well, it’s this right here.

Content Marketing Strategy for Real Estate: On-the-Job Content

Content Marketing Strategy for Real Estate: on-the-job contentMy favorite kind of content is called “on-the-job content.” It’s when you’re out there as a real estate agent, as a real estate investor, doing whatever you do, you’re out there meeting with the seller, you’re out there meeting with a buyer, you’re talking on the phone.

You’re putting content out every single day.

You just happen to be not recording it, so start recording the things you’re already doing, recording talking to that seller, record if you’re out there on the river at a house, talk about the three things that someone that’s looking to buy a river house should look for, in Roseburg, Oregon, or whatever city you’re in.

If you’re meeting with a seller who is inheriting a house, talk about the six things that a seller who inherited a house in Detroit should look for when they’re looking to sell the house. On-the-job content.

Make sure you whip out your cell phone, you’re on the job, you’re thinking, “Okay, I’m in this situation. What can I record here that’s of value, that answers something for someone that is my prospect?

Content Marketing Strategy for Real Estate: Questions

Content Marketing Strategy for Real Estate: QuestionsThe next thing is questions. So, once again, as you’re going through working with your prospects, whether it’s buyers, or sellers, or tenants, whatever it is, start to catalog the questions they’re asking. Are they asking questions about your process? Are they asking questions about, “How do you come up with your offers about the market?”

Write those common questions down. You need to do a video on every single one of them.

Content Marketing Strategy for Real Estate: Testimonials

Content Marketing Strategy for Real Estate:TestimonialsThe next thing is testimonials. That’s one of my favorite things right there. Actually, have your prospects do the content for you. As much as you can, how can you get your clients to film the videos with you, and for you.

Let me show you a few different things that you should do with the videos. Let’s make it really, really simple for you, okay.

The first thing is these are short videos. These are three minutes to eight minutes long, that’s it. We’re not talking 20-minute videos. We’re not talking highly edited. Three minutes to eight minutes long and that’s it, and here’s a very specific reason why it’s three to eight minutes.

The average person speaks 120-140-160 words a minute, right around there, in normal conversation. With blog posts, we ideally want to make them between 300 and 800 words. The 300 is at the very minimum, 800’s a good blog post. You can go a lot bigger, but we suggest not making your transcripts from this more than 800 words. If you do the three to eight minutes, you’re talking like that’s a 300 to 800 to 900-word post right there.

Next, is when you’re doing your video speak the way that your prospects will likely search or the way that they think.

If you’re at a house from a seller who inherited the house, and you’re there, and you say, “Hey, I’m at a house right now with a client that inherited a house here in Detroit, and if you’re looking to sell your house that you inherited here in Detroit, as well, I’m going to walk you through nine steps that you can do, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

You can see as I walk through that I already said two or three phrases that your sellers are likely typing in the Google. I said something about selling a house I inherited in Detroit, in those exact words. I said some other things.

Make sure when you’re saying this content, beforehand you think through, okay, I need to get my local words in there. I need to get Detroit in there. I need to get Roseburg in there. I need to get whatever my local city is. I need to also get the phrases they are probably going to be typing when they go to Google. What are those questions they’re actually asking? Say those in the video naturally.

Uploading Your Content to YouTube

Then, next, after you film that video upload it to YouTube. Take it right from your cell phone, upload it to YouTube and title the name of that video basically that question that person’s gonna ask.

How to sell my house I inherited in Detroit. That’s the title of the video, then it could be dash nine steps, or whatever it is. Title it something that’s based on what they’re actually searching, so we’re talking three to eight minutes, and it’s going to make a 300 to 800-word video. Speak how they search and put it on YouTube right there.

Creating a Real Estate Blog Post

Content Marketing Strategy for Real Estate: Video PostNow, what we do next, and this is how we really started to add power to it, is we were doing videos for a long time, but the videos would get stuck in YouTube and we wouldn’t actually do a lot of other things with it after that.

So, we started taking the video and plunking them on our blog, and we just put them on our blog, and then we started going, “Well, there’s a lot of words in here and Google can’t read what’s inside of the video, so let’s yank the words out of the video and put it below the video.

Then we said, “Well, let’s just do a few little slight adjustments to the content just to make it look good.” Once we started to do that, and we had our title nailed, and it was a really good title that was based on something that someone was searching, you know, buying river homes in Roseburg, Oregon, seven tips or seven things to look for, or whatever it is.

There’s a slight description, a couple of sentences, what is the video about. Put in some of those keywords in there. There’s the video, and then there’s the transcription. Then, at the bottom, there’s always got to be a call to action.

As soon as we started doing that we started to get rankings for blog posts. We started to get rankings for those. We started to get leads coming in from that, and the cool thing is this whole process here takes less than 10 minutes, versus sitting down and writing an 800-word blog post, is probably a 2-3 hour time period, or several hundred dollars.

So, think up some great pieces of content, three to eight minutes, okay that’s it, put it in a blog post now with a title, a description two to three sentences before the video, put the video in there, and then just get the transcription.

Content Marketing Strategy for Real Estate: Carrot Video Post Transcription

Content Marketing Strategy for Real Estate: Blog PostNow, the best place to go to get a transcription is a tool called, Go there. It’s a dollar a minute. You submit it through there. You’ve got to log into their platform. It takes five, six, seven minutes. You got to log in there, submit it, and then they kick it back to you a few hours later, and then you get that, you then copy and paste it and you put it in your blog so that altogether it’s probably going to be a 30 to 60-minute process.

Or, we rolled out a new feature here at Carrot called Video Posts which automates the whole thing for you.

All you have to do is do your video, come into your video post section in Carrot, and past in your URL of your YouTube video and that’s it, and then you click a button and it sends it off. We’re going to transcribe it, we’re going to yank it back, we’re going to make a blog post for you all in under 10 minutes.

The cool thing about that is we’ve automated it. Go check it out if you’re a current Carrot client. Do a video post-test, see how it works for you, hone it in and start to do one piece of content a week. Okay, that’s less than 10 minutes per week using video posts, or less than an hour per week doing it on your own blog using

Real Estate Content Made Easy

Over the course of a year you’re talking 52 new pages on your website, 52 niche phrases that you can start to get in front of your buyers, you can start to get in front of your sellers, or whatever business you’re doing, and that right there is going to be one of the futures of marketing, getting video out in front of people to build personality, to build trust, to build credibility, and really streamlining the process by which you get written content out.

If you have any other questions visit our other Whiteboard Videos on our YouTube channel. Hit subscribe here on this channel to see all of our other ones, and when they come out. We put out two new videos a week between our Whiteboard Videos and also CarrotCast (Podcast) and some other ones we’re doing, so check it out and grow your business. We’re here for you.

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