Content Marketing for Real Estate Agents | Picking Your Marketing Niche [Agent Whiteboard Series]

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Content Marketing for Real Estate Agents | How to Pick Your Marketing Niche

Video Transcription

Trevor here again, coming at you with another video to help you break down your content marketing strategy as a real estate agent.

Now, one of the best ways that you can really crack through the clutter is to niche down. And we’ve done the same thing here at Carrot as well with our software company.

It’s in universal principle that whenever you’re able to narrow down the focus of who you serve, and you can narrow down your messaging, it’s going to resonate more and more and more with the person you’re looking after. On the flip side of it, the more generic your message, the harder it is to have someone kind of raise their hand and go, yeah, that’s me, I resonate with that.

So we’re going to help you niche down in this video. So, earlier in a separate video, I laid out our entire content marketing framework with this pyramid, so go check out that video. It’s probably linked up somewhere.

This video is specifically on the niche part of it.

Content Marketing for Real Estate Agents: What Are Niches?

So what are niches?

I was talking with a real estate agent the other day, a brand new agent and, not really a brand new one, but she’d done several transactions. I said, “Hey, what are your niches?” And she said, “Well, I don’t really have any,” and then we sort of walked through the process of how to discover a niche.

On the flip side, I talked to another real estate agent, a brand new one, hadn’t done a transaction yet in California in a really competitive market and I said the same thing. I said, “Who is it that you can really serve and who is it that you can niche down in your messaging to really serve?” He said, “Man, I don’t know.” I said, “Well, who would you want to focus on?”

He said, “Anyone who wants to buy a house in x city in Carmel, California.” I said, “That’s amazing, but that’s not a niche. That’s something that every single one of the agents in your market is also going after that.”

So I asked him a couple of questions, and they’re all based around who are the people that you can serve, what locations might they live in, and are there certain situations that you can better help serve people than others.

On the people side of it, in this example with that gentlemen, I said, “Okay, what is it that you like, How old are you, what’s your life look like?” And he said, “I have two kids, in mid-thirties.” And he started to talk about things he really loves to do. He loves cars and all kinds of cool things like that. I said, “Cool.”

So one thing that you could really do a niche down on, is helping families in Carmel, California, find the home of their dreams to fit their family and their lifestyle. So that’s the same thing that you probably would have been doing before you niche down anyway, but now we’re at least niching down some of our messaging.

So write that one down. Helping families in Carmel, California, helping young families in Carmel, California, find the homes to fit their lifestyle. That’s a niche because then every time you’re communicating, or you’re doing a video, you’re doing it from that framework.“Hey, this is Mark here in Carmel. I’m actually at a soccer match with my kids…” whatever it is. So then you’re talking about things that other people in that market might be talking about.


Locations. One of the agents here locally in Roseburg, Oregon, the G-team, the number one or at least top, one of the top Century 21 teams, the whole northwest. They’re amazing in a few things. They are really, really good at river homes of this one particular river called the North Umpqua River here in town.

They’re really good at high-end kind of lifestyle homes, really nice homes that maybe aren’t on the river, but they’ve got a great view and they’re also good to income properties.

So when I was talking through with Ricky, about what their niches would be, he never thought about it before, but he listed those three things off because I’m not really sure if I should put the income property thing down like rental properties because it’s kind of unrelated. I said it’s actually not. It’s actually the same prospect because if I’m looking for a luxury home on the North Umpqua River or a lifestyle home up on a mountain with a great view, I probably have some sort of discretionary income that I want to invest in rental properties.

Therefore I’d want to also work with you to buy those rental properties. So there, he’s serving the same person just in different situations.

Write down the different types of people that you would want to work with and the way that I like to do that is, who is the “most fun to work with?” Which transactions do you make the most money that really helps you reach the goals that you’re looking for?

Scenarios and Situations

Start to write down those scenarios and those situations, and you’ll start to hone in who you want to work with the most.

If you’re a brand new real estate agent, a lot of real estate agents kind of tend to go for a first time home buyer because that first time home buyer’s kind of like you, you’re new and it’s all new to you, but I would also challenge you. I would challenge you to focus on something else.

If you’ve been a nurse and you’re leaving the nursing profession to come over and be a real estate agent. Awesome. That’s a niche right there waiting, waiting for you to grab is, helping medical professionals find amazing homes that them and their families can live and thrive in, in your area.

Then you can start to use that messaging. You start to put up videos and updates to the medical community. You can start to find homes that are perfect for that. You can start to find medical practices that are recruiting medical professionals and talk to them and help show them around.

Find Niches

So find niches, hone your message down, start to record videos of those niches, and then start. Just like we teach here, you’re going to record seven to 10 videos as your base initial content in that niche, showing you as the expert. Those videos will go on Facebook, YouTube, and your website. Then, you’re going to really build that amazing stockpile of content that’s going to resonate with your market.

On a weekly basis or whenever you’re out there, find opportunities to take out your cell phone and record some quick content. Three to five minutes in that niche, in those locations, showing your expertise.

Share the information out there and go deep on your niche.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below or hit us up on Facebook.

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