10 Game-Changing Business Leadership Statistics

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10 Game-Changing Business Leadership Statistics

The way you lead the people you work for has a massive impact on your company’s success.

In many instances, a business’s leadership will determine whether the company stays where it is or moves to the next level of revenue. Sometimes, though, this is unintentional — the leader hasn’t put much thought into how their building their business and so they continue, accidentally creating something that’s toxic, unsustainable, or outright immoral.

In the end, how you build something is just as important as what you built.

Not just because you want to run an ethical business, either, but because you want to run a successful business.

And often, the difference between the two is the way that the leadership operates.

After some research, here are 10 surprising business leadership statistics that might change the way you’re doing business.

Business Leadership Statistics

1. 84% of companies expect a leadership shortfall in the next five years. (Source)

2. 71% of companies do not think their current leaders are capable of driving them into the future. (Source)

3. A mere 19% of businesses claim to be “very effective” at developing leaders. (Source)

4. 63% of millennials don’t believe that they’re skills are being full nurtured by their boss. (Source)

5. 77% of companies have some sort of leadership gap. (Source)

6. 43% of American employees spend at least some time working remotely.

7. From 2016 to 2017, the number of people who quit a job due to lack of flexibility almost doubled — from 17% to 32%. (Source)

8. 82% of telecommuters are less stressed from work (Source)

9. In flexible work environments, millennials are more likely to stick around for over two years. (Source)

10. Two-thirds of managers said that employees who work remotely are more productive. (Source)

Main Takeaways

  1. Be available to your employees — The truth is, most of your employees want to learn, want to be nurtured, and want you to help them get to next level of their career. Naturally, though, spending the time to develop your employees doesn’t just benefit them, it benefits your business. The better your employees are, the bigger your business will grow.
  2. Fill necessary gaps — I know. It’s scary to hire new people to lead different sectors of your business. Not only does it require you to hire incredible people, it requires you to pay those people a fair wage for their skills and trust them to operate a big portion of your business. At first, it’s scary. But if you hire the right people, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this years ago.
  3. Allow for flexible workspace — Humans want to work like they are free people (not slaves). Too many work environments require people to sit at one desk, in one room, looking at one screen. And frankly, it’s dull and unappealing. Mix it up. Offer new spaces and new ways of working to keep your employees interested in the place that they commit 8 hours a day to.
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