Ep 7: From $200 Million In Amish Fireplaces To Flipping Properties w/ Ryan Berry

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“I was in a position of not being able to fail. I had to succeed. I just had to.” Ryan Berry owner of Global Real Estate Solutions

How Do You Make Your Marketing Stand Out In A Crowded Marketplace? Listen Below…

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How many times have you heard someone say they are tired of working the same job? I bet it’s a lot. But…how many of those actually push themselves to a different life?

That’s what this week’s CarrotCast guest, Ryan Berry, did.

He was a successful CPA turned marketer, generating millions of dollars in revenue selling Amish fireplaces. Sounds fantastic! But…it wasn’t making him happy.

So, 3 years ago he decided to control his own destiny. He gave two weeks notice and dove into real estate investing and flipping properties head first.

Right now Ryan’s real estate investing business is…on fire!

Find out why Ryan has been so successful and how he uses his past marketing knowledge in the real estate industry.

Enjoy :-)

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We had a chance to sit down with Ryan and have a CarrotCast conversation about…

  • Leaving a very good, high paying career and building his real estate company.
  • Shifting his marketing mindset from Amish fireplaces to real estate wholesaling.
  • Following your passions and driving towards dreams.
  • What other real estate marketing options he uses besides yellow letters.

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From $200 Million In Amish Fireplaces To Flipping Properties w/ Ryan Berry
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Start – Leaving a very successful career and taking the leap to a happier more fulfilling life.
11:12 – What his overall strategy is, mistakes he has made, and getting off the active income path and moving into more of a passive income.
15:47 – Taking the same marketing mindset he used while generating millions of dollars in revenue from Amish fireplaces and shifting it into real estate.
24:15 – The marketing mix that is working for Ryan right now. He has 37 leads under contract!
35:46 – How Ryan ties his Carrot website into his plan to dominate his local market.
40:52 – Building credibility and having another way for his leads to respond.
42:56 – Getting out of your own way. Everyone deserves to have the life of your dreams. Just go for it.

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6 Responses to “Ep 7: From $200 Million In Amish Fireplaces To Flipping Properties w/ Ryan Berry”

  1. ccweir

    What’s the benefit of negotiating a short sale on behalf of a seller if you don’t have the funds to purchase the property (other than the satisfaction of being able to help someone out of a bad situation, of course)?

    • rkberry7

      You can use private lender funds to purchase the property. Also, on properties that don’t fit our criteria we negotiate the short sale and make $3,000 to $5,000 as a buyers premium. The buyers get a great deal, the homeowner avoids foreclosure, the Realtors get paid commissions and we make money too. Win, Win, Win, Win.

      • ccweir

        So you negotiate with the lender on behalf of the seller, but how are you able to sneak a buyer’s premium in there?

        • rkberry7

          Nothing sneaky…it is disclosed to everyone, just super creative :) We have the seller sign a short sale rep agreement with us and they agree to not accept any offer from a buyer who doesn’t agree to pay the premium. The agent states this in the MLS listing. Buyers are happy to pay it since they are getting the property at a reduced price. Buyer’s premium is disclosed to bank on HUD-1 (cash transactions) or Closing Disclosure (financed transactions) and bank doesn’t have a problem with buyers premium either.

  2. dochwb dochwb

    love the content and story line…this is the stuff that is all inspiring especially for newbies!


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