EP 310: 60 Leads Per Month. All from SEO & Carrot w/ Andy Kolodgie

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SEO is the type of marketing that gets cheaper over time.

– Andy Kolodgie

60 Leads Per Month. All from SEO & Carrot w/ Andy Kolodgie

From a full-time software engineer for the Navy to a full-time real estate investor, Andy Kolodgie has found his place as a “real estate marketer.” In just over a year, he’s figured out how to use SEO to generate 60 motivated seller leads per month, while providing a simple and hassle-free selling experience. Today, you’re going to get a glimpse into how he does it, so you can do it too.

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Hitting the Ground Running

Andy started his business right around the beginning of COVID. He was looking for time and location freedom and knew that one of the best ways to do this is with real estate. Cold calling and direct mail just wasn’t Andy’s style. With his background in engineering for the US Navy, he wanted to utilize his skill set, honing in on the data and how we could make it work for his business. Since starting his business, Andy has been able to generate 60+ leads per month, all from honing in on his SEO.

Landing Pages

Andy has taken a slightly different approach to his landing pages than many of our other clients. As he is searching for motivated seller leads, he has chosen not to niche down, and instead focus on landing pages that target his state. This helps to capture all of the leads who are just on the outskirts of town or who may not be searching with the city name. A great strategy is to create a robust landing page for your state, that includes information on the cities in which you are buying.

Content Quality vs Quantity

Many people believe that they have to be writing blogs every day to improve SEO, but this simply isn’t the case. Andy has found that an abundance of informational content wasn’t attracting the sellers he was looking for. By reducing his posting frequency and focusing on the content that was of the most value to people, Andy was able to trim the fat and score more leads.

Avoiding Bad Backlinks

Backlinks can have a positive effect on your SEO, but should always be done in the right way. Many people will try to take the easy way out, buying links that may not be valid or beneficial. Google sees this and will in turn lower your credibility and ranking. You could be flagged and all of the work you put in could be lost. Instead, utilize methods like HARO backlinks to generate legitimate, trustworthy domain authority that will build your credibility. If you’re a Carrot member, you can also check out our backlink-building service in the marketplace.

Creating a “Content Pillar”

Let’s say many of your leads come from probate situations. We recommend creating a piece of pillar content around this that is several thousand words. Under this article, you can have shorter posts that a related to your topic. We recommend having 4-5 content pillars for your business. 

Andy is helping other investors take advantage of the data in their markets! Reach out to him at thehouseguys@thehouseguysdc.com or at 202-570-4651 to find out what he can do for your business!

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  1. The guy is/was in my Facebook group. Kept asking me for help. Then ripped of my website. Flat out copied the design and content. Now he goes on the carrot podcast taking credit for MY SEO strategies. Nice!!

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