Why Online Real Estate Marketing Can Boost Your Offline ROI

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Are you doing some offline real estate marketing as well as online real estate marketing? We’re talking direct mail, bandit signs, radio, TV, etc. If you are, you need to watch this video because this video’s going to walk you through how to increase the return on investment that you get with your offline marketing, leveraging online marketing.

Why Online Real Estate Marketing Can Boost Your Offline ROI

Why Online Real Estate Marketing Can Boost Your Offline ROI

Now with this topic, one of the biggest things that we always look for to help our high-achieving investors is how do you squeeze more return on investment out of your marketing?

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A lot of people come to us just for online real estate marketing help. The problem is they kind of think of that in a capsule or silo. They’re not thinking about, “How does my offline marketing work with my real estate marketing online?

If you do them correctly, they actually work together really well to help you make more money.

New Consumer Path to Opt-in or Purchase

On one side of the equation, you’ve got your offline marketing. Direct mail, bandit signs, TV, radio, referrals, etc. Maybe you’re only doing one of these. Maybe you’re doing none of them.

If you’re investing money there, then you’re putting marketing messages in front of your prospects. Now in today’s day and age what happens is, according to lots of studies and this one, in particular, 85% of people when they have to make a big financial decision, they search online before they actually make that decision.

Picture yourself at Home Depot, or you’re going to buy a car. Almost none of us make decisions like that without whipping out our phone or our computer and searching online to find reviews or ratings, or finding other options and alternatives.

House sellers, house buyers, investment property buyers, everyone does the same thing.

What do we do to make sure that when we introduce those people to our brand through our offline marketing, that we’re then capturing them when they go online?

You can’t do it with a website that doesn’t perform well. If someone’s going to go online, they’re going to research your company after they received your postcard, as an example. They’re going to go online and they’re going to look at your website.

  • Is your website building credibility?
  • Is your website building a relationship with that prospect?
  • Can they feel that you’re a real person, you’re a real company, you’re not a nameless face that’s a corporation?

We need to make sure your website is covering these issues.

new customer buying cycle

Image Source: McKinsey&Company

Tailor Your Real Estate Brand Message

Also, are you building a recognizable brand? Can searchers say, “This is a company name that I can lock into my mind.” Or, “I can lock that person’s face that’s on that website into my mind.”

It’s memorable.

Or, is there a testimonial on your website that really resonated with them. We need to make sure the story we’re telling them online is helping to support and further the sale of your offline marketing.

Why Real Estate Marketing Online Can Boost Your Offline ROI - Branding

Optimize Your Real Estate SEO for Certain Keyword Phrases

One other really important thing that you guys should be doing with your online marketing to help your offline marketing better, is even if you’re not using your website on your direct mail pieces or your TV advertisements, people are Googling your company name.

They’re Googling the phone number that’s on there. They’re Googling anything that they can find that’s identifiable on that direct mail piece or offline marketing to then go research your company.

Often times they’ll put the word ‘reviews’ at the end of it, such as ABC Properties reviews.

Make sure your website’s ranked really, really well for that search phrase, and there are some tools inside of InvestorCarrot that can help you do that.

Once someone gets there, are they actually going to convert into a lead? You need to make sure you have a high performing website.

Check out one of our other Whiteboard videos on our YouTube channel that walk you through the ideal set-up of a high performing home page.

Implement Retargeting

Once someone gets there, you need to make sure you’re then retargeting them. Go to Facebook and go to Google, wherever you want to do your retargeting and get the Facebook pixel. It’s one little piece of code and it’s free to get in the Facebook ads manager.

Put that on your website. With Carrot, it takes about 10 seconds. Just go in our Help section or hit up our support and they’ll help you.

Then, from then on, anyone who visits your website is going to be basically tracked by Facebook. These are people who have visited your website. A list will begin to be built within Facebook and now you can re-market to those people to get them to come back.

Online Real Estate Marketing  - Retargeting

What we find is often times a person is not ready to actually engage with you in that first visit. Over half of all of your visitors won’t be ready to engage with you in the first visit, so that means we need to get them back and that’s where your retargeting comes in big time.

Online Real Estate Marketing Plus Offline ROI Conclusion

We have blog posts, we have videos, we have a Facebook course (if you’re a Carrot member) to teach you how to do this in detail.

Hopefully, this whiteboard lays out the strategy that if you have a well-optimized website, it ranks well for your phone number and your company name, and your company name with the word ‘reviews’ after it, you’re building relationship and credibility. And, you’re using retargeting, that’s going to help you get a better return on investment with your offline real estate marketing.

I’m going to leave you with this one question:

How many deals are you leaving on the table because you have a self-optimized online presence with all the money you’re investing in your offline marketing?

If it’s even one deal a year that you’re possibly losing that revenue and leaving it on the table, you need to get a better optimized online presence, you need to get your Facebook retargeting going.

Just check out our services and our plans and check out other content on our Carrot blog.

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