Does Google Hate Me? Why Is My Website Not Ranking in Google Yet?

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You might have launched your website, and you looked the next day, the next week, maybe even a little bit after that, and you’re like, “You know what? My website’s not anywhere on Google. It’s not ranking anywhere.” We tend to get that question a decent amount.

We get that question probably a time or two a week where a newer member launches their website and says, “Hey, why is my website not ranking on Google?” Our first question is, when did you launch your website? Is it something that’s a brand new website you just launched in the last month, or is it something that you launched a year ago?

SEO for Real Estate | Why Can’t You Find Your Website in the Google Ranking Yet?

Now, if you just launched your website within the last week or two or even the last month, part of the issue is that it’s so darn new. Depending on how competitive your market is, just like we mentioned in the previous training, depending on how competitive the market is, it can take longer to get up there in the rankings.

If you’re in a competitive market and you just launched the website, odds are you’re probably not going to be anywhere in the first three pages within that first month potentially if it’s a very competitive keyword phrase. Now, if it’s a less competitive keyword phrase, something that’s a long-tail keyword phrase like we mentioned before, of four or more words in the search, then you can definitely rank a lot more quickly.

We’ve literally seen websites launched and on page one within eight to 10 days of launching it. Being very intentional and going after keywords that weren’t very competitive in a smaller city.

Why Is My Website Not Ranking in Google Yet? What You Need to Do

If your website is not showing up on Google yet, what do you do? Here is a little bit of homework.

Number one, see if it’s just that your website’s not in anywhere, or if it’s going after a competitive keyword phrase you need to do some more work on. The first thing I would do. If you’ve launched your website within the last two to three weeks, don’t worry about it. It takes a little bit of time sometimes for Google to recognize your website.

If you haven’t done this yet, what you should do is go to Google and search your company name and then your city. What should come up if Google has indexed, is your website.

If you type in Quick Sell Buyers El Paso, you can see here their Carrot websites are popping up, and the reason it’s popping up is that it’s their exact company name, Quick Sell Buyers, then I put in their city in there. You want to make sure that the exact city that you’re in is in there. We can try to really narrow it down to see if Google has our website anywhere in their index file.

Why Is My Website Not Ranking in Google: quick sell buyers el paso

That’s all we’re trying to do here, is we’re trying to make it locate. Is our website in the index at all of Google. All that we mean by in the index is has Google looked at it and had Google saved it and said, “Okay, we found this website.”

If it’s not, what you need to do is go and open up your Google Business account. What I would do is hop in there and I would write a quick post saying, “Hey, guys and gals, check out my new website.” Then, I would put your website in there, with its full URL. Whatever your site is dot com. Then share it. Make sure it’s public.

Now, the reason we’re doing this is that, if your website has not been picked up by Google and you just recently launched it, we want to make sure Google recognizes it and this website is online.

We already built some things into InvestorCarrot that goes out there automatically and pings Google and pings some other things that will let them know when new content is created, but we can help it along.

We can help the process along oftentimes just by going to the social media places like Google Plus and posting our link to our website or our new blog post and getting Google to recognize that this page or this website or even this blog post is new and that they should go check it out.

Don’t Panic If Your Website Isn’t Showing Up Yet

Don’t fret if you’re asking yourself “why is my website not ranking in Google” or you’ve set up your website within the last few weeks and it’s not anywhere that you can find. Do the first thing and go to Google and type up the exact name of your company that you put on the website and then the city and/or state that you invest in. If your website pops up, awesome. Google has crawled and indexed it.

If it has not popped up yet, I would go to Google Plus or some other websites out there and post the link to that new website so Google recognizes that it’s there, and they can get it in their index.

Next, number two is to be patient. If your a Carrot member, go through the rest of our 3LeadPerDay modules and start to implement things. Go through and tweak your content. Go through the build some backlinks according to the way that we teach, and get those rankings to come up over time.

Do not fret if you just launched your website and it’s not showing up in the search rankings anytime soon. That’s a part of the process.

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