[Announcement] Showcase Your Unique Business Offer With Google My Business Posts

Google My Business Posts

Google My Business’ new update is changing the business results we see in Google.

We’re all used to these undescriptive results that offer little more than a star-rating, location, and a business name.

google maps

But Google’s new feature allows small businesses to create “posts,” which are a combination of a picture, a title, a description, and a CTA that have a chance of showing up in Google results and Google Maps.

This is an example of what the new feature looks like as a result.

google my business on mobile

When you search for a local business, it’s likely that a result showing a rating, hours of operation, directions, and a phone number is at the forefront. This is because in January of 2016, Google released a similar feature under the title, “candidate cards” and then slowly started allowing small businesses to use the feature.

But now, it’s available to everyone, it’s called “Posts” in Google My Business, and it’s completely free for small businesses.

But What Are Google My Business Posts?

It’s basically a simple way to showcase your business more than previous installations of Google My Business (especially because so few people are currently using it). You can input your business name, your hours of operation, and — here’s the unique part — any sort of deals, upcoming events, newly-released products, or sign-up CTA’s.

In Google’s words,

“When customers find your business on Google, they can see offers, news, and events from your business posts that show on Google Search and Maps. You can use posts to tell customers about:

  • Events such as a jazz brunch or an in-store session
  • Offers/specials such as sales and discounts
  • Product updates such as new merchandise
  • Announcements such as ‘Open late this Saturday’ or ‘Special guests this week!’”

Once you’ve filled out the information appropriately, your post will have a chance to rank in Google search and Google Maps. Here’s what the new “posts” feature looks like on desktop…

google my business post on search page

And on mobile…

google my business posts on mobile

It’s easy to use, free to benefit from, and might just give you the edge you need against the market’s competition.

But how do you use it?

It’s wildly simple.

Here’s How To Use It

You probably have already created a business account with Google. But in case you haven’t, simply go to Google My Business and get started, filling out the appropriate information.

google my business post creation

Once you have an account set up, login into Google My Business.

Click on “Posts” on the left side of your screen.
posts for google my business

And then create your post.

create a google my business post

As a real estate investor, you can use Google My Business “Posts” section to target the “sell my house fast in [location]” keywords. Once you do, your result has a chance of appearing in Google or Google Maps.

Four Pieces Of Advice:

1. Include an image

The more visual your post, the more likely it is to perform well. It’s no secret that humans are naturally visual creatures. Google allows you to include a high-resolution image marketing your business. Don’t miss the opportunity.

2. Find Your Lead Magnet

Where will you send people? Do you want them to go straight from searching to selling their house with you? Do you want them to schedule a phone call, get a free consultation, or sign up for your email list?

Choose a single attractive selling point and discuss only that in your post.

3. Mind The Details

You only have 58 characters for the title so you need to keep it relatively short. Similarly, you have 1,500 characters to include in the details of your post but Google suggests only using between 150 and 300 of those characters for your description section.

4. Use A Clear Call-To-Action

After you’ve determined what your lead magnet is, choose a fitting call to action. Something like “Sign Up,” “Call Now,” or “Learn More.”

A Few Words Of Caution

Note what Google has to say in regards to “What Not To Do.”

1. “Don’t use commercial slang:

‘BOGO: 50% off men’s sneakers.’

2. Don’t use excessive exclamation marks or all caps:

‘Crazy SALE today!!!’

3. Don’t include more than one theme or offer in one communication:

‘Half price coffee and tea from 3-6 PM on Fridays, and buy 6, get one free donut on weekdays.’

4. Don’t craft a deal with too many exclusions:

‘10% off new seasonal sandwiches. Not valid on lunch specials.’”

Is Google My Business’ “Posts” Worth Your Time?

Absolutely. It takes very little time to set up your post, and the return potential is high. I recommend doing this as soon as possible because the longer that this tool is around, the more people who will start using it.

You have a short window of opportunity where you can use Google My Business to rise above the competition.

Best of luck and let us know how it goes!

Mike Blankenship

Michael is a freelance copywriter who helps startups build bigger, more sustainable businesses. He’s been mentioned on Forbes and Entrepreneur for his expertise as a writer, and he's written articles for SUCCESS, SmartBlogger, GetResponse, AdWeek, Jeff Bullas, and a whole slew of other publications. You can learn more about him at mikeblankenship.org or connect with him on Facebook.

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  1. Thank you for this! It’s helpful when you guys let us know about this stuff. It’s hard to keep track of everything on our own.

  2. It seems only those that have a google business verified physical address can use this feature, which you didn’t say!

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