Using SEO To Close 3-5 Deals Per Month (How Jack is doing it)

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2016.04.2-jackm--mainSo you’ve heard people say you can’t generate consistent deals with SEO? Tell that to Jack of Jack Buys Houses in Orlando, FL… he closes 3-5 deals a month in Florida almost exclusively through his search engine optimization efforts. See how…

Are those results typical? They’re not… but Jack worked his butt off and continually hounded us on our weekly coaching calls (we say that lovingly because we love it when customers do that!) for months with questions and advice that helped him crack his Carrot website from page 2, to page 1… to the top spot in his market.

We had a chance to sit down with Jack recently and have a conversation with him about… 

  • How he got started in real estate investing
  • How he closed his first deals and why he dove into wholesaling in his market when others were heading the other direction
  • What makes his online marketing strategy so effective for him in his market

Hear Jack’s Story + Learn How He Incrementally Grew His Google Rankings To Turn 3-5 Deals A Month

This case study is a full-length deep dive into Jack’s story and how he’s built a very successful wholesaling and investing company over the past 2-5 years and his exact strategies on how he cuts through the clutter online in a sea of other competitors trying to find active cash buyers in his market too. Click play and dive in! 

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Things Jack Covers… 

  • Start – 4 mins talks about how he went from a Target executive to doing short sales and now 4-5 wholesale deals a month

  • 3:40 – What he learned from Warren Buffet that helped him leave his day job in 2009

  • 8:25 – Why he dove into short sales first + his business strategy that helped him crush it (personally did over 350 short sales)

  • 12:20 – How he took the leap into rehabbing and wholesaling in 2012 and why most wholesalers are doing it wrong

  • 12:45 – Currently do approx 5 wholesale deals a month (over 100 deals so far!)

  • 17:15 – What 1 DEAD SIMPLE thing gives him an edge on deals (that most wholesalers drop the ball at)

  • 21:00 – Started marketing w/ direct mail first, didn’t get solid results then decided to get a website up. Found Carrot and “Just did what you guys said to do and the rest is history. I haven’t done direct mail in a year. Every one of my leads come from Carrot”.

    “I found you guys, and I’ll be honest w/ you. All I did was this Trevor. I just did what you guys said to do. Because everything is pretty much done. You just pull it out of the box. A few things you have to do on the backend. I just did what you told me to do. And the rest was history. I’ll be honest w/ you… I haven’t done direct mail on over a year. All of my leads come from Carrot. I don’t do bandit signs, I don’t do direct mail, I don’t do postcards, I just do Carrot (closes 4-5 deals a month)”

  • 24:10 – How he generates his leads online (and more importantly, what he doesn’t do and why)

  • 28:30 – Trevor walks Jack through a couple ways to ramp up his leads even further in his market in a big way (“PPC Stacking”, City Specific Landing Pages, and swiping more Google real estate, and retargeting)

  • 35:20 – Jacks biggest surprise working w/ Carrot was the results. He assumed he’d get a certain amount of leads but he didn’t think he could build his business and do the deals they’ve done just through Carrot.

    “My biggest surprise is that I didn’t think that I could build my business and do the deals we’ve done just through carrot and not do anything else. But that’s been the biggest surprise. The amount of results our sites get. Our selling site gets hundreds of visitors a month and we sell a lot properties” – Jack

    37:15 – His “Big Why”… why he does what he does

  • 40:00 – What 2 powerful pieces of advice Jack would to give someone just getting into real estate

    42:40 – Our average wholesale profit right now is $13,700 per deal and we do 4-5 deals per month.

    43:15 – Jacks advice to wholesalers about using InvestorCarrot for your own business.

    43:36 – “The decision to use investor carrot is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made to be honest with you.. and I’m not just saying this because you’re a good guy. it’s the truth. it’s the best thing that I’ve done. you have to use carrot. there’s nothing else like it.”

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Let’s Congratulate Jack For His Successes Below!

We call them “doses of awesomeness” in our company whenever someone does awesome things and reports back to us. So let’s throw Jack some awesomeness below to congratulate him on his successes! Pop a comment below in the comments section on your SEO questions (or what your goal is) and some encouragement for Jack on his goals!

Trevor Mauch

Trevor is the CEO of Carrot and knows a thing or two about inbound marketing and generating leads online in the real estate industry. As an investor himself, he's generated tens of thousands of real estate leads and is a leading expert in inbound marketing for investors and agents. In addition, his true passion is helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that truly help you live a life of purpose.

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5 responses to “Using SEO To Close 3-5 Deals Per Month (How Jack is doing it)

  1. EXCELLENT interview, Trevor and Jack!

    Also a fellow Carrot member. Wanted to asked what most highly recommended books both of you might recommend to learn how to efficiently and effectively: Wholesale, Short Sale, Lease Option, Owner Financing?

    Want to make sure I’m doing what’s necessary to maximize each lead’s potential.

    I give thanks in advance for any and all advice.

    1. Hey Kemo! Awesome, glad you liked it!

      As far as books… I know anything from Tom Krol at and Sean Terry at are always great. We have lots of customers who are using their processes / training and crushing it. There are others who are amazing as well (anything from Rob Swanson). As far as books I honestly can’t give you any there. Joe McCall is amazing on all of it as well. Hope that helps!

  2. Great training! I know Jack! I saw him on Pacific Rim! Gret speech! All kidding aside, this was very motivating. I just google plus’d his page.

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