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It’s hard to describe someone who has made such a massive impact, but I’ll do my best.

Adrian Nez, an amazing father (one of the best), a loving husband, a loyal friend, and a person who cared more for others more than anyone I’ve ever known passed away on Thursday, September 30th, leaving behind 3 amazing kids and his wife.

A short story of how Adrian joined the Carrot family…

Back in 2013 before Carrot was Carrot, there was this guy who showed up religiously to coaching calls. He knew absolutely nothing about online marketing. But he would show up, learn, implement, and ask for more.

He was more than a great client, but someone I quickly developed a deep friendship with.

By 2015 I couldn’t handle our sales calls volume anymore, so I asked Adrian to take 10 calls a week. He was all over it, sharing his success story with other investors.

Before I knew it, he’d become an expert in online marketing and SEO. He took what he learned from us and expanded it, helping us create the infamous 3-Lead-Per-Day training.

Adrian was consistently closing 1-4 deals a month 100% from Carrot on only 10 hours a week.

He’d achieved freedom and was beginning to live life on his terms.

But Adrian had a servant’s heart and wanted more impact.

Eventually, he decided to join the team as our full-time “real estate investor in residence” where he served as the heartbeat of Carrot.

Since then he’s helped countless members not only find more freedom & impact, but inspired them to live lives of purpose, gratitude, and humble servanthood.

Even though we’ve lost one of the best humans that has graced this earth, his legacy, his name, and his impact will live far into the future.

Comments from the Carrot Team, circa 2018

How do you measure the impact?

To the Carrot Team, Adrian was …

The ultimate “Beacon of positivity & possibility”

To the industry, he was a go-giver, constantly sharing knowledge & compassion with other investors.

To his family, Adrian was a husband that fought for his marriage & an intentional father who poured into his kids. (see what I mean below)

To God, he was a man after God’s own heart, never ashamed of his faith, but always being a light to others.

The ripple effects of his impact have touched so many people — hundreds of thousands over the past 6 years.

I can think of a few ways his impact has rubbed off on us. In the form of…

… the little bits of “Adrian Wisdom” he’d drop on us all of the time.

… or how he’d quietly help others all of the time in their time of need while never asking for anything in return. It INSPIRED many of us to be better humans.

… or the way he’d bring a light-hearted take to serious situations and bring us back to earth when we were losing sight of what’s most important.

… or the way he led and loved his kids by example in ways that made some of us re-look at how we show up as parents. Because of Adrian, many of us raised our own standards on being fully involved with our families. That’s a true SUPERHERO.

… how proud he always was of his Native American heritage and the way he made sure his kids knew their history and were raised to be strong, thoughtful, and proud. It was so cool how he stepped into that and named his companies in honor of his heritage as well – Chief Real Estate and Chief Marketing.

… how he was all in for his religion and all in for using his platform both at Carrot and the influence in the real estate industry he’d grown to truly make an impact and help people gain true freedom and impact with their businesses. We were all proud to call him a friend, mentor, and partner on his journey.

… how he’d carry around cash all the time and find moments to bless random people with money. Buying the groceries at the checkout stand for a busy mother in need. Buying and donating thousands of dollars in toys for children in need during Christmas. Giving HUGE tips to a waitress with a note (this was a common occurrence, Adrian routinely gave 100% tips) thanking them for what they’re doing for the community… the list goes on.

… how he wasn’t afraid to learn new things, even when he was nervous or lacked confidence in being able to do it.

… how he ALWAYS loved to have fun. When it was serious, he’d crack a joke. When people wanted to have fun at CarrotCamps, he’d organize nights out with the crew and entertain into the wee hours of the night.

… how he’d take calls from Carrot customers after hours to help them to succeed because he knew when they grasped it the way he did in the beginning, it could change their lives. He truly bled “Carrot orange” and made us all better.

… how Adrian cared for those directly around him and showed up as the best possible example and mentor his kids could have. Seeing his boys grab hold of entrepreneurship and start their own business was inspiring. He LOVED seeing how passionate he spoke of all 3 kids with wither Jui Jitsu and how much his little girl whooped up on the boys. This spoke volumes of how much he loved them. The text below is from one of Adrian’s recent Facebook posts…

Taking a glimpse at his Facebook posts from this year will show the kind of man he was and the amazing example he is for all of us.

It’s cliche, but it couldn’t be more true. Most of us say we hope that with our time on Earth we “leave the Earth better off than the way we found it”.

Adrian… did that in a BIG way.

In closing…

There was a time a few years back, Adrian and I were on a call and Adrian had told me what was on his heart.

He said…

“Man, I was nervous, but I had $500 in my pocket and I just felt like giving it away to someone in need. I didn’t know who or how… but I knew I needed to bless someone since I’ve been so blessed over the years. So I came across this older lady at the grocery store who looked like she could use some help… so I bought her groceries. She cried and said ‘it couldn’t have come at a better time’. That one moment change my life. I feel it’s my duty to bless others and put a smile on their face. To let them know they’re cared for.”

I could tell at the moment a few years ago that a switch had flipped in his mind. And from then on, a huge part of his purpose was serving others with what he had.

We love you, Adrian. You’ll be missed and never forgotten… (see my call to action at the bottom of this post as to how you can help carry on Adrian’s legacy)

“The greatest legacy anyone can leave behind is to positively impact the lives of others. Yes, whenever you add value to other people’s lives, you are unknowingly leaving footprints on the sands of time that live on, even after you are gone.”

– Emeasoba George

Carrying on Adrian’s Legacy: My Call to Action for You

1) The GoFundMe

Adrian was the sole income provider for his family. We’re working with his wife to see how we can help carry on his real estate business, marketing clients, and ease the transition.

In the meantime, we set up a GoFundMe. 100% of everything goes directly to his family. The original goal was arbitrary. Words can’t express how grateful we’ve been to those who have supported his family so far. If Adrian’s life has impacted you in any way and you feel compelled to help his family, you can donate to the GoFundMe anonymously or publicly.

2) The #FlagYourFlip Movement

Adrian was passionate about beautifying old homes, involving his kids in the business, but he was also a patriot. He & his kids started a tradition. To help carry on his legacy, I’m inviting you to #flagourflip and turn his tradition into a movement. (watch the video below).

3) The Legacy Continued…

Adrian was a vulnerable guy who wasn’t afraid to share everything he knew with others (often in the form of content). I’m linking up a couple of places below of Adrian’s best content from over the years as well as a podcast I recorded this week around his passing. If you knew Adrian then hopefully bringing some of his content out of the archives can help bring some healing for you.

Give the most recent episode below a listen and do what Adrian would do – go be a light to others.

EP 108: Why Marriage Shouldn’t Be Run Like a Business & More…

Why Marriage Shouldn’t Be Run Like a Business and Many More Vulnerable Discussions

Ep 12: Building A Business Of Freedom, Purpose & Profits

Building A Business Of Freedom, Purpose, & Profits w/ Trevor Mauch and Adrian Nez

Ep 29: 8 Ways To Kill Your Goals (And How To Avoid Them)

8 Ways To Kill Your Goals (And How To Avoid Them) w/ Trevor Mauch and Adrian Nez

Adrian’s “Rookie Investor Mistakes” Podcast Series

Adrian had a heart for helping the newbies. Here’s something to remind us of the incredible teacher he was.

Until we meet again, friend.

Trevor Mauch

Trevor is the CEO of Carrot and knows a thing or two about inbound marketing and generating leads online in the real estate industry. As an investor himself, he's generated tens of thousands of real estate leads and is a leading expert in inbound marketing for investors and agents. In addition, his true passion is helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that truly help you live a life of purpose.

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5 responses to “Remembering Adrian Nez

  1. Trevor, we’re so sorry for your loss. I and everyone here at want to express our condolences to Adrian’s family and your team. And thank you for telling us his story. — Dev

  2. I am just devastated to hear this news. Adrian and I worked together for years on my Carrot sites and he helped me so much. His team was awesome but I knew it was such a reflection of who he is and how he taught them to treat people. I stopped my sites about a year ago and lost track and then moved from Myrtle Beach to NC so I has a lot going on that kept me out of touch. This shocked me today. Makes me want to reassess staying in touch better with everyone. Adrian YOU will be so missed and are loved by so many! Katherine Conner

  3. I met Adrian many years ago when he was starting out with real estate, was so enthused about real estate, digital marketing and his real estate journey and ongoing education.

    He had a wonderful way of asking inquisitive questions but more importantly also of freely giving to others the knowledge he had gleaned over the years in the spirit of helping them along their own journeys. This willingness to share I admired about him.

    My sincere condolences to his family and loved ones; he will be missed

    RIP Adrian my Friend
    Michael Morrongiello

  4. Oh man this sucks ! When Amanda emailed us the news – my wife Angela and I are so saddened.
    Adrian really seemed to be coming into his own this past year or so. Setting his own terms for life his business and family and it’s just so devastating to hear this.
    A huge loss for the Carrot team.
    And a huge loss for PHIG because he’s been doing my SEO on and off for the past 7 yrs or so and his work certainly was and will continue to be a huge driver for our business here in Maryland. I will miss him stopping by my office when he travels through Maryland. And those deep Conversations that we had that were not about business what about life family in Christ. 🙏🙏

    Chief – you will be missed but not forgotten. ❤️❤️

    I continue to pray for Amanda and the kids. God bless them and help them get through this very tough and challenging time. He seem to have such a huge influence on them.

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