10 Must Bookmark Real Estate PPC Marketing Resources We Use (And You Should Too)

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Have you heard of other real estate investors having amazing success with pay per click advertising?

Of course, you have. Now might be the best time to educate yourself on PPC and find out how it can help your real estate business.

We’ve compiled a list of the top PPC marketing resources we use so that you don’t have to go digging around trying to find where the best information on PPC is.

Pay per click is still a growing advertising platform to using when trying to get more website traffic, get more buyer and seller leads and close deals.

But… PPC advertising for real estate has gotten more complex over the last few year.

When learning about Google Ads, FB, and other pay-per-click services, having an idea of what motivated sellers and buyers are searching for when they are looking to sell their house fast is very important. You need to do some research and educate yourself. Use these resources and tools to become a real estate PPC expert!

So what tools do we use when we’re diving into our PPC marketing or the PPC marketing with our clients to help them crush it.

The Top 10 PPC Marketing Resources And Tools We Use

Google Ads

Google Ads is the reigning champion of PPC. The Google Ads tool and the advertising network are second to none. Whenever we’re launching a PPC marketing campaign, we start with Google Ads, then expand as we see results.

So, there is no better place to start your PPC education than with Google. These resources provided by Google are a mix of beginner and expert tips and tools. Before you begin your own AdWords campaign, start here and get educated.

Resources that Google makes available to learn about PPC:

Microsoft Advertising

The number 2 search engine to generate motivated seller leads consistently is Microsoft. Although they’ve made huge competitive strides, it’s nowhere near Google. But, Microsoft is still an important and useful platform for showing real estate ads. It’s demographic tends to be slightly different than that of Google and is a less expensive cost-per-click alternative.

Like Google, Microsoft Advertising offers its library of resources on how to use its PPC tools:


wordstream university

[Image Source] Wordstream’s PPC University

Who’s not looking to cut down their PPC learning time and, in return, reduce your management costs and get better results? Wordstream can be used as that go-to PPC source. As both a PPC tool and consulting agency, Wordstream has grown to become one of the most comprehensive resources for PPC knowledge, offering up full online training (for free) via their PPC University section. Also, check out their Grader tool. Submit your PPC account to see how it ranks and get weekly reports.

We love Wordstream and recommend you check out the following:

SEMRush – Traffic And Competitor Analysis

semrush overview

[Image Source] SEMrush

Want to see what your biggest competitors are doing with their PPC marketing campaigns in their market?

Well, tools like SEMrush can help you do just that.

SEMrush is a keyword research tool with a database of over 35 million keywords and keyword phrases used to drive website traffic. The data is taken directly from Google’s organic search results as well as Google Ads. It is one of the best keyword research tools available. Best of all, you can use it as a spy tool. It currently offers a free (limited) version and a full, paid, version.

Why we like SEMrush:

  • See your competitor’s SEO organic and PPC positions
  • Domain-specific keyword ranking
  • Study your competitor’s ad’s text
  • Find good long tail keywords
  • Comparison of domains by keywords
  • Compare various SEO and PPC metrics
  • See competitor backlinks
  • Detailed look at PPC ad campaign data

Jon Loomer Digital – Facebook Marketing

jon loomer 20 percent rule

[Image Source] Jon Loomer

Looking to do your own Facebook advertising and want to do it at a high level?

For us, the go-to source for Facebook advertising is Jon Loomer’s Advanced Facebook Marketing. Jon’s educational content includes free workshops, podcasts, blog posts, and eBooks. All of these content sources cover the Facebook ad optimization and the latest Facebook ad news. Check out his:

PPC Hero

PPC Hero PPC resources

[Image Source] PPC Hero

One of our Core Values at Carrot is “Constant & Never Ending Incremental Improvement” and PPC Hero is one amazing resource to improve our own PPC marketing game.

PPC Hero is described as ”PPC insights from the experts at Hanapin Marketing”. They provide in-depth how-to’s, case studies, and resource guides. Warning – you can get wrapped up reading all their useful information. Be sure to stay focused or use their search feature and type in the specific information you’re looking for.


Moz has built the reputation of being a go-to place for SEO. But…Moz also has a large portion of insights on PPC and internet marketing. They keep up with industry trends, cutting-edge news, and ideas to change your outlook on your PPC strategy. Read more:

Google Ads Editor

It’s called the “PPC Powertool.” Ads Editor is a free, downloadable Google application for managing large Ads accounts efficiently. Download campaigns, make quick and bulk changes with editing tools, then upload the changes straight to your AdWords account. There are many benefits to Google Ads Editor, but like to use it for the following:

  • You can remove duplicated keywords if you have extremely large campaigns that you download via a spreadsheet.
  • Create ad groups fast.
  • Replace bulk amounts of text.
  • It doesn’t require an internet connection so you can work offline.
  • Test bids using the advanced bid changes feature.

Microsoft Advertising Editor

Just like the Google Ads Editor, you can save time by managing your Microsoft Ads campaigns using Microsoft’s desktop application version. Microsoft Ads Editor is very similar to Google Ads Editor, so the learning curve is minimal. You can edit campaigns offline and publish changes when you are back online. You can also use Microsoft Ads Editor to manage your accounts in bulk, from the campaign level to as targeted as the individual ad level.

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land, like Moz, has traditionally been considered an SEO resource. But they have many useful PPC content and guides to getting smarter at PPC marketing. To get started, check out these sections:

Bonus: Carrot

Don’t forget to bookmark our blog and guides as one of the leading real estate PPC educational resources.

Have any special resources you use for PPC marketing?

We’d love to hear them! Hit us with a comment below and join the convo!

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