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Real Estate Investors, Content isn’t Everything… Here’s What Matters Most

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Don’t treat your online marketing as just “content”… think of it like making your pitch on Shark Tank, again and again and again.

Even though I love content marketing, I really hate the word “content”.

It’s dumb. Makes it seem like just filler.

Crank up another blog post, stuff it in the queue, and onto the next one.

Here’s what matters most in business (and life) WAY more than just “content”: value.

You Have to Add Value

Otherwise, what’s the point? Why should someone work with you if you don’t add value?

Value is at the heart of every real estate transaction. Value is more than just money.

  • It’s speed – how fast can you buy or sell?
  • It’s service – will you take care of them?
  • It’s integrity – will you give them a fair deal?
  • It’s experience – can you remove stress and make it fun?

All these things help create the value that you bring to your transaction.

Are you describing them in your marketing?

Are you using your blog as a place to tell the stories of how you’ve helped sell a house fast in your area?

Telling those stories is a great way to add content that builds up your keyword ranking, but more importantly, it builds up your reputation. You’re creating your reputation as you conduct your business… and it’s up to you to tell the story.

You have to explain the value you bring to people. It’s not easy. In fact, it’s incredibly hard to articulate your value without sounding cheesy.

You want to tell the stories that make your audience the hero. We’re here to help real estate investors generate leads, but we take it much further than that.

We Want People to Tell Their Stories Better

We know that good storytelling skills matter a ton in the real estate business, not just for inbound lead generation, but for negotiation, team building, sales and relationship development.

If you can relate to people, no matter who they are in life, you can reach them through the right story… and if you want to do business with someone, your story must show the value you bring.

Your website is the perfect place to tell that story and share your value.

When you launch a Carrot website, it’s got a ton of great content already written into it… it’s got most of the most commonly searched keywords that people use, and our software automatically personalizes those pages with your market area.

But there’s one thing that needs to be added: Your STORY

Add in your testimonials – you should add in as many testimonials as you can because those provide important social proof.

Ideally, testimonials convey the value you bring – so a quote from a seller saying “You helped me sell my house in just 5 days and kept all your promises, I can’t thank you enough” is perfect.

If you don’t have the perfect quote, ask permission from folks who know you to use quotes like “A great person to do business with, highly recommended” – anything that will show that you add value.

Are you struggling to know how to add value?

When You Truly Know Your Audience, You Know What They Need

Remember, not every motivated seller is the same. Not everyone wants to sell their house fast – some need a smooth transition into a different living situation or just an urgent need for cash.

Not every real estate investor is the same, either.

That’s why it’s so important never to assume that your audience understands your business.

Use your blog as a platform to show off the value you provide to others.

That’s the secret to powerful inbound marketing: show your value, again and again.

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