10 Ways To Hyper-Optimize Your YouTube Channel As A Real Estate Investor

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Video marketing with YouTube is one of our go-to places to get content online first, and to rank your videos for competitive keywords. But are you doing it wrong???

Most real estate investors and agents are doing their YouTube video marketing wrong, and this blog post will walk through 10 tips on how you can improve the results your video marketing pulls in for your real estate business.

Even if you have some of your videos ranked well in Google, you’re likely missing out on more traffic and leads because your YouTube channel (not just the videos) isn’t optimized correctly.

So we’ll show you how to optimize your YouTube channel and your videos to rank better in Google and attract more leads.

You’ll need to reach your target market and that requires a real estate video marketing plan. This post will give you some detailed knowledge to set you on your to an optimized YouTube channel.

10 Real Estate Investor YouTube Channel Optimization Tips

1. Make Your YouTube Channel Page Look As Good As Your Website

Your real estate investor YouTube channel sets your presence. You’re allowed to add a banner and profile image on the top portion of your channel’s homepage. This presents the perfect opportunity to create ones that feature your headshot, company name, contact info, and an image of one of your deals that you take pride in.  To further enhance the experience for your viewers, consider incorporating stock music from platforms like Videvo in your video content. Here are three designs from expert investors from their YouTube channels.

Tom Krol Wholesaling Inc

tom krol

A. Nez Investments LLC

sell your house fast allegeny youtube

Express Homebuyers

express homebuyers youtube

2. Include All Of Your Real Estate Investor Information In The About Section

A great rule of thumb for your real estate investor marketing strategy: Never assume your target audience knows your website URL or where to find you on social media.

The company details section is the space to provide visitors with links that allow them to easily locate you. Record your email and/or phone. Especially in your YouTube channel’s About section. Check out Express Homebuyers about page to see a perfect example of how to give out your information and show them where you can be found online.

express homebuyers company youtube

3. Make Sure You Have A Video Marketing Plan And Timetable

Starting out, it is important to devise a long-term plan for what you want to accomplish with your real estate investor YouTube channel. Then follow through by being consistent with your message, graphics, value proposition. As a recommendation, first, figure out what real estate subjects and angles will educate your audience. Then zero in and pull out subtopics from each subject type and start building your video plan:

  • How-to videos: Explain the tasks every real estate investing home buyer and seller needs to know. Visitors will begin to see you as the “go-to” resources.
  • Market updates: Buyers and sellers love to see how their markets are performing. Give them your point of view on home values and growth in your area.
  • Interviews: Pick local business owners from the real estate industry and ask them about interesting stories, their backgrounds, or their knowledge of their certain trade. Plumbers, contractors, carpenters, attorney’s…just to name a few.
  • Testimonials: These recordings can push motivated sellers into selling to you. Good testimonials can make or break that very important opportunity when someone is in the selling cycle. Highlight the best deals you’ve done in your community.
  • Listing videos: If you’re also an investment house seller, create videos of your inventory.

4. Create Compelling Headlines That Drive Clicks

Generating SEO headlines for your YouTube videos is no different than writing a blog post. It a MUST. Write enticing, keyword friendly SEO friendly real estate investor titles. These relevant titles will drive users to want to view your videos.

Use keyword tools such as Ubersuggest and SEOBook or simply using a Google suggest to identify which terms are the most relevant to your videos and overall real estate marketing strategy.

Organize your intent keywords so you can use them across your video content. This will allow you to reach a broader target audience. It will also give you valuable information to which keyword terms generate clicks. You can then use those terms in other ways, such as blog posts.

Once you have a good intent keyword list to work from, it’s time to write titles for each video. Write a few options for each clip and pick the best while you read it back. If you get stuck, a trick is to perform a similar keyword search either on YouTube or Google. You’ll see headlines that might spark your creativity.

Quick Tip: Don’t stuff keywords into a headline. Craft it in a way that it also reads well. In this example, “We buy houses Pittsburgh | Sell Your House Fast Pittsburgh | Pennsylvania” does not read as well as the others.

YouTube Headlines

5. Include Calls To Action And Annotations

You’re able to create calls to actions (CTAs) using Cards to your YouTube videos. Depending on the type of card, you’ll be allowed to add in image, title and call to action text. You’ll be able to have up to 5 cards in one video. Remember the structure for promotional pop-ups; copy that explains why you want viewers to click, and a link that brings viewers to the page they were promised.

This goes back to having a solid real estate investor content marketing strategy to support your YouTube channel. Create website pages and blog posts that offer your audience real value. Then, you’ll have enough pages to send those who click your CTAs. This annotation used by Brad Chandler from Express Homebuyers is a good example of the use of CTAs.

express homebuyer cta youtube 1

6. Use Thumbnails To Place Focus On Your Real Estate Investor Videos

Like your headlines, the thumbnail images that appear in the video list on your YouTube channel need to communicate what each video is about. It’s not required for the images to be a frame from the video itself, but they need to relay the focus of each clip.

Unrelated images, non-descriptive video subject copy, and a lack of theme among all of your videos’ thumbnail images can lead to low click rates and even hurt your overall real estate investor brand efforts. People want quality and consistent content. Failure to provide those two can result in failure of your YouTube marketing. FlipNerd uses a very nice and uniform thumbnail process:

flipnerd youtube videos

7. Craft Search Engine Optimized Descriptions

One of the best ways to help Google understand what your video is about is by writing content in the video description.

Think of this space as space to put an article even if you want to. The more relevant and robust you can make your description the more Google tends to like it.

Writing a couple of sentences that outline the topics of your real estate investor videos won’t be enough.

Instead, you’ll need to craft paragraphs featuring either a transcript of your clips or a complete explanation of the content needs to be added to the description field. This will give your viewers the understanding of what the video will show them before they watch it.

Use Our SEO Keyword Lists to Get Some of the Best Youtube Keywords for Real Estate

As with your titles and tags, pencil in a description that defines the topic of each video, and then optimize the content for search engines.

Quick Tip: Use closely related, but different, keywords for your YouTube video and your blog posts. You’ll cast a wider net and won’t be competing in the search results. This doesn’t give you the go to use any old keyword in your video descriptions .You’ll still want to use highly searched but mid-level competition keywords.

Also, add links to your website. If a real estate investor video describes a specific city in your market, include a link in the description to your city specific landing page. Also, be sure to link to your other social media accounts and possibly your home page in the descriptions for all of your videos.

8. Use Closed Caption For The Hearing Impaired (but not why you think)

Yes, making the effort to reach buyers and sellers who cannot hear, can give you an edge in your video marketing. But that’s not the only (or even the biggest) reason to use the Closed Caption setting on your videos.

When you take the time to use transcripts, this offers speech-recognition technology in order to provide captions for hearing impaired users. You can also und Google Translator Toolkit to develop subtitles for foreign users.

Like closed captions on TV, YouTube uses the lower-third portion of the screen, as shown in this video from A. Nez Investments LLC channel.

But, the biggest reasons to use the Closed Caption option…

… are that it gives Google more content to analyze and discover what your video is about (because now every word in your video is in text format which Google can read)... plus if a person is in a place where they can’t turn on their computer or phone speakers (at work) they can still read the message and engage in your video.

youtube channel optimization caption

Here are a few simple steps on how to add in Closed Caption onto your videos.

1. Click the Subtitles & CC link

youtube closed caption seo

2. Click “Add new subtitles or CC” and select the language you want to use


3. Either upload a file or transcribe it there on the spot inside of YouTube

If you don’t want to transcribe the video yourself, we suggest using rev.com to do it for you. It’s only $1 per minute and they’re the best we’ve worked with (and I’ve worked with a lot of transcription services, this is the best).


Once you get the transcription in there test it out on your video and move onto the next marketing activity!

9. Optimized Playlists To Allow Your Videos To Be Viewed By Related Topic

After compiling a wealthy library of YouTube real estate videos, take a look to determine if there is an opportunity to create playlists from your topics. You’ll want to create these curated lists to provide your audience with related content to watch on your channel. Playlists are like a board where your audience can pick through stricter topics underneath a broad topic.

For example, 4 months into your real estate investor video marketing strategy you’ve developed 6 videos that educate buyers and sellers on the ins and outs of finding the right investment property, closing deals, and other important information on their deals.

Since you now have content to share with both buyers and sellers lead types, it would be best to bundle a buyer video pack of 3 and into a sellers pack of 3 videos. This will also keep the audience tuned in because, after a one of the themed videos ends, the next one in the playlist will start playing.

This particular playlist from BiggerPockets is geared toward its recruiting efforts and features several videos aimed at attracting top agent talent to the agency:

bigger pockets youtube channel

Or check out how ours are laid out here on our own YouTube channel. (Subscribe while you’re there!)

So what types of playlists are great ones to create as a real estate investor or agent?

We suggest setting up these YouTube playlists and creating videos to go into them…

  • [your company name] Reviews – Testimonials and case studies of your clients
  • Common House Seller Questions – Short videos educating them on their top 10 or so questions
  • Common House Buyer Questions – Short videos educating them on their top 10 or so questions
  • Where We Buy Houses – Do videos optimized for “sell house fast [your city]” for each city you’d invest in
  • About [your company name] – Some basic culture type videos so people can get a feel for who you and your team are

Those are great ones to get you started.

Too many YouTube channels that we see are all cluttered and unorganized. Make it easy for your visitors to binge watch several of your videos at once and YouTube playlists help guide people on the path you want them to go so they aren’t directed to random unrelated videos after they finish yours.

10. Promote Your Real Estate Investor YouTube Channel Using Social Media, Email, And Your Website

Promotion is most likely the number one most important element. You can have the best information in the world, but it will never be seen without proper promotion.

Set a regular publishing schedule and stick with it. Creating a steady stream of quality content tweets and Facebook posts will rapidly grow your online presence. Also, don’t forget to take advantage of your email campaigns to share.

And, there’s your real estate investor website. Create blog posts around your videos. Feature your latest testimonial videos. Or, simple “who am I” videos detailing what you’ve accomplished and how you can help change the lives of buyers and sellers. Then drive that traffic to your about page. The options are almost limitless.

flipnerd youtube facebook marketing

Always Look For Areas You Can Improve

Don’t turn off your video comments. One of the ways YouTube scores your videos and your overall channel is the viewers ratings and comments. So read your video comments and interact with leads who have viewed your channel.

Ask them what the liked and didn’t like and wait type of content they would like to see. Whatever that path is, take their answers and use them to transform your YouTube channel into the top real estate investor channel there is.

Have you seen success with your real estate investor YouTube videos? Tell us how you made the most of your video marketing plan below.

Or, shoot a link through of your YouTube channel and we’ll review it for you here on this comments section!

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