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Real Estate Investing Online Marketing Tips: Five $5 Dollar Marketing Tips To Try This Week

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If you’re not marketing your real estate investing company… you’re probably starving.

If you’re not marketing… usually it boils down to a few core reasons you haven’t moved forward with marketing yet:

  1. The Cost:  You think it costs too much to do online marketing for real estate investors.
  2. You’re a terrible marketer:  You have no clue what to do to get more qualified visitors to your real estate website.
  3. You’re lazy and don’t really want it all that bad:  You thought you wanted to be an investor but see it’s more work than the late night infomercial guys say it is and you are overloaded with info… so you don’t do anything.

Now, if you’re reading this site… let’s assume that you’re not #3… because you want to make stuff happen.  If you’re a terrible marketer… you need to study your butt off over the next few months and learn the basic foundations of solid marketing and human psychology.  We’ll write a post soon that will give you some great books to read that’ll make you a smarter marketer than 98% of the world.

It just leaves us with cost.

What If You Could Get Stuff Done For Only $5?

Is $5 too expensive?  I didn’t think so.

In this post, I’m going to show you 5 ways you can leverage a website called to get online marketing done for your real estate investing business for just $5.

Five $5 Real Estate Investing Online Marketing Tips To Try This Week

1) Pimp Your Facebook Fan Page: Facebook is a great place to build your brand for your real estate investing business.  But, if your Facebook page looks like something out of a 1990’s MTV cartoon… it’ll bring down the credibility of your business. So, have someone on design a custom Facebook Fan Page cover photo for ya… for a whole $5.  And while you’re at it… you can leverage social proof (i.e. – people automatically feel that pages with more “likes” are more credible) and have someone get you 500 Facebook likes to your page for… yep, $5 :-)



2) Pimp Your Twitter:  Twitter can be a great place to network with other investors… and maybe even round up cash buyers. I wouldn’t put a whole lot of effort into attracting motivated sellers with Twitter.  Head over to and have someone create a Twitter background image that has your picture, Facebook URL in it, heck… if you really want to ramp up the marketing… include your text message marketing info on there (or a toll free 24 hour recorded message geared at attracting cash buyers) and build your list right there. Clever eh?  You can have someone whip a great looking direct response Twitter background image for just… you guessed it… $5.

twitter marketing for real estate investors


3) Hire Emmy Award Winning Voice Over Artists To Record Your Phone Greetings:  This one is cooler than “results driven”. Truthfully… your own voice (unless your voice is like Gilbert Godfried inhaling helium) will do just as fine on your phone voicemail boxes and 24 hour recorded message lines… but it’s just cool saying you have an Emmy Award Winning voice over artist doing stuff for ya :-)  For $5, you can get the dude below to do your voice over work… I don’t have to tell you… for just $5.  Heck, its worth that just in the time you’ll save.  I know I usually waste 20 mins trying to do a 30-second voicemail box greeting… save that time for just $5.

real estate investing voice overs


4) Create Graphics Like Banner Ads To Build Your Buyers List:  A great way to build your buyers list or even attract motivated sellers (if you use the right strategy to make sure your banners are in front of the right people and on the right websites) is by buying banner ads on websites. Yes, some people say banner ads don’t work anymore… but they don’t know what they’re talking about (trust me).  So, rather than try to hack away at Photoshop yourself or pay a fancy graphics guy $50 for a simple banner ad… get it done for $5 on  Something simple like… “See Why Warren Buffett Says To Invest In Single Family Rentals Today”... then drive people to a landing page (like the squeeze page we show in our real estate investing landing page examples article ) and grow your cash buyers list.  Place those banners on websites where other real estate investors go… like,, and others.

real estate banner ad examples


5) Get Your Real Estate Investing Business On Video:  Video marketing is hugely effective for a real estate investing company.  If you’re not doing video right now… you should be.  Lots of people put off doing video because they hate what they look like on camera. Well… first off… get over it. You have to walk out in public every day… and I can guarantee you that if you think people are looking at you and being as critical as you’re being of yourself on film… you’re wrong.  But, if you absolutely don’t want to get on video yourself… or if you love video but hate editing videos… have it done for you for only $5.  Have someone create a video reading your script for you… have someone do minor edits to your video file for you to clean it up and make it look professional… etc.  Video marketing for real estate investors is a killer tool to leverage in your business… hit up and leverage it.

video marketing for real estate investors


$5 Marketing Tips For Real Estate Investors

Cool. Now I hope your mind is spinning with ideas and possibilities.

Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy and we try to secretly conspire against ourselves and find reasons why we can’t do certain things.  Cost is an excuse we all use too darn often… but in the end, it’s just an excuse.

If I said to you… this marketing campaign will cost you $5,000… most people would say they don’t have the money.  But, what if I said… give me $5,000 in cash by Saturday and I’ll give you $10,000 in cash right back… no strings attached… you’d bet you’d be busting your ass to round up that $5,000.  It’s all mindset and confidence.

So, finding free and cheap ways to get the marketing momentum rolling for your real estate investing business can be a pretty darn empowering thing.  Find 3 or 4 very specific places you could leverage the talent on in the next 2 weeks… and do it.  It’ll only cost you $15 or $20… and could give you some cool little results to leverage in your business moving forward.

And, if you wonder… yes, we’ve used Fiverr a ton and still use it every month (things like blasting our videos out to all of the video sharing sites, social media sharing, etc.).

Grow your real estate investing business, check out Carrot to start dominating your online presence with your real estate business… and we’ll see you on the flip side!

Trevor Mauch

Trevor is the CEO of Carrot and knows a thing or two about inbound marketing and generating leads online in the real estate industry. As an investor himself, he's generated tens of thousands of real estate leads and is a leading expert in inbound marketing for investors and agents. In addition, his true passion is helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that truly help you live a life of purpose.

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