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Annoucing New Property Listing Features & Improved Social Share Buttons

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We’re on a roll over here at InvestorCarrot and, just like in farming… we’re making this spring a time renewal, refreshing, and improving the Carrot platform each and every week.

With that said, we’ve rolled out several pretty cool and important updates over the last 2 weeks, with more to come over the next 2 weeks.

Today we’re going to focus on 2 updates to the platform and your real estate investor websites.

One is a pretty major update to our property listing engine based on feedback from members and the other is an improvement on the way your social media sharing buttons work on your websites.

We are really excited about these changes and we know you will be too. If you are a new customer and haven’t used the property feature before you might not appreciate the awesome redesign these Carrot features have undergone. But we won’t leave you out. You can check out the screenshots below to see the changes we have made.

Update #1: The New Beautiful Property Listing Website Engine. Simpler. Sexier.

This major update isn’t one that’ll help you get more leads, but it is a major improvement on how you get your deals in front of your cash buyers, your rent to own tenants, and turnkey investors. Lots of our members were looking for a more modern and simpler way to launch a property listing website for their real estate investing or real estate agent business.

So we set out to make your property listings beautiful, more useful and intuitive, and more powerful in this first update of several planned updates to the Property Listing Engine.

property listing wordpress template
The New And Improved Property Listing Page... help your buyers see more properties without scrolling (plus they look sharp!)


So What’s Different About The Look Of Your Property Listing Sites?

We made tons of updates to the Property Listing Engine on your websites, but here are a few of the biggest.

A Simpler, Easier To Read “Grid” View Of All Of Your Properties

This helps your cash buyers, rent to own tenants, and turnkey buyers see more properties without scrolling down. Plus they look great!

property listing wordpress template

Mark Your Property Status And Type With A Click Of A Mouse

A simple click helps you indicate if a property is sold or rented, plus our system will tag your properties whether they’re a “Home For Sale”, Duplex, Apartment… you get the idea.

property listing website for wordpress sold sign

Improved Image Gallery That Looks Great On Every Device (especially mobile!)

We moved the image gallery from the bottom of your property listing sites to the top and made the gallery crisp, clean, and easy to use on all devices. We’ve found buyers want to see the visual of the property above all else, so they’re now front and center.

mobile responsive property listing websites

Simpler And Cleaner Google Maps And Street View Display With Clear Call To Action

google streetview and maps for property listings wordpress

No Properties To Upload Yet? We’ll Still Make You Look Professional!

In the past, website visitors were faced with a blank page if there weren’t any properties uploaded to the website. Now, our system is helping you build credibility and your cash buyer list even if you have no properties to upload on your website yet.

property page

Nearly 30% Of Your Traffic Is Mobile:
These Property Listings Look Great On All Devices

responsive property listing website

A New, Simpler Process To Create Your Property Listings

We’ve rethought how listing your properties through your InvestorCarrot real estate investing websites should work, and we’ve simplified it.

Now we walk you through a very simple and intuitive “wizard” to get the property details in place, upload your pictures, and optimize the posting for SEO.

websites to list properties as an agent or investor

Hop in and try the new Property Listing Engine in your InvestorCarrot account!

Update #2: Faster, Sleeker Social Media Sharing Buttons

In our never-ending quest to always improve the performance of your websites we often will pinpoint very simple changes that we can make that help make your websites even faster than they already are.

In one of our tests, we discovered that there was room to improve the website load time by streamlining the Social Media Share buttons on your websites.

How Did We Improve The Social Media Buttons?

New social media share buttons

First of all, the new look is much more modern and clean on your website.

But that’s not the main reason we made the change.

Typical social media share buttons have their own separate styling and count of the number of “Likes” or “G 1+’s” made on that page. But every time someone landed on the website, their web browser would contact each of those networks like Google or Facebook to see the current “count” and render the share button on the site.

It’s not a huge deal, but it does decrease the page load speed and can make your site feel sluggish when it is really just waiting on those separate networks.

So these new social media share buttons load insanely fast, look great, and still do the same thing as before in helping you spread the word about your website and boost your social media sharing signals for SEO.

Does This Mean I Lose My Facebook and G 1+ Shares? 

Nope! Your shares always follow your domain name… not the buttons. So whatever shares you had on your web page before, they’re still there!

We’d Love Your Feedback Below!
Give These New Features A Try!

This is the first of several property listing updates we have planned and we’d love your feedback.

What do you love about the new property listings on your website?

What would you love to see done to help you market your properties even easier and more effectively?

We’re all ears!

If you’re not an InvestorCarrot member yet, head on over and take our demo or see our pricing and plans. Be a part of the 48,000+ leads per month our Carrot members are pulling into their real estate investing websites with Inbound Marketing each and every month.

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    1. Awesome! Glad you like it.

      Ya, we’ll be adding some other really great functionality to make it even more powerful.

      But the things we’re most excited about in the rest of the platform this next quarter are revamped training, some amazing updates on our SEO functions, and more! Keep an eye out.

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