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Meet Aspen – Our Latest Premium Design!

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We just announced our latest Premium Website Design for Advanced Marketer Plan members… Aspen.

Aspen is clean, fast (like all of our designs on all plans), beautiful on mobile, and gives you even more style and polish in the body content of your website. This new design is built from the ground up to sync with our Visual Editor to make editing your site as easy and fast as possible.

This website design isn’t just beautiful, it converts with the same principles as all of our other Carrot site designs.

carrot aspen design before and after
Carrot Design Before and After. Take a Look at the Aspen Design on the Right
Carrot Aspen Design on Mobile

For a design like this, Website Build Expert estimates that you’d pay $5,000 to $10,000.

So – the kicker question: How much are we going to charge you?

It’s included with our Advanced Marketer member’s first access to new site styles!

Since we want this design to remain a unique and distinguishable theme for high-performing investors and agents, for now, it’s only available for our Advanced Marketer members.

That may sound like a bummer if you’re not yet an Advanced Marketer member. But we want to ensure that high-performing real estate professionals like yourself get exclusive access to the best that Carrot has to offer and that you get to try it out before anyone else.

And if you aren’t yet an Advanced Marketer member, you can upgrade your plan with just a few clicks…

Note: We have a time-sensitive offer at the bottom of this post for those of you who aren’t Advanced Marketer members. Read on.

Once you’re an Advanced Marketer, you can switch to the Aspen design just as easily…

Plus, Aspen isn’t the only benefit you’ll get with Advanced Marketer. You’ll also get…

  • Track 20 SEO keyword phrase rankings per site
  • 12 Content Pro blog posts and 12 Premium blog posts every single month
  • Quarterly one-on-one strategy calls
  • 10% off any Carrot marketplace services that you purchase
  • And, of course, first access to new site styles (like Aspen) when we release them in the future!

Upgrade to Advanced Marketer and Claim Aspen Today!

If you’re already an Advanced Marketer member, then test Aspen and let us know what you think! If you’re not, then go preview it on your website to see what you think.

If you like it, consider upgrading so you can have access to Aspen and other new site styles we release that will further distinguish your website from online clutter – always with the same industry-leading conversion rate that we are known for.

Carrot Premium design

Time-sensitive Offer for Our Core and Content Pro Members (and Non-members)

If you upgrade to Advanced Marketer, you’ll immediately get access to the Hemlock theme and all the other goodies that come with an Advanced Marketer membership.

We want to sweeten the deal for you even more…

Upgrade to Advanced Marketer and you’ll also get access to an exclusive FREE BONUS: The Entrepreneur Freedom Formula – Trevor’s 5 core processes he uses to regain 20+ hours per week, drive more results with less effort, delegate faster with more confidence, and get more freedom and flexibility in your business in 2020.

If you’re looking to scale up your leads and stand out from the competition, this Advanced Marketer Upgrade package and training series will help you head into the fall with momentum and clarity.

Brendan Holmes

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2 responses to “Meet Aspen – Our Latest Premium Design!

  1. I’m a real estate investor that’s Interested in Carrot but currently don’t have a website. Will you guys build the website also?

    1. Hey Ty,

      Thanks for your interest in Carrot!

      Our system starts out with a Template for your site. Each template targets a different audience and each is dialed in for SEO and Lead Conversion. We have a few different designs for each template available to mix up the visual feel. You can then personalize the site and alter the content to your specific business.

      ​These styles were tested and created to work with several logo types as well as branding and are best chosen based on the overall feeling you want to have a visitor experience upon arriving at your site. Here’s what a Motivated Seller site would look like out of the box –>

      You can see the site is nearly complete. It just require some tweaks to really personalize it and brand it for your company. This would include: adding logo, updated brand colors, updating the “about us” page, adding local images, and attaching a custom domain. Here’s an example of a personalized site.

      Hope that helps answer your question. Check out this link for more info:

      Thanks and have a great day,


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