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The InvestorCarrot Marketplace!

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Introducing the Carrot Marketplace

Over the year and a half since InvestorCarrot was born, we’ve had a lot of improvements, upgrades, and new features.

Heck in the past 4 months alone we’ve launched hundreds of improvements to make it even easier and faster to launch effective online lead generation websites as a real estate investor, beef up the level of support members get even further than it already is, get your leads faster (sms alerts), make your websites rank better in Google, and convert leads at an even higher rate.

But all of that pales in comparison to what we have in store for InvestorCarrot members over the next 4 months :-)

Today we’re happy as heck to roll out the first version of our Carrot Marketplace to the InvestorCarrot community.

What Is The InvestorCarrot Marketplace And How Does It Help Make Your Life Easier?

investorcarrot marketplace


As a real estate investor, when getting real estate investing leads online… launching an effective website is just the first step.

We already make that crazy easy. <== See a video of the process there

But if you’re wanting to drive a lot of traffic to your websites (motivated sellers, cash buyers, private lenders, rent to own tenants, note sellers, etc.) you or someone has to roll up their sleeves to get to work.

InvestorCarrot gives you a huge jumpstart with our real estate investing websites to rank better in Google and convert your leads much higher than the industry average… and our support is what we’ve been told time and time again is the best in the industry by far.

So now with our new Carrot Marketplace, we’re making it as easy as buying milk (or carrots :-) at the grocery store to find the vendors, services, and help so you can ramp up your results even faster.

What Will You As An InvestorCarrot Customer Find In The NEW Carrot Marketplace?

Log into your Carrot account and click the NEW Marketplace tab to check it out for yourself.

But here’s a quick snapshot of what you’ll find in there right now… and what we have in store for the marketplace in 2015.

In this first rollout of the marketplace we’re making it easier for you to get access to the services we’ve already been helping you with and offering for months and months… this just streamlines the process and puts the powerfully into your hands.

Online Marketing & Lead Generation Strategy Help And Services

real estate investor ppc and seo
Certified Carrot Preferred Partners: If you want to rank your website better in the search engines, better optimize your SEO, turn on some PPC… we’ve got you covered. Our certified partners have a minimum of over a year experience with our software and our customers before they can be a “Certified Carrot Partner”. Our current partners have pulled top rankings and hundreds of leads for our clients.

Everyday InvestorCarrot customers reach out to us looking for help with their real estate investing PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help ramp up the traffic and leads. If you’re in a more competitive market (a town over… say 50,000 people)… you’ll likely have to focus some time implementing our 3 Lead Per Day Training to move up the rankings in Google.

Carrot gives you a head start, implementing the steps in the 3 Lead Per Day Training give it a boost.

So you’ll now be able to connect directly with vetted and Certified Carrot Partners who can do the SEO and PPC work for you if you’d rather just have someone else do it.

These same vendors have been working with InvestorCarrot members for over a year and pulled some pretty amazing results in the process (top Google rankings in markets all across the country and consistent leads each and every day)

Help Customizing And Optimizing Your Websites

custom real estate investor websites
Want To Be Hands Off? Our team can handle all of your customizations and branding for you if you want. There’s no excuses for not getting results now ;-)

We’re always focusing on making InvestorCarrot even easier to get highly effective websites up for your real estate investing business quickly… whether you’re a techie or not.

But, if you’d rather have us do the branding for you… and build out your city-specific pages for you… and help build your personal credibility into your websites for you so you don’t have to lift a finger, that’s where this section comes in.

Access our QuickStart service where we ask you 13 simple questions, and our team gets to work customizing your websites to fit your business, branding, and goals.

Plus have our team help you capture more traffic with city-specific / local pages and more!

These are all things you can easily do for yourself inside your InvestorCarrot account… but if you’d rather focus on what you do best and have us do it for you, we’ve got you covered.

Premium Training

generating leads online for real estate investors
The Fire That Fuels Your Growth: Our 2 flagship trainings (only available to InvestorCarrot members currently) are now in the Marketplace. But be on the lookout for more advanced training and tools to help you get an edge in your market.

Our members are generating well over 10,000 opt-in leads per month right now (that doesn’t count phone call leads)… and a huge part of it is the combination of the effectiveness of our website platform and the training you can access as an InvestorCarrot member.

Right now you’ll find our Posts 2 Profits Craigslist training and our 3 Lead Per Day (SEO, PPC, Youtube marketing course) in the Carrot Marketplace.

But we plan on launching more Premium Trainings in 2015 (in addition to our weekly LIVE Carrot Coaching Calls FREE to Content Pro members) to help you market effectively on Facebook, use Retargeting to “fetch back” more leads, and more! So keep an eye out for new Premium Trainings.

Get InvestorCarrot Swag

Why have a company name like Carrot if you’re not going to have fun with it and be loud and proud about it?  Right? :-)

Well, now you can get Carrot Swag right in the marketplace.


Want a t-shirt (American Apparel – Made in the USA)? Grab one.

How about some awesome note pads with our Core Values on them… grab those in our “Carrot Swag Bag” which includes a t-shirt, a NEW Carrot Bud doll, Carrot stickers, and our awesome Carrot Idea Pads.

What’s In Store For 2015 With The Carrot Marketplace?

We’re working furiously on developing new features into the software to solidify our place as the leading Inbound Online Marketing platform for Real Estate Investors… which we’ll release to members as we finish them up.

But, we’ve realized that some features don’t make sense to build into every website that is launched. Things like an advanced BirdDog Referral Program system to help you generate bird dogs to find you more deals. Or “built for you” Podio apps to help you better manage your lead flow. Or marketing campaigns that are crushing it for people. Or 1 on 1 strategy consulting with me and our top performing Carrot members to help you bust past your roadblocks and excel… you get the idea.

So be on the lookout for other resources, tools, and website add-ons so you can further leverage InvestorCarrot to reach your goals.

And heck, if you have ideas for great resources, tools, and new functionality for your InvestorCarrot websites please shoot them our way!

Be on the lookout for more announcements about new features and enhancements over the next several months. We’ve got some in store that we know you’re going to LOVE.

Sound Off Below About The New Marketplace!

Hit me w/ comments and questions below… or if you’re not an InvestorCarrot member yet but are considering it, throw your questions my way! We’re here for you and would love for you to be a part of the success that our members are having (10k+ leads per month and growing!).

Trevor Mauch

Trevor is the CEO of Carrot and knows a thing or two about inbound marketing and generating leads online in the real estate industry. As an investor himself, he's generated tens of thousands of real estate leads and is a leading expert in inbound marketing for investors and agents. In addition, his true passion is helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that truly help you live a life of purpose.

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15 responses to “The InvestorCarrot Marketplace!

  1. Very cool! Although I haven’t gotten any leads yet off my carrot sites, I know that soon I will with the tools your company provides. Thanks for everything!

    1. Stuart! Thanks man!

      People who are making up the 10k+ leads per month through our system are doing 1 (or more) of these 3 things:
      1. Focusing hard on SEO and implementing like mad (part of that is creating the city specific pages, etc.)
      2. Craigslist marketing. We got an email today from a member who has been w/ us for 3 weeks (yes, 3 weeks)… and has dozens and dozens of leads (testimonial copied below).
      3. PPC

      I think you’ve been waiting for the SEO to take hold, which when it does it should be a consistent stream of leads for ya. But in the short term take actions on Craigslist and/or PPC to make stuff happen man! We’re here for ya!


      Email we got today from a new customer. He joined 3 weeks ago:

      “Trevor, I am a new investor carrot member. I watched most of the old mastermind calls, used the help section, texted with Alex and Jake and attended every call since I joined. I literally scrounged up change (pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters) to buy the Craigslist marketing and have started getting leads. People see the add, visit my site (for verification) and call/ opt-in. I have visited 2 houses and made offers. So far I have 46 step 2 rent to own leads, 44 full cash buyer profiles, and
      had 4 calls for motivated sellers. I know carrot is the best thing since sliced bread. I am three weeks in and know it will only get better.” – Mason N.

    1. Alison! Thank you!

      When you log into your Carrot account there is now a big orange banner below where your sites are listed that says “Marketplace”. Click that and you’re good to go! Enjoy!

  2. When I first saw this I was like “Awesome! A way we can sell or trade our leads we don’t want/can’t use!” like an ebay for leads only available to Carrot members lol

    1. Haha, great idea… and you just wait man.

      This first version of our marketplace is just making it easier for Carrot members to access the services that help you ramp things up that we already have been offering the last few months. But we’ll be working things in over this next year… and I LOVE that idea you have. Just wait :-)

    1. Our Podio app will be even simpler than that Michael. You’ll love it. Release mid-Feb. Be on the lookout :-)

  3. Trevor,

    Any plans on Carrot making a CRM geared specifically fro real estate investors? i am currently using Podio but I can’t say that I like it that much. I would prefer something built by real estate investors-for real estate investors.

    1. Hey Henry!

      Great question!

      We’ve thought long and hard about that question and at this point we’re going to pile our main focus into innovating more and more at the “pre-conversion” side of things to help our members generate more leads (more traffic and higher conversions)… and integrate with great systems and allow people to create solutions that fit investors needs on the CRM side of things.

      It’s really tough to be the best in the world at 10 things (which is why those “all in one” solutions tend to be just “ok” at 100 things… but not mastering any of them).

      On that front, we’re seeing more and more people leveraging podio in ways that is specifically setup for investors. You should see the Podio workspaces that some investors have… they’re amazing and custom just for investors. We’re starting there and will be offering investor specific Podio apps in our Marketplace this spring.

      Next, we have a member who is also a software programmer who is getting great results w/ Carrot… and before he joined Carrot started developing his own CRM to handle leads. He’s working on integrating that with Carrot and we plan on offering that in our app for Carrot members to leverage too.

      That’s the thing. We could create a CRM… but it would never be right for everyone since we have investors who are wholesalers, flippers, rental property owners, note buyers, multi-family owners, people looking for private lenders, etc. So building 1 CRM that kicks butt for all of them is almost impossible.

      So first I’d suggest seeing if your Podio app can improve to better fit your needs. We’ll be doing a lot on Podio this spring… including launching our direct Podio integration.

      Thanks for the feedback!!!

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