Announcing Our New Customer Success Hero + Expanded Live Chat Times!

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With a new month comes a new investment in the success of our InvestorCarrot members!

Way back when we first started InvestorCarrot a couple years back we created our Core Values… and have been dedicated to growing our company by these values, living our lives by these values, and attracting like-minded customers and Carrot team members with these values.

It’s been a huge part of our growth and the success our members have seen over the past year (you guys are pulling in over 13k opt in leads per month!).

With that said, we have two new additions to the support and help we’re adding starting today, April 1st, to help you succeed even more as an InvestorCarrot member! And nope, this isn’t an April fools prank like we pulled last year ;-)

Welcome Our New Customer Success Hero: Adrian!

This has been in the works for quite a while and we’re ecstatic that we were able to make it work to help Adrian reach his long-term goals, work even more within his passions, and add a new element to our already awesome Customer Success program here at InvestorCarrot. Adrian was one of our first customers, is one of our most active, and we’re crazy proud to bring him onto the InvestorCarrot team.

Haha, Adrian isn’t this kind of “hero”… but he is our new Customer Success Hero starting today! (life’s just more fun when you add peoples faces onto Super Man’s body right?)

Starting today Adrian Nez, a long-time customer and active wholesaler in multiple markets, will be a full fledged part of the InvestorCarrot team.

His focus will be helping our members with his “what’s working now” approach to getting your own inbound online marketing efforts ramped up and your real estate investing websites performing even better.

Over the coming weeks you’ll see Adrian…

  • Diving in to help our support staff (so you may even talk to him on live chat from time to time!)
  • Helping us get new trainings out faster so you can implement at the cutting edge of “whats working now”
  • Taking over some of the weekly LIVE Carrot Coaching Calls with me
  • And overall helping us improve our platform, it’s effectiveness, and inbound marketing innovation in 2015 and beyond

A Bit About Adrian And What He’ll Add To The InvestorCarrot Experience

Adrian has been an active wholesaler in several states and has really taken our “Inbound Online Marketing” platform and training and put it to the test over the last 2 years.

He’s our go to guy on Youtube video optimization… he runs the SEO campaigns for some of our largest clients (investors who have collectively done well over 4,000 deals)… and he’s been a consistent advocate for InvestorCarrot based off of his own results leveraging our platform.

So he’ll bring that same experience to you to help you get the most out of it.

Oh, and Adrian is still an active paying member of InvestorCarrot using it everyday for his own business.

It’s really cool seeing how things come full circle.

Adrian has always been that customer who has a crazy positive attitude, implements the heck out of what we teach, and really cares about helping people succeed. He’s the guy behind several of our most successful Carrot members already… and we’re excited to bring that energy and positivity to the InvestorCarrot crew!

So welcome Adrian in as our new Customer Success Hero! 

He’ll be on our Getting Started Call for new InvestorCarrot members tomorrow with me and will start to take over 1 Coaching Call per month… so reach out to Adrian and say hey!

NEW Expanded Live Chat Hours!

investor carrot support
Yep! You even you “East coasters” or early bird “Left coasters” can get instant help through our expanded live chat hours! Live chat starting this Friday is 7am PST – 5pm PST! 

As one of (if not the first) online marketing company for real estate investors to offer LIVE Chat Monday – Friday, it’s been amazing connecting with our customers and soon to be customers through that little orange tab in the lower right of our website.

But, we’ve heard feedback from members on the East Coast that it would be nice to have access to LIVE chat a bit earlier.

In the past our LIVE chat hours have been 10am Pacific – 5pm Pacific (1pm Eastern – 8pm Eastern).

Starting Friday this week the LIVE chat hours will be expanded each day by 3 hours in the morning… starting at 7am Pacific (10am Eastern)

So be sure to connect with us and say “hey” if you haven’t been able to connect with our live chat on the east coast because of timing.

We’re here for ya and these additions are the first of many ways we’re investing into you, our customers to help you succeed.

Hit me with any other ideas or feedback you have on ways we can help you succeed and crush it with InvestorCarrot even more.

2015 is going to be a big year and we can’t wait to show you what’s in store!

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    Congrads Adrian and keep up the good work, you are a need to those of use are in need.

  2. David

    The new hours are working great. What a nice service you provide with seriously helping your members.


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