Announcing Carrot’s New “Ask Carrot” Show

Ask Carrot - New Live Show w/ CEO Trevor Mauch

Hey guys and gals. Trevor here with Carrot. We have an amazing, amazing announcement for you. So, I and Mr. Carrot back there, aka Brady the camera guy, we are launching a brand new episode of The CarrotCast. So, there will now be two episodes every single week!

What we’re doing is we’re gonna be answering your questions with an episode every single Thursday that’s live called Ask Carrot.

Now, what is Ask Carrot? Ask Carrot is going to be a 30-minute live podcast on Facebook and streamed on YouTube, where we’re going to be answering questions from you live, or taking some out of the bank of ones that I get all the time.

I get Facebook messages, I get Instagram messages. We want to answer your questions. It’s for both real estate agents and real estate investors. It could be anyone that’s just in my personal community, or a client’s, and want to know how to manage money, how to grow your income, advice on business, advice on life, or how do you scale your business.

I don’t care what it is. I’m going be there for 30 full minutes every single Thursday for Ask Carrot.

Just go to to find out all the information about the show. Make sure to set your calendar for every single Thursday.

You’re going be able to pick up tips, tricks, insights, and really, really fun, awesome stuff from myself, other Carrot team members, and amazing Carrot team leaders like you.

We’ll see you there!

The Details:

When? The first episode will be on Thursday, February 28th at 1 PM Pacific and each Thursday at 1 PM Pacific going forward.

Where? Join us on YouTubeFacebook, or Instagram!

How? Submit your questions in advance on OR hop on the live chat on our YouTube channel!

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