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Get in front of and convert land sellers online more effectively. Here’s how…

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Buying and selling land can be a great investment strategy, but you need those buyers and sellers to find you online and convert into a qualified lead. That’s what our inbound marketing system does best…

Attract More Land Sellers Online

The first place land sellers look is on the web. At Carrot, we help you get in front of more land sellers online and convert more sellers so you can connect them with your “buyers list” and more of your available properties into closed sales. Leverage our built-in Carrot Conversion Methodology to convert more of your visitors into qualified leads and put our SEO tools and training to use to attract more buyers.

Higher Performance = Higher ROI

There are tons of options for you to launch your land selling / buying website. But we focus on providing you the highest return on investment. Because of our dedication to constantly testing and improving our website designs based on “what actually works better in the real world”, our industry-best training, amazing strategy support, and built-in tools to help you save time and get better results with your SEO and online marketing… dozens of little improvements add up to equal a huge difference in performance vs. building your own site or using a lower cost website solution.

Land Seller Website In Action

Want Off-Market Land Seller Leads?

We’ve heard many times that land sellers “just aren’t going online to sell their land”. But our research and results show a different story. Here at Carrot we always base our decisions on solid data and research. And according to our research and real world testing, land sellers are hitting the web every single day to find the best way to sell their off-market land. How can we help you get in front of these sellers and convert more to closed deals for yourself?

Leverage Our Entire Inbound Online Marketing System

With every website you launch on InvestorCarrot you have our full Inbound Online Marketing feature set to help you get better results online without having to be a tech or marketing expert. From the built in SEO tools, our top notch training, industry leading support team, and our dedication to building the single best system for helping high achieving real estate investors get better results online… we’ve got you covered. There’s no wonder more top investors from around the country trust InvestorCarrot than any other website system.

I just got two properties under contract for $100/acre in Southern Colorado.  It’s crazy…  They were just blind offers.
Now I need a website to build some credibility!
Joe McCall Joe McCall
Chamberlain Holdings, LLC

Love the sites – I love how they work 24 hours a day and are always working for me. After trying on my own for a long while, I never had anywhere near this much traffic or SEO love on my own WordPress sites. So thanks again and well done!

Dennis Fassett Dennis Fassett
Estate Home Solutions

…and just a few of the many more features

Built in Blog
Drag and Drop Form Builder
Lead Source Tracking
Feature Testimonials
Social Share Buttons
High Converting and Proven Pages
Add Unlimited Users and Edit Permission
Seo Grader Tool
Built in Google Sitemap
Proven 2 Step Opt in Process W/ Lead Qualifier Built In
Carrot Conversion Methodology (37 Conversion Boosters)
Google Maps and Streetview on Properties
Built in Free Reports and Landing Pages
Highly Effective Autoresponder Email to All Leads
Clean and Effective Design (Based on Data Not Theory)

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