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Attract, convert, and close more deals than ever before!

Carrot clients report a 7x higher lead-to-deal conversion and an increase of $13,932 profit per deal, while gaining consistency and predictability in their online leads.

Don’t waste your time with an underperforming website

In 2016, Carrot became the #1 real estate website builder, but it wasn’t easy getting there. 4 years prior, we felt the same frustration as you; wondering why the custom WordPress websites we built weren’t paying off in lead generation and conversion. After dozens, if not hundreds of tests, we finally figured it out.

We found that Google doesn’t rank websites based on just how beautiful they are (although we always want our sites to look professional too). Google rewards fast loading sites, filled with relevant, credible, and consistently published content. With that, we built a platform that changes the way investors and hybrid agents think about building their websites.

However site structure and design, content marketing and SEO optimization are NOT easy (especially in the beginning). Which is why we’re sharing our proven performance framework with you; to ease the stress of starting out so you can reach the results you care most about.

Attract the right traffic

Across 225 markets, Carrot sites capture over 50% of all Google 1, 2, and 3 rankings.

Convert motivated leads

Carrot sites convert traffic to leads at a 44% higher rate than the real estate industry standard.

Close more profitable deals

Carrot clients report a 7x higher lead-to-deal conversion and an increase of $13,932 profit per deal.

Learn how you can leverage Carrot’s performance to attract, convert, and close with a free demo today.

Tech Stack

Secure, reliable, and blazing fast

One…two…three seconds have passed by and your webpage still hasn’t loaded. If you aren’t careful about the foundation you build your site on, your clients will go to your competitors out of convenience. Carrot’s tech stack handles all the behind the scenes work, without you needing to lift a finger!

  • Carrot sites are 68.9% faster than custom WordPress sites.
  • Our uptime is at 99.99%. That makes us world class.
  • We run on a secure server so your data is always protected.

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Carrot owns almost 60% of the top 3 Google rankings*

It’s not a mistake. We’ve built the tools and trainings to get you ranked higher than your competitors.

Whether you do direct mail, SMS, bandit signs or TV ads, people are going to research you online after — so you need to make it easy for them to find you.

  • Access industry-leading SEO optimization tools and training to gain the competitive edge.
  • Our monthly Content Packs can boost your lead generation up to 12%.
  • Explore, discover, and perform competitor research on which keywords rank them higher.

*Data gathered from an internal study, reviewing rankings for “sell my house fast” searches across 225 markets

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Close more deals than ever before

Your well-designed custom built site…looks super pretty! But does it convert your visitors into leads and deals? (hint: it needs to)

Carrot’s sites are focused on usability to constantly increase the conversion rate of leads and deals as you make your way to building a business of freedom and impact.

  • Carrot traffic to lead conversion rates are almost 2x higher than the industry standard.
  • Carrot leads are 7x more likely to convert to deals than non-Carrot leads.
  • Our member’s average value per deal is $23K.

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Learn how you can leverage Carrot’s performance to attract, convert, and close with a free demo today.

See how Carrot members benefit from our high-performance framework

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Streamline your marketing efforts and grow your business with the advanced features and performance of Carrot.