The 20 Most Frequently Asked Questions

So, you still have questions eh? Awesome. Bring ’em on! :-)
Check out some of the more common questions people ask us about our real estate investor and agent website system.
If you can’t find the answer that you’re looking for, connect with our Support team here at anytime.

Do I need a website address before I get started?
Nope. You don’t. You can actually buy a website address (domain name) during our setup process if you don’t already have one… or you can always add a website address anytime in the future. So, don’t let that stop you. But, if you do already have your own domain names, awesome! You’re all set.

Can I move my website addresses to Carrot?
If you’re moving over from another website system (yay!) just input the website addresses you want us to set up sites for, then we’ll give you the instructions you’ll need to change the settings for your domain name so they point to your brand new Carrot websites. Easy peasy.

Do you have a private money website?
Great question. Short answer… NO. If you currently have a website dedicated to just recruiting private money you’re likely opening yourself up for trouble with the SEC. Our SEC attorneys have advised us over the past year to change strategies and unless you have specifically registered your program as a security with the SEC, you likely won’t want a private money dedicated site. But, good news. We’ve found that what is most effective today is using a website that builds credibility for your overall business, shows people what you’re all about, and has a simple “investors” page works even better than most “private money dedicated” sites. So, our main company websites are built with this in mind and comes with the Investor Questionnaire form, secure password protected investor pages so you can store sensitive docs and info behind a secure wall, and more.

I don’t have a company logo, what can I do?
Carrot sites support elegant text-based branding for your site, and the ability to easily upload an image for your logo. As your business grows and you are ready to invest in a professional logo, easily upload to your site, and we will help you make sure you website looks great with your new branding!

Is there a set-up fee?
Nope. Zero. Zilch. Nadda. None. (any other words for no?). We don’t charge setup fees. With our proprietary technology platform we’ve automated most of the setup process for new websites and are passing that savings along to you. We just know you’ll love your new Carrot real estate website system so much you’ll stay on as a customer for years to come. Win-win for everyone.

Do you search engine optimize my website for me?
When we set up your site we’ll ask you some questions that will help us do an initial search engine optimization jumpstart for your site. Often times this jumpstart helps our customers sites get ranked for popular searches in their local area within 2 weeks… but if you really want to get great results you should continue your SEO processes even after your site is set up. If you would rather outsource the ongoing SEO we have “done for you” SEO services we can refer you to that are reputable and we recommend. But the best way to get great search rankings for your website is to do what we teach you for free as an Carrot member each month in your Members Only Traffic and Conversion training ($199/mo value, Carrot site owners get access for free).

What if my company doesn’t fit the “stock” content?
Great. You should just edit it then :-) Unlike most other real estate website templates you’ll find out there today, we actually let you edit 100% everything about your website. You can easily edit all of your content (which we’d suggest you do, so you stand out from the crowd), all look/feel of your website, colors, structure, images, etc. Or, you can leave it as it is if you’d like. Heck, we even have professionally created images that are specific to any type of real estate investing business out there… so you can just grab one of our pre-made images.. for instance, for multi-family investing, slap it on your site and you’re ready to roll.

Can I add on more sites later if I want to?
Yes, you can get 1, 2, or 3 websites today (we have motivated seller lead gen sites, buyer lead gen sites, and the main business credibility building site)… and you can at any time take away or add websites any time you want. Easy peasy. So if you just want to try us out with one website right now… you can always add other ones down the road.

I need a buyer, seller, and rent-to-own websites… can you do that?
Yes, right now the 4 websites we offer our customers are a Motivated Seller Lead Generation Website, Buyers List Building and Property Selling Website, Rent-to-Own Website, and a Main Company Credibility Building Website. All sites come with unlimited squeeze pages, lead forms, blog capability, etc. So you get the full meal deal with each site system. And you can access all of your websites from one login, which makes it easy for you to manage your own sites.

What if I find out it’s just not for me, can I cancel easily?
Absolutely. If you find Carrot just isn’t right for you… you can cancel easily right inside your account. We actually believe in making it easy for our customers to get a hold of us. Novel idea huh? :-)

Can I hook up Google Analytics or other tracking to my site?
Yes. It takes about 17 seconds to hook up your Google Analytics code to your site. Our video tutorials will show you how.

Do I get email with my website? Hows that work?
If you want to have emails for the domain name that you’re getting sites for, you can actually manage the emails on your end either through Google Apps or through the company you purchased your domains from. When you set up your sites with us you’ll simple do a quick “A” Record change (we’ll show you how) so you’ll still keep full control over the email management of your site.

Can I hook up my own autoresponder to your websites?
Absolutely. By default you’ll have a sophisticated “drag and drop” forms builder right in your website system… so you can use our forms if you want. We’ll also store all of your leads for you and you can set up 1 time autoresponse emails when someone submits a form on your site. But, we’ve also integrated with Aweber and Mailchimp so you can still use our Forms Builder but with your Aweber or Mailchimp accounts. Or, you can totally ditch our forms engine if you want and just use your own. So you again, have full control over your own forms.

I’m not very technical, can I edit the site?
If you are technical enough to be able to log into Facebook… or use Microsoft word… you’ll be able to update and use your Carrot website system. If you want to dig in and really make Carrot zing you will need a slight amount of tech savvy… but you’ll never have to touch a bit of code… just our easy to use and familiar user interface. But, if you’re 100% non-technical and want no part of even logging into your site… you can find countless consultants who can help you with updates or you can hire our team for a fair rate to help you out. Don’t let technology be a barrier to you and your success.

Will I get support after I sign up?
Do people really do that? I mean, sell stuff and then fall off the face of the earth? Well, you can find us easily 5 days a week, M – F through our contact form, our Facebook page, or our email address We’re a small shop but we like to get back to our members quickly. Our goal is to have you as a long-term customer and the only way to do that is to over-deliver and provide great service and a great product.

Does the monthly fee include hosting?
Yes, the monthly fee for the plan you choose includes hosting on our secure servers, system upgrades as we develop new technology, support, free access to the Members Only Training Center and monthly Members Only Internet Marketing and Lead Generation Training ($49/mo value, Carrot members get it free), and more.

Do you help drive traffic to our websites for us?
No. Your new websites will be optimized to help you make the most out of the traffic and to help you get an edge in the search engines… but you’ll have to do the work to actually let people know about your website. We show you how in the free training you’ll get as a member… and we have vendors we recommend who can help you with this as well.

Is the website optimized for mobile?
Yes, your websites will look and operate great on most smart phones today.