Running For A Reason: Umpqua Strong Race… YOU Helped Raise Over $60,000 For Scholarships

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A few years back we started this company and we decided to do it differently than my previous companies.

We said… “Everything will be focused on us living and delivering our Core Values within our team and our customers, building fun into our company, being a ‘beacon of positivity and possibility‘ for our clients and community, and truly genuinely care about people… so this company and our team can amplify those great people and great causes around us”.

umpstrongFast forward 3 years and it’s pretty humbling and awesome seeing this company grow with intention.

Last weekend was one of those times.

Over 2,000 runners and walkers set out to bring positive attention to the tragic events that happened at Umpqua Community College one year ago in our small Oregon community.

The Umpqua Strong Race 9k and 5k event was born to honor the victims and raise money for UCC foundation. The event raised more than $60,000 which goes toward funding 10 scholarship programs in the names of the shooting’s victims and survivors.

YOU, the Carrot community and our Carrot team was able to raise over $6,700 for the cause and it’s a HUGE testament to the amazing community of clients, listeners, and team members we’ve been able to attract over the years.

Thank YOU.

The Carrot Team wants to send a HUGE thank you to everyone who made a pledge towards the cause! Thank you for everyone who sent prayers toward our community this past year. Thank everyone for being inspired to also “genuinely care” and be that “beacon of positivity and possibility” in your world and to pass those good vibes here to Roseburg, Oregon… a community most of you have never been to.

It means a lot.

So with that said, we wanted to write up a quick little post and share the day with all of you. You helped make a massive difference and we’re proud as heck of having you in our lives. Sorry if we didn’t get everyone running in the pics! Some of you were so fast we couldn’t find ya on the course!

Roseburg and Carrot Thanks YOU!

umpqua strong race team-carrot
Most of our Carrot team and some of their families. Just missing Adrian who was stuck in Hurricane weather in North Carolina! Next time man!
umpqua strong race Trevor
Trevor feeling good on the 9k as he passes someone walking :-) (NOTE FROM TREVOR: I was dying at this point… note to self, run more often than 3 times a year).
umpqua strong race Carly
Carly getting around the amazing turnout of participants
umpqua strong race morgan and alex
Morgan and Alex drove down from Portland 3 hours away to join us and support the community. Look like they’ve done this before.
umpqua strong race brendan
Brendan, our PPC and content expert, is our resident runner in his Carrot Orange garb. Chris said something funny right before taking the picture haha.
You were a part of raising over $60k to help fund scholarships at Umpqua Community College in the names of the 9 victims of the shooting. One Carrot client, Harvey G. in California even stepped up and wrote a $3k check to support the cause!!! WOW. Almost made us tear up at Carrot HQ.

Thank You For Being Amazing. We’re Grateful For An Amazing Community In Roseburg and With You, The Carrot Community!

umpqua strong race Carrot Team 2

Brendan Holmes

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