3 Conversion Rate Boosting Tweaks On Our Rent To Own Websites – Average 30%+

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Rent To Own websites Conversion Rate
How Is Your Website Converting? See 3 tests we recently ran and how our rent to own websites average an over 30% conversion rate across our network of websites.

We are constantly talking about conversion rates here at InvestorCarrot. Testing and improving the conversion rates on our platform is part of our everyday culture.

Not just something we mention from time to time… but it’s part of a deep-seated belief and responsibility to our members and our Carrot Community that if we’re not innovating and helping our members’ continually improve their own results, we’re not doing our job.

So at any given time here at CarrotHQ we have between 15-30 split tests running on members websites, testing ways to improve conversion rates for motivated seller leads, cash buyers, note sellers, private lenders, tenants, and rent to own tenant buyers.

Behind the scenes we’ve wrapped up tests that have boosted conversion rates big time, then we roll those changes out to our members’ websites automatically in many cases. This post will dive into some of our recent tests on our rent to own websites and what has helped bump those conversion rates up over 25%-40% in some cases.

NOTE: To learn more about what a “conversion rate” is, check out this post on our blog.

Recent Rent To Own Website Conversion Tests We’ve Wrapped Up:
The Results Are Crazy Good

Today we want to show you some actual data from tests we still have running or just wrapped up from our Carrot customers websites and explain why they are achieving such awesome results with their rent to own / lease option website systems.

If you have the content pro package and are looking to spin up another site, this post might pique your interest.

If you don’t have a Carrot account, this might help you decide to finally take the plunge.

To be fair, some websites perform better than others.  Obviously, there are factors that contribute to this, like search engine ranking, traffic quality, and effort the customer put into customizing their website a bit to build more credibility into it.

3 Conversion Boosting Elements In Our Rent To Own Tenant Buyer Websites

We’ll dive into how our rent to own websites convert on average more than 30% of visitors to leads across our network. This section will show you specific real test results on just a few of our members’ sites that we’ve run tests on recently.

rent to own website templates conversion
Rent To Own House List Website: This Birmingham investor is seeing crazy great results with their rent to own website as you’ll see below.

Before we dive in, just a quick reminder that all content on our InvestorCarrot customers’ websites are copyright protected. We’d love for you to use this article as inspiration for changes you can make to your own websites… but please don’t copy any of the wording or phrasing on these website examples as they are copyright protected for use for our active Carrot customers only.

There are a lot of important elements on a rent to own website (seen below). We have honed these elements over the years to make for higher conversions as evidenced by the 48,000+ real estate investing leads our members generate per month through opt-in and phone calls from their real estate investor websites.

Carrot Member SEO Leads January 2019

Today we will show you 3 elements (out of dozens) that in our tests helped improve the conversion rate and results of our rent to own websites inside of our InvestorCarrot platform.

If you’re looking to generate rent to own / lease option tenant buyer leads, check out InvestorCarrot and our platform. You can leverage the same lead generation system these investors are… personalize it a bit for your company, and let ‘er fly!

1. Give Tenant Buyers What They Actually Want…
Having A Clear Benefit Oriented Call To Action

One thing we always do when we’re crafting high converting content for our real estate investor website system is put ourselves in the mind of the person visiting that website.

In this case, it’s a person looking to rent to own / lease option/lease purchase (whatever you call it in your area) a house.

When they land on your rent to own website, they likely came from an ad or through SEO… and have 1 thing in their mind.

They want to see rent to own homes.

They don’t want a free report.

They don’t really want to get on a list (although they will).

They want to see houses to see if one fits what they’re looking for… so they can reach their dream of homeownership sometime soon.

So, on all of our websites, we prominently feature a link in the main navigation that specifically has a phrase that describes exactly what benefits they wanted to get on your site. In this case, it’s seeing available rent to own houses.

As you can see in the heat map below from one of our tests, the most clicked after link on the website is the “Available Rent To Own Homes” link.

So we put it in the top left corner, the first place your eye goes when looking for something on a website.

The heat map below will show you how often that link is clicked by a user. The warmer the area, the more it’s clicked by the website visitor… meaning that element is really engaging them and drawing their eye.

Heat Map 1: Giving The Visitor EXACTLY What They’re Looking For
(NOT Free Reports)

Rent To Own Heatmap
What Do Tenant Buyers Want? You’ll notice we specifically use the words that in our research tenant buyers have told us they’re looking for. “See available homes” or “available rent to own homes” are what they’re looking for. Not to get on a “list”. Not to get a free report. This is all built into InvestorCarrot rent to own websites from day 1 for our members.

So we tested moving the “Available Rent To Own Homes” link on another Carrot members website (below) to see if that would change the results.

Heat Map 2: To Prove It, We Moved The Link… And It Still Draws A Ton Of Attention (by design)

Rent To Own Homes In NC Heatmap
A Fireball Of Activity:  At Carrot, we’ve pioneered and perfected the “Hero Opt-In” on our real estate investing websites. You’ll notice the area with the most “heat” is the “hero” section opt-in that we’ve honed and perfected over the past year. But, the “Available Rent To Own Homes” link is moved on this site to be just over the opt-in box… which in this case showed higher action. When a visitor clicks that link… they’re taken to a squeeze page that is converting really well on our sites.

Last, in one test, the result of specifically having “See Available Rent To Own Homes” vs. “Click Here” on the opt-in button… boosted results about 5%. This test is still running, but the results below are very very similar to several other tests we’ve run with high levels of confidence.


Everything we build into our InvestorCarrot websites is intentional and based on our 10+ years of online marketing and lead generation experience in this industry and the constant testing we’re doing here at Carrot.

2. Don’t Just Use A Squeeze Page… Engage Then Convert

Some people will hit the home page, read a few things, and immediately opt-in.

Others will spend more time on a site doing their homework and soaking in the information.

If a user scrolls down to the bottom of the site and decides that they are ready to convert, don’t make them scroll all the way to the top.

Have a call to action links halfway down the page… and give your website visitors tons of opportunities to click info that leads them on the path of converting as a lead.

See the heat map below.

When someone clicks these links, every single page on our rent to own websites is a conversion page designed to convert the visitor into a lead.

59% Of All Clicks On The Page Came On The Links, Pictures, And Content BELOW The Opt-In Box At The Top



This website converts over 37% of all visitors to a lead. (which is pretty darn high)


3. Make Every Page A Conversion Page

A big mistake most real estate investors make on their websites is they focus the majority of their “lead conversion” energy on just 1 page of their website.

It’s usually their home page… then the other pages on their website don’t give the visitor a clear call to action to convert as a lead.

We’ve run tons of tests on this across all of our different websites at InvestorCarrot, and found that when we gear every single page on the website to be a lead conversion page… overall leads went up on that website.

On our websites, as you saw above… we have lots of engaging content for readers to browse, build credibility, and learn how your process works. That’s great! But on every single one of those pages, they click to (the “How it works” page, the “About Us” page, the “Contact” page, the “FAQ” page, etc.)… they are all “mini squeeze pages”. See below.

The “How It Works” Page On This InvestorCarrot Rent To Own Website

real estate investor websites for rent to own
Every Page Is A Lead Conversion Page: When someone clicks the “how it works” links on the home page, they are taken to a page that is engaging, answers their questions, but also has multiple spots to convert as a lead. That orange box above converts visitors of that page to leads, the image below it leads to a “lead capture” page, and at the bottom of this page (not shown in the screenshot above) is a spot to convert as a lead as well. It all adds up to higher conversions for our InvestorCarrot members.  Join InvestorCarrot here to set up your Rent To Own Lead Gen website!

Those are just 3 of the 21+ elements we’ve built into our InvestorCarrot websites based on data and testing to make them perform better for our members.

Why are conversion rates so important?

If you get 100 visitors to your website… and your website is converting at a 15% conversion rate for rent to own tenant buyers… thats 15 leads per 100 visitors.


But if your website is converting at 30%… for every 100 visitors to your website you’re bringing in 30 leads (DOUBLE)… with no extra work, no extra traffic… just pure extra leads and profits.

Our motivated seller websites convert crazy well too, so do our cash buyer websites.

When you choose the route you’re going to go with your real estate investor websites for your company… don’t just look at what a site looks like.

Look at how it performs.

InvestorCarrot focuses on results over all else and has the support to help you ramp it up from there.


In the end, if your rent to own tenant buyer website isn’t converting at least 25%+ of all visitors to a lead… your website is underperforming and you’re missing out on great potential leads and revenue.

This conversion case study only focused on a few elements that we found to increase the conversion rate on our websites. These same principles are built into all of our Carrot websites (sellers, buyers, note buyers, etc.).

Another part of our rent to own lead gen websites that are really producing great results and reducing the amount of time our customers have to spend filtering out low quality leads is our 2 Step Opt-In Qualification Process that we’ve perfected for the real estate investment industry. Read more about that 

If you’re not an InvestorCarrot member yet but want similar results for your rent to own tenant buyer lead gen campaigns… what are you waiting for? ;-) Take a demo of InvestorCarrot or look at our pricing and plans.

Hit me w/ questions below!  What do you find interesting, cool, weird, or just awesome about these test results? Join the convo below.


I love to organize and optimize. I love the intersection of people, process, and profit.

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