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It’s been 2 years in the making… over 350 beta tester real estate investors later… and we’re officially releasing REItheme real estate investor websites to the whole world (at least… the whole real estate investor world ;-).


The Story

The story of how we came to be over the last 2 years is really pretty simple.  We ourselves are real estate investors and own rental properties still today.  In addition, we’ve worked with thousands of real estate investors around the country through our free tools and content at our sister site  Through working with our subscribers and students there was one common need that they all voiced…

“I need a simple but effective website to use. Do you have a recommendation?”

We got that question over and over… so in 2010 we decided to create the first version of the REItheme sites just for those initial members.  That group was our “beta” group which is over 350 members strong now. Giving us feedback, testing the sites, using them for their own real estate investing businesses… the whole shibang.

Then, finally… after enough procrastinating and delaying (because we’ve been so darn busy growing our other companies)… we decided to finish out REItheme so the entire real estate investor community can have access to the website system we’ve developed over the last 2 years.

Why We’re Different

The real estate investor website market has been a pretty stale market over the past 5 years. No real innovations, no one really deciding to take the leadership role in the market, and no one really focusing on what is best for the customer for running their real estate investor websites.

Above all… here are the main reasons why we’re excited about REItheme (and so are our customers):

  • Customization:  No two real estate investing businesses are the same, so why should you use the exact same website as 1,000+ other investors?  That’s not the recipe for success in any business. You have to differentiate your company from the rest.  With REItheme we’ve worked hard to make it so you can easily customize virtually every aspect of your website.  From the branding, colors, and look/feel of your website… to the content… lead capture forms… properties… and more.  You can put your own personal touch on your real estate investor website so it’s not like thousands of others… and you take control over every aspect of your website and no longer have to rely on a web guy or someone else to update your content for you.
  • Stellar Member Experiences:  Over the past several years our team has built multiple successful companies, combined reaching into the 7 figures… and a huge thing we’ve learned is that the better we’re able to create great customer experiences… the more our customers love us… and the more people flock to our services.  So, we’re not just about amassing as many customers as we can… we’re about making using REItheme the best possible experience for you… from the signup to using your website day in and day out.
  • Leveraging Social Media and the Search Engines:  A HUGE drawback of most other real estate investor website templates on the market is that they look like they were built in 1987 and haven’t been built with the new technologies in mind.  We’ve been able to generate over 30,000 real estate related leads directly from the search engines by ranking our pages and sites high for competitive search terms.  Most website systems today in the real estate investor world never crack the top few pages of search results mainly because they weren’t built from the ground up with search engine optimization in mind.  The same goes for social media.  We want to make it easy for you to get the benefits of social media sites like Facebook… right from your own website.
  • Credibility:  Credibility is a big thing in any business… especially as a real estate investor.  So, it’s very important what your website looks like and what it says when your prospects and clients find their way to your site.  Our top notch design and copywriting team has put together great looking and professional websites that give a great first impression… and we’ve added in credibility elements that’ll help you relay the right message to people you want to work with.  Easily add in testimonials, tell your story about your company on your about page, and more.
  • Continual Improvements:  We have a dedicated team focused on continually making REItheme the best website system for real estate investors today… and in the future.  As new technologies come and go… we’ll continually update the system so you get those benefits without having to hire a web guy every time things change.  Also, we’re continually testing our websites and finding new ways to make them rank higher in search engines, generate more leads, and be easier for you to use… and we always push those results down to your websites automatically.  With REItheme you won’t have to worry about being left behind the technology curve… we’ll help you stay ahead of it.

The Future

We’ve got big plans for REItheme and the growth of this company and the growth of our customers businesses.  We have no intentions of building REItheme into a “one stop shop” for real estate investor tools.  There are already great systems out there that will calculate your offers on properties, manage your deals, run comps, and other great things.

That’s not our focus.

Our focus is to be the single best system for managing your web presence for your real estate investing business… with the features that help generate more traffic and leads as the main focus… and keeping the system simple and not packed with features 95% of investors don’t need.

Getting Started

So, if you’re a real estate investor and are looking for a better way to manage your online presence, generate leads, and regain control over your websites… check out REItheme to see if its a fit for you.

Also, if you know other investors who could use a website system like REItheme… check out our referral Partner program where you can earn 25% commissions on ever new REItheme member you refer (for the life of their account).

Enjoy and we look forward to working with you!

– Trevor and the REItheme Team

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