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Get In Touch With Your New Leads Faster – Instant SMS Notifications

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Contacting Your Leads Within An Hour Increases Your Chances Of Success By 7 Times…

An article from the Harvard Business Review detailed the importance of response time when following up with a lead. According to the study,

“Companies that try to contact potential customers within an hour of receiving queries are nearly 7 times as likely to have meaningful conversations with key decision makers as firms that try to contact prospects even an hour later. Yet only 37% of companies respond to queries within an hour.”

That’s 7 times the chance of connecting with that motivated house seller, cash buyer, private lender, or tenant… just because you’re responding within the first hour.

If you’re responding within the first 10 minutes… can you imagine the impact that’ll have on the trust and rapport you’ll build with the seller?

This statistic is not surprising, considering how technology has increased expectations of how we communicate.

Motivated house sellers who call you up or submit info on your website have a lot of things to get done and want their problem with their house solved quickly… and hanging around for a callback isn’t something they want to do.

So how can you give yourself an edge with each motivated seller lead that comes through your website? Call them back immediately. And you can do this by ensuring you get your leads’ real-time notifications.

How can you do that?

Why Just Relying On Email Lead Notifications May Be Costing You Deals And Profits

If you’re like me, you get a lot of emails.

That’s a lot of distraction in the inbox competing for your attention… and if your only way of receiving a lead from your real estate investment website is via email… you may be at risk of missing the email… see it hours later… or it being filtered out as spam by an overzealous spam filter.

Since just 1 hour makes such a massive difference when talking to motivated sellers… how can we ensure that you know about every lead that comes in as soon as the seller submits it?

Use Our New “Instant SMS Notifications” Feature to Reduce Your Own Response Time Immediately

At Carrot, we constantly strive for incremental improvements in our software to deliver the best value to our members.

To help you as a real estate agent or investor reduce response time, we include a simple feature that can be activated on your existing Carrot website forms in seconds.

Instant SMS Notifications are a simple way to send real-time lead information directly to your cell phone as a text message.


Part of responding to leads quickly is having the right system in place.

This software feature goes one step beyond a basic tool to send texts and allows customization and smart information to be sent. In order to call a customer back and have a meaningful conversation, it is important to know relevant information… and have it right there at your fingertips when the lead comes in.

Why Do I Need A Text Message? Can’t I Just Check My Email?

Yep, you totally can! But what if you’re in an area where you don’t have access to wifi or your cell coverage in that area isn’t good enough to really pull up and load your email client quickly?

I’ve been in areas sometimes (even in the middle of big cities) where my Gmail app literally can’t pull up my emails because the data connection is so poor.

But… my phone can get text messages just fine.

That alone could be the difference between a 10-minute response time vs. a 3-hour response time and losing the deal to another agent or investor who called the prospect back more quickly.

When You’re On The Go… Relevant Information Is Key

When calling a lead back, knowing some basic info about them and their situation is essential.

Their time is valuable, and being unprepared with a quick call only fixes half of their problem.

So with our Instant SMS Notifications, we’ll give you the vital contact info of the new lead in an instant text… along with a quick “tap and go” link to access your Carrot account where the rest of the info they submitted is stored if you want to see the full data right away.


If you have their callback information, see their question, their email, and where they came from on your website, the conversation can proceed without time spent on minor details.

How To Set Up Your Automated Instant Text Notifications On Your Carrot Account Today

The following tutorial will assist you in setting up SMS Notifications on forms. From there, you will receive a text message with relevant information based on where the user opt-ins on your website and any other relevant data.


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