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We are really excited to announce our newest set of features. Carrot members have already messaged us and let us know how much they love these new features and how they are making their lives and running their businesses easier.

Today, we want to officially share with you all of the hard work our team has been doing behind the scenes and show you how you can get the most out of these new Carrot features.

Of course, all of this hard work goes back to our Carrot Core Values!

Constant and Never Ending Incremental Improvement

As you’ve seen, we’ve been on a roll in 2016 with the new innovations and features we’ve been rolling out to help make your life easier and more profitable.


So with that… let’s talk about the Carrot Lead Manager.

Round 1 Of Our Lead Manager Enhancements

In the past, we’ve focused heavily on what happens before someone becomes a lead. The SEO tools and strategy, the performance and conversion rate, content marketing tools… you know the gig. But we honestly haven’t changed the way you view your leads a whole lot.

Yes, we integrate with lots of CRM and email marketing systems but we wanted to make your lead management experience much better, easier, and more effective within your Carrot account.

No longer do your leads just show up in one big ol’ list of leads.

You can now view all of your site’s leads in our new Lead Dashboard.

Just visit your account and click on the “Leads” option in your dashboard.

The New Leads View On Your Websites

new carrot features all-leads-view
The New Lead Manager… now view your leads in one place with easy filtering by form (other filtering and lead stages coming soon!). Also quickly see the most important info on your leads in seconds.

This First Enhancement (of many to come) Of The Leads Manager Helps You… 

  • See all of your leads in one place
  • Filter by form quickly and easily
  • Indicate by color whether you’ve already looked at the lead or not
  • Quickly see the most important info on your leads
  • More easily use your cell phone or mobile device to check out your leads (fully mobile responsive)

More Information In Less Time

Using Zillow’s data, we are able to show you useful information about the lead’s property right inside your Carrot dashboard.

This helps you quickly see if the lead is a hot lead, questions to follow up on while you are on the phone, or a great way to see the house details without having to go out to Zillow to search for it.

I Like the New Lead format. (Specifically) I like attaching to Zillow. I can get a quicker idea where the house is on the map. Plus I can see comparable recent sales all within a minute of getting a text message.
Eugene Hoffman

Here is what it looks like when a lead gives you a properly formatted address (if you are getting incomplete addresses check out this post).

New Google Streetview + Maps + Zillow Data For Your Seller Leads

new carrot features lead-view

The last update to this new feature is the ability to leave notes on the lead. You can easily have a VA leave notes or drop yourself a helpful reminder of a follow-up action to be taking on the lead information.

Ever Wonder What Marketing Is Actually Producing Your Leads? Introducing Campaigns…

This alone separates top-level investors and beginners, ROI tracking and ROI knowledge.

It’s simple… your business cannot scale if you don’t know how much you should spend per lead. We made a helpful tool for you to find how much you should be spending per deal.

Hands down the hardest part of knowing your ROI is tracking.

Until now…

Carrot’s Campaign Tracking Tool

We kept hearing top-level investors complaining that tracking their marketing was difficult. We totally understand because we have a lot of tracking in place as well.

We took our knowledge of campaign tracking and with the help of our development team launched a simple interface in your dashboard that lets you track any campaign.

Now You Can Create Unique Tracking Links For Your Online Marketing


Carrot’s campaign tracking feature. The official tutorial can be found here.

You can select any piece of content on your Carrot website, tell us where it will be shared, and we will track how many leads come from that link.

You can quickly look at your account and see which pieces of content are performing and which are underperforming.

There is no need to have 3 different apps all tracking your conversion rates and clicks.

A note about campaign limits: Every Carrot member will have access to campaigns. However, Core members will have the ability to launch two campaigns while Content Pro will have up to 15 campaigns. We’re currently working on another plan level that will roll out this fall that will include unlimited tracking links.

Our New Better And More Robust Website Dashboard

Now every Carrot website has it’s own dashboard to help you quickly see what you should do next and your most important stats.

Our development team really knocked it out of the park with this new feature.

Every time you log in to your account you will see

  • How many visitors have ever come to your site, plus how many in the last week.
  • How many leads your account has.
  • Navigation icons to easily get where you want to go in your Carrot account.
  • A preview of your live site.
  • A series of action items that we have outlined for you to be the most successful with your online marketing.
  • Your analytics dashboard, which shows you where your leads are coming from.
  • Which content you have scheduled for the month.
  • Your campaign tracking data.

Your New Website Dashboard: Everything In One Place + Action Items

new carrot dashboard view

You can now view the most important data right inside your Carrot dashboard.

If You LOVE These New Features, Just Wait Until You See What’s Next

We can’t let the cat out of the bag right now but our team is working behind the scenes to roll out some amazing new features in the coming weeks and months that will help you…

  • Better manage your SEO campaigns and rankings
  • More effectively attract leads if you’re a real estate agent
  • Better and more simply organize your leads into stages and see at a snapshot how many leads are in each stage
  • … and more!

Keep an eye out in your Carrot accounts for these updates and on this blog for the official releases.

Not a Carrot member but love what you’re seeing?

Head over and check out our pricing and plans and grab the plan that fits you the best. You won’t be sorry :-)

Start Using These New Carrot Features Now…

Or, be the next new client to crush it with Carrot’s real estate investor inboard marketing system. The next step to the world’s strongest and simplest real estate platform.



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