EP 372: Top 8 KPIs for Wholesalers & Flippers [+Free Property Repair Estimate Checklist] w/ Shane Garza

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About this episode:

Once upon a time, Shane spent 4 years in Prison, was homeless, using drugs, and headed in the wrong direction. Fast forward to 2022, he leads a team of nearly 10 people running a 7-figure wholesaling & flipping business. One of the things Shane excels at is organized growth.

He knows what KPIs, key performance indicators, to pay attention to and how to use them to scale your real estate investing business. So, if your one KPI is – “am I making money?” you might want to listen in. In the early days, that’s fine.

But if you’re doing deals regularly, spending money on ads, and leading a team, you need your metrics dialed in. Listen in,

and we’ll break it down.

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👉 Shane’s Free Property Repair Estimate Checklist

Shane’s Carrot site: Simpleandfastoffer.com




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