EP 462: How to Structure & Grow your Team in a Real Estate Wholesaling Business w/ Ryan Dossey & Jason Lewis

What hires should you make as a wholesaler? Do you need an assistant in the office or a virtual assistant? Acquisitions or dispositions? It depends on your income, the business you want to build, and what gives YOU energy. These two investors and I will walk you through how they have scaled large, successful teams that are closing deals consistently, with only working a few hours per week. It wasn’t easy in the beginning, but there is a way to grow and scale an investing business that runs without you. Enjoy this session from the Carrot Summit, and check out the video version on CarrotCast.com.

Mentioned in this episode:

Connect with Jason at The Investor Machine

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Brady Winder

Carrot's Content Strategist & Host of Carrot's Podcast. Loves family, music, good conversation and all things Volvo.

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