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We’re looking for a few good partners…

Wanna grow your passive income with Carrot and help other investors succeed at the same time?

So, interesting story…

Over the last 6 months or so we’ve had lots of Carrot customers ask us this question…

“I love InvestorCarrot! Can I refer other people to Carrot and earn a commission on the referral?”

We were so darn focused on creating a great product for real estate investors looking for the best possible system for generating inbound traffic and leads… we neglected to let our members spread the word about our system.

So we did create an affiliate program (we call it our Partner Program) last year… and as you’ll see today and in the coming week… we’re really rolling out our efforts to support our Partners in an even bigger way now. More on that in a bit.

But back to our customers.

We now have a bunch of Carrot customers who joined our Partner Program and are making solid passive income helping other investors leverage our system.

We even have a few customers who are selling consulting locally… then setting their clients up on InvestorCarrot and making money helping them leverage our system (while the client pays THEM money each month).

Our biggest referral Partners currently get checks in the thousands each month as passive income (and we haven’t even made it easy for them to promote us up until this point!)

Crazy, right?

So the other day, I was at a party talking to a powerful executive for a huge company. I told him that another business owner was using our system to make 5X more than we were charging by leveraging our platform and helping his clients get great results for their real estate investment businesses. 

He told me to immediately fire that guy, because we were “leaving money on the table”.

But I laughed at him. I don’t think he gets it.

He was telling me all about how I needed to hire a bunch more folks and “capture the market”.

That’s what made me crack up: I started picturing the Monopoly guy trapped in a cage. “We captured the market!”


Ok, maybe it’s not so funny…

But that’s how the old Titans of Industry used to think! And clearly, some of them still do.

This guy is part of that old set, and frankly I think he’s struggling.

That part isn’t funny at all… it’s sad.

His first thought is how he can crush the market and take every cent of profit out of it for himself…

… our mindset is “How can we work with our Carrot customers to help THEM make even more money by leveraging our system even more… to help OTHER people in the process?”.

We realize (and so do our most successful Carrot members) that there’s more than enough wealth and income to go around… if we just provide a ton of value to those we’re out there to help.  Heck, even if you and 10 other investors are in the exact same city and you all use Carrot… it’s not a bad thing. It can actually be a good thing.

Other investors aren’t your competitors… they’re your potential collaborators… and the more you can help THEM be successful… the more successful you’ll be.


That guy above is not thinking like a successful investor.

He’s thinking like someone who is just now realizing exactly how much retirement is going to cost him, since that Golden Parachute didn’t inflate the way he’d hoped.

He’s thinking like someone who is insecure. He doesn’t have the confidence of a seasoned real estate investor and he thinks that by someone else doing well that it detracts from him (which is the opposite of the truth).

I’ve been really lucky in my life – I’ve gotten to meet a lot of ultra-rich people. Most of them radiate confidence. Some haven’t been able to shake the insecurity of poverty. But the really wealthy ones – not necessarily the ones with the most money… but the people who are truly secure in life… those people shine.

This guy was not shining.

But listen, I told him.

“We don’t want them to stop making money off of our platform. Our company’s goal is to help people make money and improve their lives and the lives of others off of what we’ve built. It’s pretty great for all of us actually.”

That’s called a platform business, I told him – and I pulled out my iPhone to explain.

The iPhone is a great example of a platform business. It brought together people who never knew they needed each other.


16-must-have-iphone-apps-for-broadcastingI mean, come on – 10 years ago, who knew that 100 million people needed Angry Birds?

But seriously – we’re building InvestorCarrot because we want to plant something powerful and watch it grow. We want a huge harvest so everyone can feast together.

InvestorCarrot is a platform business because it brings people together on a common platform and lifts up everyone who chooses to leverage it well.


Being a platform business means that other people will get rich off our system… not just one “owner” – but a whole community of people building wealth together.

And that’s fine by us. We love helping people to build wealth.

Wealth beyond just money… Personal wealth, emotional wealth, spiritual wealth – there are so many layers to the emotional intangibles of fulfillment, what makes us deeply satisfied with life, and stable for a strong future.

See, wealth never happens without relationships – not just who you know, but how you interact with other people… In business, relationships are worth a ton.

We’re big believers in the power of collaboration.


InvestorCarrot helps people to grow.

Wealth building is about boosting up other people – it’s about community development. We’re developing our local community – and the InvestorCarrot community.


We’re Looking For A Few Good Partners

We don’t want just anyone. We want strong minded people who think like business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs who want to build wealth for themselves, their families, and their communities by helping others succeed.

There’s a few ways that InvestorCarrot can help those kind of people to earn great money – even big bucks.

I’m going to get into specifics, but first – indulge me as I tell you a story about the heart, soul and meaning of our company:

We know we’ve built a pretty awesome system, and it’s working really well.

In just the past week I’ve talked to two different users of our system that are new investors.

Separate mentors referred each of them to InvestorCarrot just a couple of months ago to build their very first sites and start generating leads.

They paid for the training, they worked really hard in their local markets, and they are each closing multiple deals this month.

There were a couple of stumbles.

It wasn’t easy. They were scared. They took risks that might not have paid off… but they did.

They’ve each already made over $15,000 in the past 45 days from leads they got on the system. They’re on the way to more deals. Leads are coming in every day because they built a solid marketing engine for their business. (NOTE: Does this mean it’ll happen to you too? Nope. These members decided to make it work, put in the focus, and did what we instructed. No excuses. Just action.)

Dude, I can’t tell you how happy that makes us.

It’s not just about the money.

It’s allowed at least one single mom (that I know about) to quit her job and focus on building her investment business full-time.

She’s able to live the dream of being her own boss – and making a lot more money than she was getting in a paycheck.

That matters so much. My mom was a single mom… I watched her struggle to pay the bills, crying when she couldn’t afford enough groceries… So it’s deeply personal for me and very satisfying to be a part of a team that’s helping single moms to become financially independent.

Now, that won’t work like that for everyone. There are a lot of factors that create the success of a real estate investor. Luck plays a huge role.

Hey, we all wanna get lucky, right? ;)

But back to our story:

We started with websites for real estate investors – and that will always be our main focus and niche.

Real estate is very special, and we love it. It’s the best single way to build wealth that we know of when you do it right.

We’re Real Estate Entrepreneurs.

Just Like You.

We want what you want – lifestyles of freedom and autonomy. Our goal is not to work insane amounts of hours shackled to a cubicle – like you, we love to get out there and enjoy life. Our investments work for us – we don’t want to get stuck working for our investments.

We prefer to grow our business just like real estate – with leverage.

By leveraging our system as one of our referral Partners, you can add a big check from us to your bank account each month.

We’re already paying a few dozen affiliates some decent sized checks simply for telling others about InvestorCarrot and how it can help them grow their own real estate business.

Remember that guy I mentioned in the beginning?

The one who is making thousands of dollars each month by providing a great consulting service and leveraging our system for their websites?

I want to tell you a little bit more about what he’s doing, but I can’t tell you the details yet… so forgive me if I seem a little vague.

But he’s doing something that we do too… it’s a behavior we really seek in partners… remember? Leverage… exerting minimal effort for maximum result.

He’s leveraging his real estate investment knowledge by helping out other entrepreneurs. He’s charging a lot for his services, of course.

He’s acting as a mentor in so many ways… he’s providing expertise on marketing, strategy and more.

There’s a ton that this guy is doing to add value for his clients, and it makes them money each month while the leads pour in through their InvestorCarrot sites.

He provides the service… then has his clients get websites setup on InvestorCarrot because it’s fast, easy, and effective.

Who Is The Perfect Person For Our Partner Program?

We absolutely LOVE our bigger partners… the people who can send a ton of customers our way each month (50+).  But they’re few and far between.

However, our favorite people to have in our Partner Program are our InvestorCarrot users who are using the system themselves… getting results… see the benefits… and become evangelists for us and spread the word far and wide.

Like Adrian N. out of West Virginia who has been a Carrot member for quite a while… and has already referred over 7 or 8 other new members… who are also now getting great results.

Like David B. out of New York who is an active investor himself… but also an expert online marketer. He’s now consistently referring members over simply because he uses Carrot himself… loves it… and its quick and easy to get rolling (even if you’re an advanced online marketer like him).

Like Scott C. and now a new Partner Sharon V. who are active investors… but also well respected bloggers. They are paying InvestorCarrot members themselves and spread the word about their experience with InvestorCarrot to other investors through our Partner Program… and earn commission each and every month in the process.

We want Partners who are hungry to grow, hungry to help others, and hungry to add another stream of income to their bank account each month.

If you’re earning less than $50k a month right now in your business… helping us spread the Carrot word and platform to other investors can help you add an extra $100, $500, $1k, $3k/mo+ to your bottom line.

All I know is that I want hungry people who are on their way to huge wealth to team up with InvestorCarrot. We’re planting a big garden together, and we want to share the harvest.

If that sounds like you…

Head over to the affiliate center and register as an affiliate – it only takes a minute.

Join Our Partner Program >>

Once you do, you’ll have access to a lot of materials, banner ads and way more cool stuff… plus the inside scoop on some great new ways to earn major cash that will be released soon.

Let’s build wealth for you… it starts by clicking here now.

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  1. Jim Gorman IV

    OnCarrot folks, . . . . I’ll refer clients to you when, and if, I get the opportunity. I’m not sure how this will go but if there is any finders fee let’s give it to a charity. I’m also planning on your help in my RE business. Cheers, Jim Gorman 4

    • Aaron McManus Aaron McManus

      Thanks Jim! That’s a great offer – we’d love to help fundraise for the charity of your choice that way! If you head over to our affiliate center ( and register, we’ll send you 25% of the proceeds from that… or we can send it straight to your favorite charity, if you prefer (let me double check w the accountant before I promise that, but I don’t expect it would be a problem). It could be a really cool promotion to run that could help grow your business if it was done in the right way! We’re looking forward to helping you out with your RE biz… hit us up anytime!

  2. Scott Costello

    Hey guys I’m honored to be mentioned in the article. I am very excited to have my investor carrot websites pulling in leads even though I’ve done little “extra” work to get them done (at least for now).

    I also proudly refer your service to my blog members as well.

    Thanks IC!

    • Aaron McManus Aaron McManus

      Thanks Scott! Glad to have your help – and always let us know anything we can do for you. :)


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