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Product Update – Now Get More From Your Stats Dashboard!

Carrot product update version 2 stats dashboard

We’re constantly improving things around here to provide more value and an easier experience for Carrot members. Today, it’s your website’s “Stats” view.

Here’s what you need to know about our new Carrot Member stats dashboard.

1. We redesigned the layout of the main stats page, simplifying it and making recent changes and noteworthy stats stand out more.

updated Carrot member stats dashboard

2. Improved loading speed.

3. We reorganized the page data. You can now see which page gets you the most leads, visits, and conversions.

carrot stats: lead events on most popular pages

4. We incorporated interactive graphs. You can now scroll over each data point to easily see specific daily numbers.

5. We included a donut graph for acquisition sources (partly because everyone loves donuts and partly because it’s easy to read).

traffic sources graphic - new carrot stats dashboard

Take advantage of the new data.

As usual, we would love any feedback you have on these changes. Go check them out in your dashboard and come back here and comment and let us know what you think.

Are these changes helpful?

Mike Blankenship

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7 responses to “Product Update – Now Get More From Your Stats Dashboard!

  1. Love being able to have all this information at my finger tips. Thanks for always improving the products and experience!

    1. Awesome David! Put it to good use and let us know how else we can improve things and make your life easier and more profitable! :-)

  2. Trevor .
    We have the Advanced Marketer Membership. Request you please include the Craig’s List Training Module for us as a part of that membership. god bless, Steve Banis

    1. Hey Steve! Hope all is well! Lets connect on that. It is a separate training all together that we can’t give away but we’d definitely love to get you on the right path man! Let’s work something out. – T

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