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We Donated over 150,000 Pounds of Carrots to Local Food Banks

At Carrot, we passionately believe a few things.

We believe that people who take initiative can make the world a better place.

And in an effort to make the world just a little bit brighter, we recently kicked off an official Carrot Giving program where we’re committing at least 1% of our gross revenue to causes that embody our Core Values and are that beacon of positivity and possibility.

Each quarter our Carrot Culture Team (a rotating team each quarter) has a chance to deliver a check to their local food bank for 1/2 of that quarter’s donation pool… and our leadership team chooses a worthy cause for the other half.

This quarter we had a chance to donate over $13,000 to local causes that matter.

In this post we want to inspire you by sharing how our team served at our local food banks in several different cities and states, impacting hundreds of lives.

Dan Morris, one of our Customer Success Heroes, gave a $2,041 check to his local food bank on behalf of Carrot (which is equal to 10,205 meals or 68,000 pounds of Carrots).

Then, Dan toured their facility and helped sort cereal from a bulk delivery.

But it wasn’t just Dan that went on a servant-hearted adventure to his local food bank — Danni, Shaun, and Chris did as well.

Here’s Danni carrying the heaviest box of Carrots that the team bought (according to Chris).

Here’s Shaun carrying the second-heaviest bag of Carrots.

And here’s Chris carrying the third-heaviest bag of carrots (but with one hand, sooooooo….) 

Then, Jen — our Minister of Magic for Random Tasks — took her kids to their local food bank to learn, donate, and serve.

All of this donating turned into more than 150,000 pounds of carrots to help feed people in unfortunate situations.

After their experiences, Dan said,

“That was a really cool experience. I got a full tour of the facilities, got to help sort cereal from a bulk delivery, talked to the Marketing Director and Donations Director. Filled out a giant check (how cool is that) !!! We just bought 10,000 meals for Spokane residents.”

And Jen said,

“Just wrapped up at the food pantry. It was a really cool experience and I think my kids got a lot out of it and learned a bunch. Especially Oliver. Really excited Carrot has given us this opportunity to do this in our communities it’s going to be so amazing long term. With all the different places we are gonna be able to touch, you guys. They were so thankful for the donation and it was just so cool to see how they are using the resources they have already and to hear that our donation will be put to such awesome uses.”

At Carrot, you — we — are part of something bigger. Yes, we design great websites. Yes, we help real estate entrepreneurs create the businesses of their dreams. Yes, we have a world-class support team that helps our customers.

What really matters, in the end, though, is that each of us is making the world just a little bit brighter with our donation — whether it be food, service, kindness, or Carrots. :-)

Mike Blankenship

Michael is a freelance copywriter who helps startups build bigger, more sustainable businesses. He’s been mentioned on Forbes and Entrepreneur for his expertise as a writer, and he's written articles for SUCCESS, SmartBlogger, GetResponse, AdWeek, Jeff Bullas, and a whole slew of other publications. You can learn more about him at or connect with him on Facebook.

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