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NEW FEATURE: Tired Of Incomplete Motivated Seller Addresses? Here’s How We Solved It…

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We just launched a NEW feature into Carrot called Instant Address that solves a problem many investors have. Incomplete house addresses. This can be frustrating.

Sometimes a motivated house seller lead gives you their address but it’s not quite what you need to look up the property details.

It turns out there is a simple solution for this. We noticed that not all real estate leads give the most accurate information when requesting a quote for their property. For example, a lead might say they want a quote on their address at 637 Alderwood St., but without the city and state, it can be difficult to know exactly which house is theirs.

We decided it was about time we fixed that, and today we want to show you exactly how we did that, with data to back it up.

Data To The Rescue

We were curious how often incomplete property address information was happening to our members. So, we took a random sample of 500 lead addresses and dumped them into an excel spreadsheet.

We then went through and found how many addresses were given without a properly formatted address.

Surprisingly, 50% of these entries had less than optimal address formatting!


Note: This is not to say that 50% of these addresses were bad or unusable, not in the slightest. Rather they might only require a little more digging to understand them. Also, if a lead was qualified, they probably filled out more info on the step-2. But needless to say, we knew we could make this process better.

How To Get Complete Addresses From Your Leads, The Easy Way

There is no use reinventing the wheel on this one.

You will notice when you go to sites like Zillow or any other major lead generation site, they have that nifty address autocomplete feature. You know the one, you start typing your address and some behind the scenes magic happens. Your address, without you typing in more than a few letters or numbers begins to appear.

We knew this would help both leads and InvestorCarrot members. So… we built it into all Carrot websites.

It is in your account right now. All you need to do is turn it on.

Here is what the feature looks like:

Carrot “Instant Address” On Your Forms…

Auto Complete Feature

But we wanted to make sure that this didn’t hurt conversion rates or ruin lead data getting into your account.

We hooked up with a few of our members who were willing to let us test this on their websites.

Here are the aggregate test results.


Uhh, Can You Explain The Increase In Conversion Rates Please?

I know what you are thinking… how did this help conversion rates? Let me just say this, we weren’t testing if this HELPED conversion rates, rather we wanted to make sure it didn’t HURT conversion rates.

The fact that the conversion rate went up may or may not be directly correlated with this test. We would need to do more testing and get a bigger sample before making that claim.

But suffice it to say, that inserting this feature does streamline the process for your house sellers especially on mobile devices… which would likely also improve the performance of your pages + get you more complete addresses in your lead database.

In fact, it likely improves the chances because it’s just too darn easy now.

Think About It

This feature is pretty common these days. Leads are accustomed to seeing it all sorts of different websites.

Autocomplete is especially helpful for those on mobile because, with a few finger taps, they can insert their address.

So What’s The Point Of All This And What Should I Do With This Data?

I am glad you asked.

The ENTIRE point of this is that the feature does the following for you:

  1. Ensures you are getting good property address data
  2. Doesn’t deter a lead from giving you their address (it actually makes it easier for them to give it to you)
  3. It looks great and works like many other lead generation sites
  4. It will still pass data to the step-2 form when configured properly

Time To Jump Into The Weeds

If you are thinking, I would love to turn this on my Carrot forms, AWESOME. Let’s get you hooked up.

If you’re already a Carrot member, here is our “How to Add Autocomplete Address Capability to Your Forms” tutorial. It walks you step-by-step through the simple process. Here are the basics:

InvestorCarrot's Auto Complete Tutorial

Using A CRM? Here Is What You Need To Know

Let’s say you use ZoHo or Podio (or one of the other popular CRMs). The biggest thing you need to consider, when setting up this new feature, is how the property form field data is being passed to your CRM.

This means you might have to reconfigure the form field to now point to the correct place in your CRM account.

Before we made the change you were mapping a text field to your ZoHo or Podio account. Now you are mapping a different form field. So login to your CRM and test that the data is getting in there correctly.

Wrapping It All Up

Does this feature rock? You bet it does.

Does it make life easier for your leads and you? You know it.

Our data suggests that this feature can’t hurt your conversion rate.

Does it take a little reconfiguring and set up? Yup, but with anything in life, if it’s too easy it’s not worth it.

I hope the 5 minutes of work it takes to configure this feature doesn’t deter you from setting it up.

The benefits far out weight the 5 minutes of setup time.

Again, just follow the instructions outlined above and if you struggle getting things to work, just reach out to our awesome support team and we will get you fixed right up.


I love to organize and optimize. I love the intersection of people, process, and profit.

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