April Harvest Report – Mobile Is Now & Top Lead Generating States

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Did you know most leads viewed 3-4 pages before they opted in? What does this mean for your website? This month we will quickly break down our leads by traffic source and then get into a few more interesting reports like “Page Depth”. We will show which states are generating the most leads and how many website pages are visited before a potential lead opts-in.

A quick note, the purpose of our Carrot harvest reports is not to brag or boast. But, rather, we take pride in be transparent and sharing our data. This allow real estate investors a peek to see what is working for inbound online marketing.

In today’s report we’ll dive into…

  • The opt in leads (this does NOT include phone call leads which easily doubles the amount of leads in total) for the month of April
  • The main lead sources (where are your leads coming from?)
  • Mobile keeps climbing
  • Which states have the highest conversion rates?
  • Why conversion rates are lower in a hot sellers market
  • How many pages do the majority of your leads view before they opt in (the case for websites vs. squeeze pages)

For InvestorCarrot members, we hope you use the data found in harvest reports as an inspiration to know that your hard work will pay off and that implementing the training and resources will help you generate more traffic and convert more leads.

For non-Carrot members, use this as research to find out what’s working in today’s market… and then get out there and implement these strategies on your websites!

Where Did The 15,825 Real Estate Investing Motivated Property Seller, Cash Buyer, Rent To Own, And Private Lender Leads Come From April 2016?

Investor Carrot Client Leads April 16

Real Estate Investing Lead Breakdown… this snapshot shows the breakdown of leads generated in the past 30 days through InvestorCarrot.

Again, we don’t show these numbers to brag, although we are proud of our members and the numbers they’re pulling!

We have always been transparent and honest because it’s breed into our Core Values. Our goal is to present this data in hopes that it helps you with your inbound marketing and real estate investor website optimization. We’re are always ready to help.

As you can see, the vast majority of the leads in the past 30 days are from organic SEO. No surprise there. SEO is still the driving force behind inbound marketing.

Google won’t give us the specifics on this direct/none data, but huge majority of those leads can be counted as SEO. While, another portion of those direct/none leads come from Craigslist ads. They show up in the “(direct)” section because Craigslist doesn’t allow live links in real estate ads any longer in the majority of cities… so people have to copy and paste the URL into the browser to go to the website… which would make it a “direct” link to the site.

Mobile Is The Now (in a big way)

We’ve talked about it many times… and will continue to do so… if your website isn’t AMAZING on mobile (NOT just “mobile friendly”) you’re losing leads.

Mobile Gets Fewer Visitors But MORE Leads

Carrot mobile lead generation
Mobile Optimized Websites… extremely important opportunity for real estate investors to capture and convert leads. Carrot sites are now consistently generating 50% of your leads… this is because we’ve focused so much on crafting a high performing mobile responsive design to convert… not just to be “mobile friendly”. Does your website convert well on mobile or is it just “mobile friendly”?

Back in August we reported that mobile leads were the future. Now…mobile leads are consistently generating over 50% of leads in the device category. That shows how important it is to have a mobile responsive site ready for your potential leads.

We say this all the time, but we really do love seeing our customers have success and grow personally and professionally. The reality now is that you must have a mobile friendly website. It needs to be quick and simple to use, or visitors are going to leave. That is why continue to test and improve our websites, to ensure they give your visitors the best experience possible.

If you’re not a Carrot member and your website is not responsive and mobile friendly you must get a web developer to help you out. Or, jump on over to a mobile optimized Carrot site.

Top 10 Lead Generation Conversion Rates By State (With At Least 2000 Sessions)

We’ve published about this before, but as real estate markets heat up conversion rates for the wholesaler / flipper motivated seller website decreases a bit. If you check back on Harvest Reports from last year you’ll notice the conversion rates were a tad bit higher.

That’s all normal in a hot sellers market and if you’re doing any direct mail you’re seeing the EXACT same thing happening as well. 2-3 years ago you could send out a 1,000 piece mailing and get X amount of leads… today you have to send out a 5,000 piece mailing to get the same amount of qualified leads.

Why? It’s the market.

When sellers have more options to sell they look more, they get the confidence that they can sell it themselves, they list with an agent because houses are getting above asking price offers in many places, and we all have to cut through more clutter that sellers are seeing in their everyday lives.

Which States Have The Highest Average Conversion Rate In Today’s Market?

Top real estate lead generating states
See The Top Spots For Real Estate Investing Leads… North Carolina, Tennessee, Massachusetts & Pennsylvania round out the top 4 states for highest converting states. One statistic that is always a fun and interesting to take a look at is the lead conversion rate breakdown by state. In April, North Carolina earned the top spot followed closely by Tennessee.


Why is that? A lot of the real estate market depends on where you are transacting your deals. These states typically perform higher than other states as far as conversion rate… but as I dive into below… very hot sellers markets tend to have lower conversion rates. So if your state isn’t on that list above, don’t sweat… it’s just a cool stat more than anything.

So what can you do?

Try and understand your leads better, what messaging do they respond to? To convert more visitors to leads, try switching up the copy in your hero section. Answer a question that they might have when they land on your site.

Instead of offering them a quote, consider offering them a consultation call, a free estimate of their houses worth, or a custom solution to their housing situation.

How Many Pages Did Visitors View Before Converting To A Lead?

The age old battle of “squeeze pages vs. websites” will continue until websites are no longer a thing… but we usually try to take the data driven approach to what works. We’ve tested squeeze pages vs. mini sites setup the way we set them up (so every page is geared to convert a visitor into a lead very strategically) and for motivated house sellers our style of “mini site” has always performed better.

But when we dive into the data even more… you see how darn important it is to your best leads to dive into the information on your website.

Most Of Your Leads Like To See 3, 4, or 5 Pages BEFORE They Opt In…

number of page visited before opt-in
This report shows how many pages visitors landed on before opting-in as a lead.

This month we also took a look at some different stats: How many pages did a visitor visit before turning into a lead.

What should you do with this data?

First off, if you only have a 1 or 2 page website… you should probably add more content and pages to your site. Build out an amazing About Page, a great FAQ page, describe how your process works, add in some city specific pages, and more.

But make sure to structure your pages to all convert. You can use our FREE Conversion Rate Guide + Checklist here to help you make your website performs better.

This type of data allows a journey into the psyche of a user. A large majority like what they see after visiting five or less pages. But, there’s still plenty that it takes 6,7, 8…to make the decision. Notice that two page visits is in the middle. Pretty cool stuff!

It also shows the importance of optimizing all of your pages. Such as, making sure you capture and add testimonials to your site. If you need help, check out the various types of testimonials real estate investors can use to build credibility. There’s no better way to build trust with your customers.

Take the time to personalize and search engine optimize your site. That time spend = High ROI.

How Is Your Online Lead Generation Going For Your Real Estate Investing Business?

If you’re interested in leveraging our Inbound Online Marketing platform at InvestorCarrot, our training, and our support team, take a demo or checkout our plans.

Over the last several months we’ve been developing some new features to further real estate investor success. We’re proud to have announced our new robust analytics, slick dashboard, and fresh site design options. Check’em out here.

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