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Is AdWords emptying your budget with little return? Are you managing your own campaign? If hastily created, PPC can be a money pit.

PPC (PayPerClick) marketing is one of the online lead generation strategies we teach our Carrot clients to use to get traffic coming in while you build up your SEO and content marketing.


Because SEO is a long term game (highly profitable but it takes patience)… while with PPC marketing you can have traffic and leads coming in, in hours or days.

It’s not “one or the other”… it’s a matter of your real estate lead gen goals and which one or ones best fit into your overall time and money budget to reach the prospects that you need to keep growing your business.

Like this chart shows…

PPC Marketing Can Be A Critical Part Of An Overall Lead Generation Effort For Many


With that said, if you know that PPC marketing can be a great tool for you and your real estate investing business, but just don’t have the time to learn it yourself, you need to seriously think about finding an amazing team to do the work for you.

Who specializes in working with real estate investors and all of the intracacies involved.

Who specializes in performance above all else, not just setting up and automating a PPC campaign.

And who delivers amazing customer support that you’re used to as a Carrot client.


We Welcome Our Latest Carrot Certified Partner To Our Community…


We’re excited to announce welcoming in AdwordsNerds to our Carrot Marketplace as our Carrot Certified Partner on the PPC marketing side of things.

So, one of the first things you need to take into consideration before starting out in PPC is to perform a simple review Google search. Start the search by Googling terms such as “AdWords Nerds review” or “reviews of AdWords Nerds”.

It’s important for you to have in mind how different PPC service companies have performed with past clients. Take a look at ratings, management fees, costs per conversions, lead generation, if you will have access to your account.

There are some PPC consultants who might charge $150 to $5000+ per month or charge a flat rate per lead. Adding that optimized real estate PPC specialist is often the more “cost-effective” route than signing with a large agency.

Those investors that try to manage their own AdWords campaigns usually become frustrated at quit. Leaving a bad experience.

The solution: Hire a professional PPC service for real estate investors.

AdWords PPC can be a very complex process. Without the proper guidance and education, one can become confused while wasting a lot of marketing dollars.

With that, Dan at AdWords Nerds stepped up to the plate! AdWords Nerds is a certified InvestorCarrot PPC company and partner. Dan wrote a very detailed PPC guide that explains what things you should know about AdWords before you start advertising and spending money. This guide lays out the things you must know about AdWords before you start using it.

The Top PPC Keywords Download
What PPC Keywords For Motivated House Sellers Net The Highest ROI? Our Analysis…

We analyzed over 3 million PPC search terms and nearly 5,500 house seller leads to find the 800 highest profit motivated seller keywords.

Real estate investors have one of the toughest, weirdest, most complicated AdWords markets in the world.

Dan came into investing after running AdWords campaigns in a dozen different industries. He worked with plumbers and coaches, plastic surgeons and ambulance companies.

Not a single one of them had the sheer level of insanity found when he started digging into the world of online marketing for real estate investors.

Why is that? Well, there’s a few reasons:

High Potential ROI On Real Estate Deals Lends Itself To PPC Marketing

Most businesses are trying to sell moderately-priced products. That places a cap on what can profitably be spent to bring in a new customer. But, real estate investors have more room in their budgets. Net profits can be upwards of $60k in deals. Even novice wholesalers can make over $10k in deals if they’re in a good market.

All that profit means people are willing to spend a lot to get motivated seller leads – and competition can be fierce.

Gathering Good Data On What Actually Works

Over the last year Dan had the opportunity to look at dozens of different Investor AdWords accounts.

He looked at hundreds of thousands of different keywords, ads, and landing pages. He saw bids as high as $150 a click…and as low as ten cents a click.

You know what he found out? There is almost no hard data out there on what actually works. Without good data to fall back on, people share their personal experiences. For example, an investor might share his or her account that’s been really crushing it in their market.

So what happens if you take that account and set it up in your neck of the woods? About 50% of the time, you’ll do great. And the other 50% of the time? Your account turns into a giant, smoking hole in the ground.

That’s because so much of what determines a keyword’s profitability is unique to your market, your business, and your situation.

What CRUSHES it in one market, may absolutely flop in another.

“Picking the right keywords for your real estate AdWords campaigns is what makes the difference between making money and losing money”. Dan Barrett

Know This – PPC Is Not SEO

SEO keywords are pretty well-understood in the real estate investor space – companies like Investor Carrot have put out amazing guides on the topic, and SEO is easier for most investors to understand…after all, we all use Google to search for stuff.

When you move those keywords to Pay Per Click, however, you start to run into problems.

In Pay-Per-Click, we have to worry not just about what keyword we’re using, but how that keyword will be matched up with the search queries we want. And it’s not always obvious.

Introducing! PPC Service For Real Estate Investors.

Fast, Quality Leads Without Lifting a Finger

PPC (PayPerClick) ads are a great way to get traffic to your website right away – without having to wait months for SEO.

For our managed PPC service, you’ll work directly with the only Google Partner Agency that focuses specifically on Real Estate Investors – AdWords Nerds.

Interested in PPC for Real Estate Investors? Find out more about AdWords Nerds and what they have to offer.

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